stupid and senseless: the tone deaf edition

I don’t bother with stupid and senseless much anymore because anything Supernatural related has been declared persona non grata for some time. I am not interested anymore.

That being said, any opportunity to call out the continued assholery and hypocrisy of the fandom and actors is good with me. The sooner these people disappear from the internet, the better.

So, this happened.

From my understanding, a fan asked them to state their best pickup lines. Jensen’s was,

‘Hey, I can’t concentrate so let’s get this over with’.

Jared’s was:

‘Excuse me, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

To which Jensen replied:

“No, Mr Cosby.”

At one point Jared pretended to drop the mic because his joke was so fucking hilarious. He also prefaced it with “my jokes are really offensive” which is code for I am a raging douchebag.

Excuse me, Jared, 2007 called. They want their outdated joke back.

This foolish collapsed donut, slimy, insufferable motherfucker.

Sure, it was a stupid question to begin with. However, all he had to do was do what his friend Jensen did and come out with something stupid but inoffensive. Instead – after repeatedly asking Jensen if he should tell the joke and ignoring him when he said no – he came out with this bullshit. If I was Jensen (and I would never want to be), I would have left him hanging. My face would say it all. However, Jensen is a dick too. Surprise.

So, in this current climate when women finally feel free enough to reveal what’s happened to them, we have these two idiots making a fucking Cosby joke. They stood there in front of mostly women and young people and decided to tell this joke. Tone deaf is an understatement. Apparently it’s not the first time they’ve told it, but how about some tact? Some sensitivity? Some common sense?

Some fans claimed it was funny. Some fans claimed that they have been sexually assaulted and they weren’t bothered by it. Some fans think the outrage is by Misha fans…

From the comments of that article alone

This is gross.

Thankfully, some sane people were also present.

Lmao at Freebird. Sour grapes or what…

DOUBLE LMAO @ installing carpet somewhere.

Head shake @ #IStandWithJ2. They need serious help.

Oh and my personal favourite – this foolish lost child.

If you need two D list actors to push you to apply for college, you have bigger problems, girl. Go ahead and save journalism, though. It needs a hero.

There was also all of this #IStandWithJ2 malarkey…

…For people who think the response to the joke is overblown, they’re really doing a lot. Postcards? They stand with J2? Like they’re victims of something. LOL. They are all stupid fucking idiots. All of them need to just shut the fuck up. I can’t even find a way to say all of this nicely but seriously. Really?

Newsflash – everyone thinks that you’re nuts. No one is interested in listening to your warped and biased bullshit. You are clearly not good judges of character.

I am so sick of these idiots blindly defending nonsense time and time again. They all need mental evaluations. The idea of them coming together to raise awareness for mental health is a joke. They’re not doing it with their wallets but with their behaviour. When the response to anything that isn’t praise of some actors that they DO NOT KNOW is to tell people to kill themselves or that everyone hates them, you know that you’re dealing with sick people. They’re absolutely disgusting. Shame on Jared and Jensen for condoning this sick behaviour for the price of their fleeting fame. The #SPNFamily can go and fuck itself.

Anyway, back to Jared. I’ve been telling you all for years that he’s a dick. To the person that wanted me to write nice things about him – here’s one. He’s lucky that he still has a job. He should be careful.

I’ve seen a few people saying that they [J2] were really condemning Cosby and that Jared was goaded into revealing the pickup line. Oh, please.

1. Jared himself admitted that what he was about to say was offensive

2. Where was their condemnation of Cosby beforehand? There isn’t one.

3. He asked Jensen multiple times if should tell the joke in front of hundreds of people, knowing fully well that they’d want to know what he was saying.

Clearly too many idiot switches have been left on this week.

Anyway, they put out some bullshit statements:

“Under all circumstance Jared condemns any form of sexual harassment or assault,” a rep for Padalecki told TheWrap in a statement. Ackles echoed his co-star’s opinion in his own comment to TheWrap, with his rep saying, “Our position is that sexual harassment is a serious issue and should not to be taken lightly under any circumstances.”

Both of them can go and sit on a bed of thorns.

And yes, Misha is a creep too before some crazy person comes along and calls me a fan of his.

They all suck.

