Dear White People

Originally written 18th January. I watched the first episode and wasn’t really interested enough to continue, but I did write a review! If anyone does watch it, I’d be interested in hearing what you think. Does it get better?

Thoughts on Chapter I:

I think the question I had about this show after five minutes was who is it for? Is it for those people who choose to engage in conversation about black issues and racism or for those who aren’t aware of it?

I found myself rolling my eyes at all of the ‘stay woke’ and other clichés uttered every five minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about black rights and raising awareness about the discrimination we face but on the other hand, I don’t always agree with the way people go about it. 

One of the interesting things touched on in this episode was the different black societies on campus. The Black Caucus was a huge example of the problem. Too many voices to who claim to want the same thing but they’re too busy fighting each other to get it. You see this everywhere. Between Black Americans and Africans, Africans and Black British, Black British and Black Americans, Africans and Other Africans (often different subsets within the same culture or country), the whole diaspora. It’s fucking irritating to see in real life, and not really what I want to see on a TV show. That’s just me, though, and I hear that the show does cover these things in later episodes. 

That being said this episode bored me to tears. 

The main character being a pretty biracial woman was also good and well, but… it got too much when we see that she’s secretly dating a white dude. It was like a flashing sign with UPCOMING WHITE GUILT!!! on the screen. I rolled my eyes a little. 

Anyway, hands down the best scene for me was Defamation, the Scandal spoof. That got the first chuckle from me. 

The second best thing is the white saltiness of the online reviews. It’s the only reason why I’m watching this show (well not the only reason). I might buy a bag of popcorn and just go through them for a few hours. 

This show might be heavy handed in its approach but racist? Far from it. 

4 thoughts on “Dear White People

  1. I’m so sick of race. It permeates everything. I wish we could all look past the superficial and just see people. But what do I know, I’m just a white guy and we aren’t supposed to talk about it

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    1. I understand your view. I used to feel the same way about it… but I realised how sheltered I was because of the way I was perceived. When you’re a black person, you have to care about race because there are so many people out there who have bad intentions. We have no choice but to accept that certain things will happen to us because of the way we look. It’s sad. Ten years ago, it seemed like we had unity but these days…. It’s like we’re going backwards.

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