the end is near

Supernatural, the show my blog is unlovingly named after, is finally ending after the upcoming fifteenth season. Which means that it’s not over yet and by making this announcement we still have to live with the knowledge that there’s more to come. 

Big woo. 

Considering that I read an interview two months ago where Jensen said that they were happy for the show to go on for as long as possible – their asses got cancelled.

I’m personally not affected by this news in any way. The sweet joy I thought I’d feel has come out as a meh. I cancelled the show for myself five seasons ago. Yet, I find myself oddly sympathetic towards people who will genuinely miss the show. For many of them, it’s been years of behaving foolishly and spending money of a bunch of actors who spend said money even more frivolously. 

I wish them luck with their return back to the real world. 

In the case of Misha, I don’t care what he does, but I’m sure he’ll pop up on Legacies or something. I’m waiting for Jared’s Bravo reality show and maybe Jensen can like, record audio books of the dictionary or something. Just some suggestions for them. 

I will be back to celebrate properly when the show ACTUALLY ends. It’s not over until it’s over. 

15 thoughts on “the end is near

    1. Oh, definitely! The show should have ended after season FIVE, let alone season 15, but the fandom were dedicated and the CW needed at least one show that was guaranteed viewership… and the actors weren’t getting calls from elsewhere…lol


      1. Don’t worry, they’ll probably do a spinoff with Jack and those annoying teenagers. Can’t let the cash cow die.


  1. The fangirls are already in mourning . . . over something that won’t happen for another year. LOL.

    As predicted, the deannuts are claiming that Jensen is the one who shut down the show because he has a big role coming up. Yeah, he’ll play a dad on another CW show. Maybe he can take over from Luke Perry on Riverdale.


    1. It’s really over? Or are J2 just being teasing sluts again? I was about to ask about the fangirl meltdown. I always felt that J2 would go down the Dean Cain/Kevin Sorbo route. Ala Lifetime/Hallmark/PureFlix. Lol.
      I’m sure the conventions will continue or increase. I hope Misha disappears. Oh, I can’t wait for Jared to harrass us mere peasants on a daily basis.


  2. You know what would be really funny? The CW should just continue the show with new, younger, hotter actors. It would be a hoot if they did that and Jared, Jensen, and Misha were totally forgotten.

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      1. Did you hear about Jensen buying a Bed & Breakfast in Austin? All I can say is LMAO! I can picture the fangirls flooding the rooms now.
        First a brewery, now a B&B. I wonder what Jared plans to do.


        1. Jared owns a bar in the heart of Austin, and recently branched out with another bar, and I’ve heard he owns an apartment building in Austin.

          For all that people dump on Jared, he seems to have a lot more business sense than Jensen. An apartment building near a campus seems to be a lot better bet than a B&B.

          There’s a real contrast in the web pages for Jensen’s ‘Family Business Brewery’ and Jared’s “Sanjac Bar & Grill’. Jensen’s page looks as if it were created by an amateur and practically begs for SPN fans to visit, while Jared’s looks very professional and doesn’t even hint at his affiliation with the show.

          I predict both the brew pub and the B&B will be out of business in five years while Jared’s businesses will be thriving.


          1. I heard Jensen mainly opened his brewery for his “deadbeat” family so maybe he doesn’t give a shit. Who knows how true these rumors are since fangirls/haters say the same thing about Jared’s wife and her family. I also heard rumors of them opening a second brewery.
            I’m surprised to hear that about Jared since he’s always saying or doing something stupid. Is that why he looks so I’ll in this video? :/
            I wonder if fangirls are flooding his place of business too…


            1. I don’t think most of the fangirls know about Jared’s businesses. His business webpages look very professional and make no mention of him or the show, unlike Jensen’s webpage is basically, “Look at Jensen’s place! Come here and you might run into Jensen!”

              As I said, Jared seems a lot more savvy. SPN will go off the air next year, and rapidly be forgotten. The fangirls will move on to another show and actor, and Jensen will be stuck with a money loser miles outside of town. Meanwhile, Jared’s apartment building will continue to be a revenue stream.


              1. I stand corrected. Jensen’s site looks a lot more professional now. The snapshot of empty picnic tables is gone. He probably had Jared’s guy create a new website.


  3. Lol finally prayers were heard! This shitty train wreck is going to an end (to be fair, I stopped watching after season 9 but I hardly doubt it got any better since then). But when I found out about show ending in February this year, I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling for three days.

    Btw, seeing those three clowns and their facial expressions makes me laughing my ass off seriously. Their acting abilities are so terrible they can’t even pretend to be sad properly. Jared looks stoned (I would bet all my money that he actually really was), Misha is terrible as always and Jensen’s whole acting career was always standing on picture of rough growling Texas dude with utterly annoying accent, so every emotion beyond that is impossible for Jensen to handle


    1. “Jensen’s whole acting career was always standing on picture of rough growling Texas dude with utterly annoying accent”

      Maybe Jensen should be the one to take over from Chuck Norris in the reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger”, instead of Jared.

      But don’t worry, according to the Ackles Army, Jensen will star in a Marvel movie as soon as SPN goes off the air. He can play Captain Bowlegs or the villain, “Doctor Fake Voice”.

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      1. Who knows? I think Marvel is done with Jensen since he turned down Captain America role (I don’t really believe it’s true because Jensen is absolutely mediocre compared to Chris Evans, but he is also stupid enough to do something like that) and they won’t cast him in anything… except maybe some random victim.

        I personally believe Jensen’s brewery thing was all about saving his ass when his career dies along with Supernatural. Misha and Jared at least had some significant roles in at least B-rated movies, but not even this could save them from the fact that they are doomed to be forgotten. Jensen’s ending will be the same, maybe even faster. By 2021, no one will know his name (Which is sad, but it couldn’t have happened if he was better actor and not that terrible offscreen person).

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