The Lookout (2007)

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The Lookout 2007 87%
Chris, an athlete has a freak accident and loses his capacity to remember things for long. Things go from bad to worse as he realizes he is being framed into doing a bank robbery.

When I decided I was going to have a Joseph Gordon-Levitt marathon this was the movie that came to mind first. It’s probably the film that made me a fan. JGL has an interesting filmography, not going to lie. The fact that I’ve seen a lot of it is a testament to my fannish ways (and the fact Premium Rush is on. All. The. Time). I’d say Inception is my favorite movie of his, with…Snowden currently being the worst. I decided to watch it and after a full of week of insomnia…it sent me to sleep!

Thank you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! 

Anyway, unnecessary rambling aside, let’s get into the movie. 

I’m surprised it has such a high rating! However, it is a good movie. Basically, Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a hockey player who gets into a car accident one day. Two of his friends are killed, his girlfriend loses her leg and he’s left with impaired memory function.

We pick up with him living with a blind man, while working as a night janitor at the bank. I can’t remember his roommate’s name. Elliot, maybe? I’m a lazy reviewer, so, it’s officially Elliot and anyone who says otherwise was hopefully paid to write their review. He has a routine he follows, and he goes to special classes. He can no longer play hockey due to the accident and he’s a little aimless. Things are strained with his family and he’s struggling to build up the nerve to approach his ex-girlfriend. 

At his job, he wants more responsibility, but the manager is reluctant. For this reason, he’s frustrated. He and his roommate want to open a restaurant, but they need money. He’s randomly approached by Matthew Goode (the actor, I am too lazy to look up his character’s name too) who spies an opportunity – robbing the bank! He uses a woman called Luvlee Lemons (which Chris never questions) as bait, and eventually Chris agrees to help. 

On the night in question, his role is to ensure the police officer who checks on him during his shift, Tommy, doesn’t suspect anything. That goes well. Until it doesn’t and Tommy dies, leaving Chris to escape – with the money because why not? We needed a final showdown. 

In the end, he returns the money, kills the bad guys (kinda) and everyone is happy. 

I feel like this movie has some very obvious flaws – yes, it’s a small town bank, but surely they’d have security in the form of motion sensors, or something. They wouldn’t leave one guy unattended in the bank. And Tommy, the police officer, barges in mid-robbery without back-up or radioing anything in. Sigh. 

On the whole, it’s still enjoyable and there’s a nice ~twist near the end. 

If you haven’t seen it before, GO AND WATCH IT! 

Overall rating: 4/5


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