All is good under the impala hood

… or not?

The drama of yesterday is still ongoing. While Jared said all was well, Jensen’s aunt entered the chat and… well, she was not happy.

It’s funny how this seems to have turned into a Jared vs. Jensen thing. I didn’t look at it as Jared sending his ‘army’ against Jensen, but his follow up tweet about people not sending death threats definitely makes it seem like that’s what happened anyway.

I love the way he wrote that tweet too…he would be in true misery if anything happened?

For someone who is constantly on his phone, one has to wonder why he didn’t just call, but it’s not the Jared way. Judging by the traffic to my blog, he’s definitely on the losing side here. All the posts about his Twitter faux pas are hitting the numbers.

Jensen fans do not play either. He’s never in the wrong. And I guess per his Aunt, the damage is well and truly done.

I say they’re both wrong, and this drama is what happens when unstable people follow unstable person(s). This is also what happens when people lack boundaries and common sense and have a victim mentality. And this is what happens when people do things in a calculated and underhanded manner.

The biggest issue here is Jared was the right person to try this with. Instead of keeping quiet and letting what Jensen did sink in, he went looking for sympathy.

That never works.

Personally? I’m enjoying the drama. 😂 I ain’t got no dog in this fight.

6 thoughts on “All is good under the impala hood

  1. How to end a fandom (& torpedo your prospects of making future con money) in a few tweets lol. They’re all showing their true faces. Jensen’s a dick, Jared’s histrionic & Misha’s the one everyone ignores (who keeps trying to interject & get a job) lol. Looking at it in isolation, Jared’s the one I feel for (& Kripke, who got stuck awkwardly in the middle). That was a dick move by Jensen. But as you said, that’s looking at this outside of Jared’s general behavioural issues. You summed it up well (unstable & lacking boundaries, underhandedness etc), I think they’re both behaving badly, lots of second-hand embarrassment.

    No idea how they’re going to make a prequel for Mary & John. The canon now is that they hated each other & the romance was (creepily) forced by a cupid to ensure Sam & Dean’s births. John also didn’t know about the supernatural or Mary’s hunting background before she died. So the background is neither a love story nor a hunting story.

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    1. Yeah, I feel like what’s being overlooked is how bad the show itself sounds. Like I said (to someone, somewhere), if Jared was smarter, he would have kept his composure and let it run its course. Yeah, I kept seeing Misha’s low-key passive aggressive interjections (‘love and miss you both’ was my fave). I saw Kripke’s tweet, but he almost certainly knew about it beforehand too which Jared would be aware of.

      I agree, in isolation Jensen is very much in the wrong. Which is why his fans are going so hard at Jared for having the nerve to make him look bad. Someone told me the guys have been on trips together in the past few months which makes it all sound so much worse. From a personal and professional level, it just doesn’t look good. I’m very curious to know what their ‘friendship’ is truly like both before and now. If I’m Jensen, Jared’s proved that he’s a loose cannon even when it comes to me. If I’m Jared, I’m putting an asterisk on the friendship. And the best part is that the fans can’t cope with either scenario, lol.


  2. I just saw <a href=””>this article and I thought of you, for some reason… hope you are well!



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    1. Lol, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fandom than Supernatural. I especially love that Jared didn’t even play it off as a joke. He went out of his way to make sure everyone knew the gravity of the matter.

      Hope you are well, too!


  3. The best part of this is watching the Ackles Army twist themselves into pretzels defending their hero and justifying his dick move, and the bitter tears of the bibros who are now realizing that JP and JA aren’t the Winchesters and JA isn’t Dean.

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    1. Lol a lot of them really don’t understand the concept of work friends. It’s obvious (and has been for some time) that their brotherhood and friendship was mostly talked up for the sake of fans and conventions, etc. I’m sure they are (were) decent friends, but once they’re not working together day in day out, things will change and that’s just life. The level of fixation and inability to separate fact from fiction in the fandom is ridiculous, lol.



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