stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki, cont.

I wasn’t planning on writing a follow up until I smelt the bs fandom was brewing up last night.

The bartender probably deserved it

I’m sure Jared did nothing wrong

He’s only human!

Well, okay, let’s just get to the facts instead of babying this grown ass man.

As per The Statesman*

I can smell the privilege and whiskey from here.

How are you so blitzed that you’re thrown out of your own bar?

*(I had to take screenshots because I couldn’t load the article on my phone).

So he assaulted three people, all of which are his employees.

That’s absolutely insane.

I don’t even have anything snarky to add, I think everything speaks for itself. I’m sure Jared’s fans are still crying and sobbing and finding a way to absolve him and make the situation about themselves. Never mind the people he attacked.

So far it’s been quiet – no statement from his reps or anything. TBC, I guess. Or not. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki, cont.

  1. It’s absolutely not surprising as you said. It was only matter of time until Disorderlecki does something like that. He is most likely destroyed by the fact that his shitty show is slowly dying with no chance od resurrection. Look how Kit Harington ended after GoT was over. I’m just curious what Mishka and Ackleshit are thinking about this Jared’s bummer… altrough it won’t take long until they came out with something even more embarrasing, putting Jared to shame.

    To the fans… I don’t really care about them anymore and I’m 100% sure you don’t either. Every single fandom is toxic and that’s why I’m trying to avoid all of them.

    Also, in America, everything is taken to the extreme levels. I don’t want to offend anyone or sound like xenofobic moron (I’m not Jensen after all), but it’s a known fact that majority of Americans are mentally weak and emotionally unstable people. They are absolutely destroyed and long-termly depressed by something I consider to be mainstream trouble. It can’t be applied to everyone, indeed, but this is undeniable fact.

    Every time I see American fangirls arguing, it seems like dogfight of 8-years old on sandpit, even though people arguing are full-grown middle-aged women!

    Not long time ago in my favorite’s show FB group, one thot posted fourth (in row) totally pathetic post about how is she afraid of some certain character that could die in next episode (yeah, killing main character in the middle of the season seems totally legit in Hollywood, right?). So I wrote to her as kindly as possible to stop the drama and assured her that character will be surely okay because they can’t afford to kill him because of views.
    Almost at the exact moment, bunch of drama queens came crawling about how rude and disrespectful I am to criticize someone and they excluded me from the group for braking the rules. Apparently, you can’t have opinion in America, because you are immediately considered as rude, disrespectful moron and enemy of the state.

    Supernatural fandom takes these matters to even higher levels and threatening death to someone with negative opinion on J2 and Misha is nothing unfamiliar to them. So it’s absolutely understandable why they think that Jared screwing up and acting like a total piece of douche is actually bartender’s fault. Even if God himself said it was Jared’s fault, they would be crying and yelling that God knows nothing about it and that Jared is just a human. I don’t know how they came to conclusion that it is okay getting drunk for 40 years old father of the family, but It looks like everything is allowed in 21st century.


    1. You’re not being xenophobic but I don’t think it’s just a American thing. I think it’s a first world and social media thing. You see it in the news all the time. It reminds me of that quote: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.” You have alot of emotionally stunted people with severe cases of Peter Pan syndrome today (It’s probably part of why we have so much extremist division today. Don’t forget the rampant narcissism/materialism). People don’t read or think anymore. Everything is all about consumption today. You see thought discouraged at every turn, especially in the educational system. Finding a literate fan is like a needle in a haystack. I also noticed that fandom tends to attract alot of psychologically fragile people. It’s like they never left middle school. You especially see this toxic behavior in fandoms aimed at children/teens. Just look at the Disney/cartoons/young adults fiction fandoms. Quite often, the intended audience is chased out. Both in cases of people I know and online, people go off the deep end. I’ve seen people go on about how they’ll have a nervous breakdown or cry for hours if a character/story doesn’t turn out how they want or if the author/artist refuses to cater to their demands. Then they throw a tantrum like a five year old. Of course, many of them couldn’t care less about actual issues or people in their private lives/community. The closest they come is when they try to insert their faux politics into their fandom. They make it bad for the good fans who just want to enjoy things. It’s why I don’t interact with fans anymore. They also view real life through fiction like they’re one and the same.
      Yeah, most fangirls are ridiculous and degenerate. It’s like they have no moral compass whatsoever. Either that or they’re blinded by their desperate desire to bang [Insert celebrity here]. And we know how thirsty the supernatural fangirls are with J2s D. It’s why they go apeshit whenever they interact with a cute/hot fan.
      Sorry that you had to experience that. You’re probably better off without such toxic people. They can really spoil the enjoyment. You ever notice that alot of these zealots act like they’re defending something akin to a religion? Maybe they’re trying to fill that void.
      Also,what’s this about Jensen being xenophobic? :/

      Man, this got long. LOL


    1. At first I was going to dismiss this as nonsense, but taking money from a Supernatural fan is like taking candy from a baby. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I ain’t mad at the writers. I’m sure their cookbook will make a nice coaster or doorstop for fans across America.

      Hope you are well too!!

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