21 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: the tone deaf edition


    That’s some disturbing shit right there. I’d be afraid to be alone with either one or both of them. Super creepy. I seriously wonder if they’re predators at times. And yes, Misha is just as bad or worse. I heard he tweeted about roofies before a con. I’m not sure if it was this con or another. I barely check these guys out online. I was away for awhile before I heard about this crap. My family is still deeply obsessed with it. I was so livid. I feel like my dvd sets are unclean now. I had serious visions of cussing them out and taking a swing.
    As for the fangirls, GROSS!! It’s ironic how so many of them claim to be SJW/liberals yet tolerate this shit. I saw some imply that J2 was forced into answering. That they were horrified/embarrassed by this girl’s question. Apparently, it equaled sexual harassment . Clearly, they bought into Jared’s overacting. I would say Jensen was uncomfortable but he looks like that throughout all his con appearances. Then they went on about what great men they are and how they’re oh so happily married. Female fans who find them attractive are just sluts and rapists apparently. Especially if they’re hot women (I remember once coming across a fangirl who slut shamed a girl for wearing summer clothes in summer in a hot state when meeting J2. It ‘s okay for married men to flirt with eachother but if a girl is friendly, SLUT! HOMEWRECKER!).
    The jokes on the fangirls. They can send all the gifts and support they want. They just want your money. Jared wants a ego boost and Jensen/Misha will only glance if you’re a hot chick. It amazes me how they can’t tell Jensen can’t stand them or the cons.
    Real Talk: How many grown attractive women would even glance their way? Especially once the fame/money dries up. They both seem super awkward/stunted. J2 need to realize it’s not 2010 anymore.

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  2. That they said it is unsurprising. They’re men in the entertainment industry. Nuff said. Watch any comedy movie and there’s probably at least one date rape joke in it. Half of the problem with the sexual harassment in HW is the normalisation via the movies they create. If women are objectified and leered at onscreen – it’s not a stretch for the actors to genuinely be doing it off screen.

    J2 also have that weird frat boy mentality which is sad for someone who’s pushing 40 and two guys with daughters that will be at risk from the very shit they’re joking about. That’s the most disturbing part.

    Sorry about your family! I am lucky in that nobody I know cares about it anymore. My DVDs have remained untouched for years. I’d sell them but they have no value now that the show has been on for donkey years.

    The fans (not all but a vast majority) are all mentally disturbed and the very worst part is that the guys enable it in favour of getting money. If my fans were nutcases, fuck them. I’d rather do commercials than take money from people who bully people and make death threats on a regular occurrence.

    Lol, some of them were saying that J2 are sexually objectified at cons and no one says anything – BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONES DOING IT!! And also that is different. Their career is built on their looks. They’re on the CW ffs.

    The Supernatural fans are a mess. I am surprised that nothing more serious has gone down, or maybe it’s been covered up if it has. On the other hand, I left because I was getting too much harassment so maybe others have given up too. It’s the only way to get out of that toxic environment – just ignore it all.

    I saw Mark Pellegrino tweeting about how amazing the SPNFam is but everyone knows how batshit they are. I actually believe that comment about the fan base being a reason why the guys can’t get work. I don’t understand how you can be an advocate against bullying and mental health but ignore the fact that your fans are big offenders. They all make me sick.

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    1. Yes, it’s well known Hollywood is full of degenerates. It makes it even more funny when they claim to be regular people or how morally superior they are. It reminds me of how fangirls gloat how charitable and liberal/tolerant J2 are. They love to bring up Jared being a democrat/Obama supporter (Remember who his wife donated to). For the record, I’ve never bought into Jared’s liberal image. They love to ignore all those pesky rumors/facts of Jensen being a Republican, a Jesus freak, super conservative and being anti-gay. Fangirls like Misha because he furthers their agenda and they can relate to him. It’s funny how they think J2 like him when they couldn’t care less. I hear Jensen especially dislikes him and finds him weird. Heaven knows what he thinks of the fangirls.
      I know alot of guys can be perverse. Especially celebrities. However, it’s disturbing that their head automatically goes to date rape when asked about flirting. That’s not normal. I pity the wives. Then again, they may not care. There are those stories of them being doormats. I’ve also seen fangirls argue those kind of jokes are okay since the cons are for adults. I guess they forget about all the teens who gp to these things. It’s also such a close, friendly and intimate setting where J2 selflessly and graciously accommodate the fans. They’re so noble you see. These cons seem as if they reek of unprofessionalism and degeneracy. I bet this lot would defend them if they ever assaulted someone.
      Yea, my sis acted like I betrayed her when I said the show sucks now/Castiel is lame. Called me a homophobe for not supporting Destiel or the idea that J2 are doing each other. It was quite a show when I pointed out all the crap they lifted from Buffy/Angel/So Weird. Like most fangirls, she thinks Supernatural is Shakespeare.
      It’s annoying how precious the fanbase thinks J2’s juvenile behavior is. Two married men with kids approaching their 40s. It’s embarrassing.
      You know, I imagine if any normal fans attend a con, they would react like Sam and Dean did when they attended their first Supernatural con or met Becky.
      When this show ends, I picture J2 milking the con circuit or doing lifetime like Dean Cain. Only difference, Dean Cain actually acts his age and seems like a decent guy. They’re not smart like David Boreanaz who knew when to cut Buffy out of his life.


