Bad Moviethon #31- Sleepless


…in which I examine if movies deserve their rotten tomatoes score.

Sleepless 2017 25%
Entrepreneur Stanley kidnaps policeman Vincent’s son after he and his partner, Sean Cass, steal a cocaine shipment from him. Vincent must return the package and rescue his son before time runs out.

Hollywood has really rinsed out this whole kidnapped child movie genre, hasn’t it? When did we all turn on the damsel in distress? Mary Jane would like a word with you, Hollywood!

Anyway, we begin with corrupt detectives Vincent and his partner Sean stealing cocaine from Stanley Rubino. They then ensure that they’re given the case to investigate. Lurking in the shadows is an Internal Affairs agent, Bryant, who is still dealing with the fact that she was beaten up during a raid gone wrong. She sets her sights on Vincent (all while her partner, Dennison, is like, ‘sis, you gotta relax’).

Vincent has been a terrible father to his son, but he’s entrusted with dropping him off at a football game. On the way, his son is kidnapped and Vincent is stabbed in the abdomen. Remember that last part because the movie rams it home every five minutes (all while Vincent is running around a casino taking down bad guys). Vincent is told to bring Stanley the cocaine in return for his son, which he attempts to do. He hides some in the bathroom — which Bryant decides to take because she can’t let Vincent get away, blah, blah, blah.

That leads to a whole cat and mouse game and Vincent manages to get his son back after using sugar to deceive Stanley and the dude whose coke it is.

At some point, Vincent suddenly reveals that he’s also Internal Affairs and that he’s deep undercover – but somehow he’s protecting his best friend Sean?

I don’t know, and I didn’t really care.

They lost me at that point because it turns out that Dennison is secretly working for drug dealers – so the legit Internal Affairs guy is crooked and the crooked cop is an Internal Affairs agent?

Anyway, that all leads to a shootout involving tear gas in a parking lot before Vincent, his son and wife are able to save themselves. Big woo.

Dennison is apprehended after shooting Bryant and staging a car crash (that he miraculously survives despite having no real control over the situation – he shot the driver in the head while he was driving).

Bryant (who seems to not have any lasting injuries even after being shot) and Vincent (who, despite bleeding out for most of the movie and getting shot, is more or less okay) are now friends.

The End.


Verdict: I think 25% is about right for this movie. I couldn’t concentrate because every five seconds they cut to Vincent examining the fact that he’s bleeding out, yet he was taking down bad guys left, right and center, lol.

It must have been the adrenaline that kept him going.

Unfortunately, the movie lost its will to live early on.


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