stupid & senseless: uncle terry crews strikes again

I keep forgetting that I have a whole series dedicated to general stupidity (usually by ‘celebrities’.


…that was the first stupid tweet he posted.

Along with the following tweet:

he doubled down three weeks later with this


Who wakes up in the morning and thinks, I wonder what Terry Crews thinks about blacklivesmatter? 


terry crews takes offence to being an uncle tom, but…

Uncle Tom
/ʌŋkl ˈtɒm/


  1. a black man considered to be excessively obedient or servile to white people.
    • a person regarded as betraying their cultural or social allegiance.

…if the shoe fits!

When asked about the backlash (and I don’t know why they even bothered) he doubled down:

“I didn’t go on ABC or NBC to do this. This is my Twitter, this is my private network! And I’m being told to shut up, be quiet, don’t say anything, just keep it shut. You’re a coon, don’t say anything.”

“And this is the thing, it’s really weird because I realize, some Black lives matter more than others because they don’t want me as a Black man to talk, because with anything it’s like ‘You gon make us look bad’ but the deal is, I don’t care about how we look, I care about how we are,” he added. “We have to really examine these things within each other. There’s colorism going on, there’s still the light skin, dark skin thing happening…”

Seriously, is this really necessary? If he’s worried about losing his various jobs, all he needs to do is do what he did to Gabrielle Union – act like he didn’t see shit.

Uncle Terry, nobody has silenced you. Nobody wants you, as a black man, to not have your say. The problem is that you WON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP and consider any viewpoints but your own.

I don’t care about Terry Crews making black people look bad – he’s not anyone’s spokesperson (although, he seems to have missed that memo).

He mentions colorism, which is a major issue in the black community, but it has nothing to do with equality amongst white people.

Now, Uncle Terry is entitled to his opinion – but notice how EACH time, he comes for #blacklivesmatter. It’s not just, ‘I love everybody equally’ it’s, ‘I love everybody equally and I don’t think we should say black lives matter because it might turn into black lives better’.

Allow me to link y’all to this post I wrote – NEWSFLASH – people already see things that way.

So, now what Terry? Do we stop fighting for equality? Do we sit down and say, ‘no our lives aren’t better, and they don’t matter’?

Do we live with discrimination? With knowing that we’ll always have a black mark against us because of the colour of skin? Do we tell young black children that yes, their lives matter, but they must not be better than their white counterparts?


Terry Crews is not the only black person to think this way – but they all need to shut the fuck up. When we’re treated equally, they can come and have their say.

Until then, BYE.



‘forget what you’ve lost’ – so should Breonna Taylor’s family forget what they lost? A young woman with a promising future ahead of her. Not to mention anyone else who’s lost a loved one due to racism….

The man clearly has more muscles than sense.

And he needs to shut the fuck up.

The grammar and capitalisation are off in this post, but…I don’t even care to edit it further. Just ugh.

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