      1. How old is your sister? Damn. I cut off all OTT SPN fans a long time ago. I can’t even imagine being related to one. She’s been brainwashed somehow smh. That’s the thing that I find most troubling. Grown women are behaving like that and setting a really bad example for the younger fans. I joined the fandom back when I was a teen and I still cringe at my behaviour (which was not as bad as these people thankfully). That you have grown women behaving like that is scary.

        Dean Cain is still cancelled because he voted for Trump, lol. Have you seen his Twitter? Last time I went on it I think he was arguing with anti-Trump supporters.

        As for Jared and Jensen & co, their day will come. I sort of hope that some scandal brings down the show but at the same time, they’re not even worthy of any additional attention.

        I bet Jensen wrote in Mike Pence as his vote. He’d probably erupt into flames if he voted for the Democrats.


        1. My sister is one of those toxic grown women. Who is married. And lives on tumblr. I swear she’s gotten really unstable since joining that site/SPN family. She even goes to cons when she can. Last time she dressed as Castiel. Then again, her type seem to be a dime a dozen these days. It’s not just fandom though. I see so many women/men these days who are worse than the most bratty teenagers. Up into their 40s. I blame media. Especially social media. They all think their behavior is so cute. However, they go on the defense/get super sensitive if confronted with a person with any maturity or who cares about real world stuff. FYI stuff outside fandom or popular culture. I get called a boring old lady so often. Especially since I don’t keep up on Hollywood. LOL
          I hear Supernatural fangirls seriously lose their shit while watching the show. Apparently a lot of screaming, crying and shaking goes on. They also have tissues on hand. Um,WTF?
          I was more meaning personality/articulation/maturity when comparing J2 to Dean Cain. I don’t pay attention when celebrities talk politics. It’s nonsense. They don’t mean a thing they say. I guarantee a large chunk of them only hate Trump because it’s trendy. Half of them are brain dead. I can’t believe people take them seriously.
          Dean Cain is seriously fighting on twitter? LOL. I would think a man his age would have better things to do. No wonder he’s not married. I always thought he had issues. Plus he’s way too perky.
          It looks like the fangirls think differently. I saw a few saying they hope J2 stops doing conventions and that the show goes on for 100+ seasons to spite the haters. LOL
          But seriously, tumblr is gross with its many J2 apologists. ONTD made a post about it. I saw a recent pic too. What are fangirls even defending? Jared looks like a hobo at death’s door. His wife looks like she’s had the life sucked out of her by her ridiculous husband. I don’t know what to say about Jensen’s looks.

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          1. I hope that your sister is delivered from her major lapse in judgement soon. Tumblr shouldn’t be used by anyone other the age of 21. At least not for fandom purposes.

            We live in the age of nostalgia where adults being down with the kids is cool. Hopefully they all grow out of it. That’s a big part of why politics everywhere has gone to shit. People are so selfish and ignorant. Ugh.

            Yeah, some of them cry over it…even at it’s peak, I didn’t cry over it, lol. I’m bad, though. When Sam died (first time), I thought Bobby running after Jake was hilarious. When Dean died (first time), the special effects were hilarious. The biggest mistake the show made was taking itself too seriously after season 3 or so.

            True about the ‘slebs.

            Dean Cain has the time. Trust me, lol. His career is basically garbage now. He can’t hold down a steady role anywhere. He’s going to be on the next season of Hit The Floor, but that’s about it.

            I’ve seen that wish (the show going on to spite haters) but that would be good for me. Keep them on the show forever so that they don’t stink up any other shows! Pretty please!


  3. Jensen has been telling the joke at cons for years without any backlash. Yes, it was a witchhunt for Jared by minions. And no, Jensen isn’t any better than him.


    1. So? In light of recent events (and given that there are young people at these things anyway) it was highly inappropriate. For that alone they deserve the criticism. And in all honesty, it’s not a ‘joke’.

      How was it a witch hunt for Jared? I saw people condemning both of them. However, he chose to tell the joke so he will deservedly get more criticism.

