what I’m watching | july 2021



I actually really liked the first few episodes of Fastlane until I realised that… it was the same episode over and over again. I eventually rage quit when there was this really gross scene where it was just girls dancing in slow motion and I was like, ‘HOW MANY TIMES?!’.


Every episode there was a club or beach house scene with girls, girls and more girls. Most of the time our white, male lead falls for one of them and we get an awkward, sultry, slow motion love scene. Cringe.

Fastlane would work as a movie, maybe. Watching the same thing happen (in slow motion) for twenty two episodes is not good TV.

That being said, I don’t think I was the target audience for the show anyway.

Justice League Unlimited (DCAU)

I’m on the third season now. I like the show, but I think the reason why it’s not as good as Justice League is the ensemble cast. There are so many characters now that it’s hard to really get lost in it. I did like the Cadmus Labs arc in the second season, though.

Above all, there is not enough Superman. There’s not enough Batman. They should make a Batman/Superman show!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ends this year and it will be missed. The first five seasons are great, so I did a rewatch. I got to season 6 and couldn’t make it past the halfway point. For whatever reason, the network switch changed the dynamic of the show. From what I remember, Season 7 wasn’t bad, so I’m looking forward to season 8.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

If you haven’t seen this movie GO AND SEE IT. It’s hilarious and very entertaining. I don’t have a bad thing to say about it. It has a wonderful soundtrack, wonderful animation. I will definitely be watching it again.



This is about a self-help guru called James Arthur Ray who ran a retreat where three people died. He held what he called a “sweat lodge” and basically had no idea what he was doing. He still doesn’t from what I’ve read. It’s really sad that so many people out there claim to be what they’re not. And it’s sad how easy it is for us all to be manipulated.


This podcasts looks at scandals in history and asks the question: is it ever okay to cheat? They had an episode about Marion Jones recently, and they’ve done Ashley Madison, and my favourite, the fake wine connoisseur, Rudy, who scammed people by recreating vintage wines and passing them off as the real deal. It’s not hard-hitting journalism, but I enjoy the podcast.


Her Last Holiday by C.L. Taylor

Okay, so I was listening to Guru and I started reading this book. Imagine my surprise when… one of the main characters was… in prison for holding a sweat lodge where two people died.


You tell me. The author borrowed from that incident heavily but never mentions it anywhere…? Strange. The book wasn’t bad, though.

Other than that, I’ve not been watching much. Half of the time I’ll just load up an episode of Smallville. TV just seems so draining these days. So much content and so much of it is boring. Or depressing! Or sad! After the past two years, I need something less heavy.

… so…Young Justice here I come! DC owns me at this point, I’ve decided to embrace it.


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