5 More Unique Gifts…

… for the ones you love, hate or love to hate!

[I wrote this a while ago but NGL, Japan Trend Shop is still my favorite website of all time.]

1. Pen Breath Odor Checker

Thanko’s Pen Breath Odor Checker is as compact and discreet as it the name suggests. It looks like a regular black ball pen, but the nifty device is actually a quick way to check if your breath smells before that important meeting with a client. Easy to use, you just breathe onto the device for five seconds while it beeps and then check the reading it gives you. Your breath odor is measured and “rated” according to five levels. And you can also write with it!

Discreet? LOL. How does one breath on a pen in a discreet fashion…? Also, post-COVID this is a no-go. It’s cheaper to just… buy breath mints, or if you want to go for a full 90s era bit, breath spray.

2. Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set $59

If you grow cucumbers at home, or want to give the perfect gift to a gardener friend, the Heart-Shaped Cucumber Molds will let you grow your young cucumbers into perfect heart shapes over time (and every time). Have unique salads for dinner parties and special occasions, or use your imagination to create something else entirely!

….I guess. Is there a high demand for cucumber shapes? Cucumber isn’t a remarkable vegetable to begin with. This would be nice for Valentine Day or a romantic meal, but not much else.

3. Disney Mickey Mouse Humidifier $68

Design (and trendy red, white, black and red colors) aside, the humidifier is a very handy device that can be charged by any USB port, including on your PC, and will gradually add humidity to your living or work space for 8 hours. It can produce 30ml (1 fl oz) of moisture per hour from a 160ml (5.4 fl oz) load and, thanks to its built-in timer, the appliance even knows when to stop. Especially if you’re living in an area with a dry climate, this Mickey Mouse Humidifier will be your perfect nighttime companion!

I’m not a Disney fan, but I wonder if Walt Disney ever imagined how far it would extend. What next Disney toilet paper (I know, it probably exists already!).

4. Beer Can Dispenser $50

A surprisingly large number of people struggle to pour a decent glass of beer from a can. Since we can’t all afford to pop to the bar every night, recreate that well-poured beer drink sensation at home with this handy Beer Hour (Biiru Awa). Coming in yellow or black, this dispenser can fit a range of can sizes and makes it a cinch for just about anyone (of legal age!) to pour themselves or others a good glassful of beer.

This one exists just to exist. How hard it is to pour from a can into a glass? Is spillage really that distressing? Hmmm. It doesn’t even help lazy people, it takes twice as much effort to attach the can and then pour it. Pass.

5. Solar-powered robotic goldfish $63

Available in two versions, the goldfish will swim gently around the compact tank, providing a soothing and cute addition to your home without the fuss of owning an actual pet. There are two types of decorative patterns for the tank that offer you the experience of a mini art aquarium. You can also place the “fish” in another container of your own choice, such as a bowl or cup.

I kind of like this! I want one!

All products found on JapanTrendShop. Unfortunately, they’re not paying me.


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