      No one said that Jensen was any better. Either way, you people need to grow up. It’s not compulsory for you to like each actor. None of them are any better than each other. Simple.


      1. Minions were mainly going after Jared. It’s the few media sites that picked up on the story that included Jensen. If jokes like this are so offensive, they would’ve blasted Jensen before. The only reason they cared this time was because Jared said it. If it had been Jensen, it would not have spiraled the way it did.
        This sums up my opinion on the whole matter. It’s SJWs that get offended if the wind blows wrong that needs to grow up and find more important things to do than go after D listers over a stupid old offhand joke.


        1. The media don’t exactly report on Supernatural cons, ergo, they’d have no reason to blast Jensen. Just because fans who have paid thousands of dollars need to pretend that everything the guys say is perfect and free of issues, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is the same.

          Once again, given that the entertainment industry is in the middle of a huge sexual harassment and assault scandal, of course the media would eventually pick up on it. That’s also another reason not to tell the joke at all.

          I see that you’re here to defend Jared but I am not interested in petty fandom wars. The entire fandom – including minions, Jared fans, Jensen fans, whoever else – is toxic. That you refuse to see that you can be a fan of someone and also condemn their bad behaviour is your own issue and not mine.

          You [fandom] also need to get over this pathetic victim complex. Nobody went after them. There were a few articles and they issued a BS statement and have come through it unscathed. The people doing the most were Jared and Jensen fans. Postcards and hashtags over a few articles that mostly went unnoticed? Please.

          Stop trying to conflate petty fandom squabbles with what Jared and Jensen said – it was inappropriate. End of story.


      2. It’s always a witch hunt for Jared! Silly Snark! He’s the saint that puts Jesus to shame. He’s a regular human being that breathes oxygen. Lest we forget.

        This totally never happened:

        Looks like we missed one. Jared strikes again. He just loves attacking peasants and women. I wonder what she did. I haven’t read the comments.

        I think people fall for Jared’s crap because of his puppy eyes and his so-called depression. I bet he’s the type who can’t tell the difference between a bad day and a depression episode. Couple that with all his so-called “charity” work. If fangirls mistake Jensen for Dean, I’m sure they mistake Jared for Sam. Don’t forget they were both once upon a time gorgeous.
        The fact that he could think up such a joke is proof how gross he is. Anyone who can’t tell Jared set that whole thing up (especially with his overacting) needs to wake up. We don’t know about Jensen but from evidence, Jared is the worse offender. He has a very public history with this kind of mess. You could tell Jensen thought it was a bad idea. However, he is just as bad. He both condoned it and went along for the ride.


      3. I was just on LSA about this subject. I know you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. However, is it true that they would act shitty/suspect with minority actors? That they used to act snooty at early appearances/conventions with fans before getting wise? I’m guessing this tea is probably years old. After this, nothing surprises me. Especially with Jared still shaming employees as recently as last month.
        With all this behavior, I’m surprised so many buy into their “liberal” Hollywood personas. I don’t care if they slammed Trump and comforted Misha over the election. I don’t buy it.


        1. I can’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t put it past them. This is a show that showed it racism quite early on (racist killer truck) and has never featured a lot of POC. It could easily be an environment where POC don’t feel welcome, either intentionally or unintentionally. I still LOL @ a fan telling Jensen that ‘once you go black you never go back’ at a con years ago. I don’t think he found it funny.

          People will buy into anything. Slamming Trump while you’re a Registered Republican is redundant anyway, so someone should tell Jensen not to bother. Jensen liked JDM’s Blue Lives Matter post so he can jump into a vat of semi-poisonous marshmallows for all I care. I don’t think he pretends to be liberal though, that’s mostly Jared.


  4. I’ve been hanging on the edges of that fanbase, and whoo boy let me tell you, the witch-hunt is on to blame ANYBODy except either Jared or Jensen for what they did.
    “THE FANS FORCED THEM” the sycophants cry, while Pellegrino, still coasting off his latest skirmish with fandom (getting railed on for when he and William effing Shatner to try to get the cast to en-masse block a fan for daring to think Jared needed to apologize), spreads this #onlylove tag which is basically a vehicle for crit-shaming any and all dissenters.
    “But six years ago, Misha made a roofie joke!” So what? He deleted it off twitter, after, get this, getting grilled by his fans about how it was a terrible thing to say.
    At least it wasn’t posted during a freaking industrywide meltdown of basically everyone’s faves being exposed as assholes.
    Jared Padalecki hasn’t mentally aged past college boy, and no amount of receding hairline will change that.
    Maybe the articles calling them out will finally give the brute a wake up call. Until he gets drunk again and gets snubbed by a service worker. Then all bets are off.

