I can’t stand TV crossovers

I have nothing to post here (well, beyond a bunch of incomplete movie reviews) so here’s an old post and a random Chris Hemsworth GIF. 

Look, I get it. We have one show here. There’s another over there and LET’S PRETEND THAT THEY’RE IN SAME UNIVERSE.

They’re already in the same universe.

It’s called make believe.

I first encountered crossovers with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. Initially, I’d watch Fire first and then PD, but after a while, I had to start watching one episode of one show and then an episode of the other show. And then they added two new shows plus SVU crossovers and I bounced. I don’t have time for mental gymnastics over a TV show. Plus, this doesn’t work internationally anyway – the shows often air on different networks.

So, what are we supposed to do? Sit there and be like, ‘well, son, I think the TV ate half of the episode!’

I know that US networks don’t care beyond their own ratings but it’s annoying and too much work. Why is watching TV now some kind of puzzle wherein I have to figure out what the order the crossover episodes are in and I have to Google extensively just to understand what I’m watching. And also what if I hate the show being crossed over (SVU and soapy television? Not things that typically go together).

I need this current trend to die. Soon. Please.

2 thoughts on “I can’t stand TV crossovers

  1. Current trend? Lol. I remember crossovers happening since I was little. Mostly with cartoons and etc. Or is it going into overdrive now? I don’t really watch tv these days. Or maybe the superhero movies are making this concept popular. They seem cliffhanger and crossover crazy.
    I understand the frustration when it doesn’t make sense. Yes, it’s all make believe but each world has it’s own rules. For example, that upcoming Supernatural-Scooby Doo crossover makes zero sense. Why? Because of the world and characters. On the other hand, the scooby doo movies (the cartoon series, not the actual live action adaptations) worked perfectly. I’m ready to cringe when the writers explain. I expect as much sense as a teenage girl’s fanfic on fanfiction.net.

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    1. It’s gone beyond overdrive. Chicago Fire has four spin-offs (I think). It might be three. Occasionally it crosses over with SVU, so that’s five hour crossovers when they do one. The CW DC shows keep crossing over. I think New Girl crossed over with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. There was a Bones and Sleepy Hollow crossover a few years ago. I’m sure there will be more. It feels like it’s more of a recent thing in terms of live action television. I think the whole idea of a franchise and universe in the vein of the MCU has definitely made this idea popular.

      Lol, the Scooby-Doo thing is self indulgent nonsense. The only reason behind it that makes sense is money and a lack of ideas on the SPN showrunners part.



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