Professionals | Episode 6 “Hot Zone”

Multi-billionaire Peter Swann (Brendan Fraser) is starting a satellite-supported project that aims to detect disease outbreaks at an early stage in order to be able to intervene more quickly. But the rocket that is supposed to take the satellite into space explodes shortly after it has been launched. His fiancée, doctor Grace Davila (Elena Anaya), then persuades him to hire security professional Vincent Corbo (Tom Welling) to investigate the incident.

S1, Episode 6: Hot Zone

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Vincent and Peter arrive in Congo but Grace is missing. They make a plan to save her while Agent Kurt Neumann reaches Africa, obsessed with the idea of confronting Vincent.

Last time, Vincent and Peter were on their way to the Congo to rescue Grace, who thought it would be wise to travel to country all by herself, knowing fully well the entire world knows she’s dating a billionaire.

Now, they arrive and find out Grace was taken by a man called Sayf who has an army of mercenaries. We cut to Neumann (Europol agent who is now after Vincent) getting his jabs because he’s also flying out to Africa to… confront Vincent. Really? He really flew all this way to confront Vincent?

He couldn’t wait until he was back home…?

Neumann is completely crazy, and apart from a hilarious skirmish with the police and some beautiful scenes with wildlife (I didn’t realise how pretty zebras are), his contribution was not needed. His partner, Agent Elias basically hangs up on him when she realises he’s up to no good. Atta girl.

Back in Congo, Vincent has formed a new team. We have Kolo and Tate and a guy called Zak who’s our stand-in in Hacksaw, I guess. They drive to Sayf’s camp, leaving Peter in charge of arranging a helicopter to rescue them.

Meanwhile Sayf kidnaps a girl called Malu and her brother, Djamba, just about manages to get away. He escapes to the village where the medical centre is.

Djamba then helps Vincent and his team find the camp and when it’s late, they go in. Not before seeing Luther and his band of merry men. Again, why is he here? They also manage to tie in another character (Zora’s ex is the guy who provides then with a chopper and conveniently gets his cobalt from Congo, too!) and why? Why are these eighteen plots converging into one?


Anyway, they go in and Vincent finds Grace and frees her… only to be caught by Sayf. Sayf is offended that Vincent came by himself. They all start fake laughing at something, and when Grace tells Vincent to stop antagonising Sayf, he says he’s killing time.

Apparently, there is an army on way.

Except, the army is a grenade that somehow takes out Sayf and his crew but not Vincent and Grace. Aight. Grace is whisked away by Kolo and Tate, while Vincent goes to rescue the kids. The kids manage to get away, but Vincent doesn’t and he’s forced to jump off a building.

“Again with the jumping,” he snarks, in an impressive callback to the first, and also second episode. Why do I remember this? LOL.

Anyway, that’s the last we see of Vincent because, plot, and also Tom Welling’s soul needed to be recharged. He has some interesting lines that I will find and quote for you all.

Zak: What’s the ROE?

Zak: Rules of engagement, you know?

Vincent: My rules? Fancy restaurant. Great view. Not too loud so she can hear every romantic word.

Zak: No, I mean engagement, like fighting engagement

Vincent: Have the ring ready to go, but not in your pants. A girl can spot a ring box like a hawk spots a mouse

I think it’s supposed to be funny but a) Tom delivered it like he was reading a pizza menu b) none of the other characters react and c) it wasn’t funny.

Peter arrives with the chopper and everyone gets on…but he’s distraught because he can’t find Vincent. Awwwwww. Have I mentioned that I love Brendan Fraser? He runs off into the bushes to find him. Where he’s going is a mystery, but I was quite touched by it. He has no weapons. He’s a billionaire. It’s a stupid move, but he did it because he cares!

The episode ends there because they are rude.

I’m guessing Neumann caught up with Vincent? Or Luther. Maybe both? We’ll see next time!

Rating: 6/10. I think this was the best episode yet. Which doesn’t bode well for the B team who weren’t in it at all. I liked the two female security workers, Kolo and Tate and Zak much better than Romy and Trig. I did miss Hacksaw, though.

Wait. There was no Danny in this episode or Tariq Basari!

I’m changing the rating to 8/10. I’ll throw in one more point because Vincent and Djamba teaming up was cute. And one more because I loved an exchange where Djamba and Malu wanted to stay and fight with Vincent.

Completely unrealistic, but cute.



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