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    1. Mark Pellegrino is a racist dick. He’s straight up unhinged. I have no idea why people see the fools that J2 surround themselves with and still think that they’re any better.

      There’s never a wake up call with Jared because so many people enable his shitty behaviour. He will mess up again. It’s just a matter of time.


  5. Yknow, there’s actually a lot of good commentary here in general.
    So let’s get some stuff out.
    One: I’m a Supernatural fan still.
    Two: I don’t consider myself “Fandom.”
    Cuz, there’s like… a divide there, this article in mind. I’ve never been to a convention, I don’t have a shrine to any given actor in my closet, and I’m capable of analyzing points the show has taken titanic shits in its quality – which of course, triggers the piss out of the loons.

    In fact, only recently did I dare to wade into the fucking mosh pit that is twitter in all of its fractal conversation and disembodied echos of conversation fragments and Jesus Fucking Christ On A Flaming Candied Pogo Stick, it’s even worse than I thought.

    Like. /Really/ bad. Like you so much as say something along the lines of, “It’s not that serious, but it was really poorly thought/timed in our current climate.” and suddenly you’re in some pincer attack of both being a Jared Hater and a Misha Stan and a whatever the /fuck/ because there’s some giant tin hat conspiracy trying to keep Jared and Jensen from their super romantic gay romance hidden by their beard-wives or like… /wow./

    Just /wow./ You comment on ratings and it turns into “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING REEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU’RE A JARED HATER” and you’re over here like… “?”

    Honestly, /most/ of the toxic bag is in the self-identified J2 bag. As someone who’s had the misfortune of trying to stick my head in, as an old broad that wanted to see what these newfangled social platforms are like, that’s what I see over and over again. Whether or not you like Misha/Castiel/whatever, /most/ of what I see from people with Castiel-esque/whatever accounts are actually like “Love! Screenshot. Great job! Cool! Here’s a neat fanfiction!”; the hate I’m seeing is coming from the people who decided to do “Stand with J2” name revisions. Like, what the fuck are you standing for? I’m still trying to wrap my fucking brain around that. Yeah, people got upset (via overreaction, but bad timing and general stupidity) about a rape joke. Most comments I saw were like “An apology would be great.” but it turned into this counter-witch-hunt of people screeching that so and so just hates so and so actor and what the FUCK is going on? What are you standing for? Them refusing a vague “I’m sorry” for the joke? I’m really fucking confused.

    DISCLAIMER: Not all people who like Sam/Dean Jared/Jensen are absolute fucking lunatics, but unfortunately they’re connected by proxy of the loons hijacking the tag for their utter amounts of lunatic wank.

    One thing I /can/ give the fandom is there’s still sane people there. The majority of the people talked about in this article have been called Tin Hatters by the bulk. But this is a squeaky-wheel-gets-the-article kind of thing. The best thing I can decipher at a glance is that this is all actually manifesting off of a gross inflation of fanfiction wars that have reached past the meta-wall. For years, all they had was Wincest stuff, and the vibrated in their panties and somehow self identified to that, and now Destiel is close to going “canon” and it’s turned into some bizarre retaliatory Vietnam bullshit going on where people are building intricate doxxing campaigns and/or constructing enormous conspiracy theories instead of, I dunno… just watching the show? I’m pretty sure the tin hats don’t even really watch the show anymore, they just flap around and screech like vultures over the corpse of some long dead part of the fandom.

    The Tin hats now frequently address “TPTB” or “The Powers That Be” as part of some grand illumishanati conspiracy theory that are trying to build Misha Collins into some sort of global overlord with his army of minions by using Destiel which simultaneously is an army of support but only 1% depending what side of their mouth their talking out, and that it’s all – like, I’m not even sure what they’re talking about half the time. It’s /literally/ just completely deranged fangirls fractally shrieking in waves through twitter at this point because at some point, a new main-ish character showed up and they figured everything henceforth had to be some warzone of their delusional bullshit.

    The joke was dumb. The upset faded. Tinhats still screeching. Misha Collins confirmed reptilian alien overlord. I don’t even know anymore. Fuck the vocal part of this fandom. But in all fairness, it’s mostly just twitter raising visibility. I can only imagine how bad Star Trek would have gotten if we had twitter back in those days. Either stay off social media and/or just be careful who you talk to in a fandom. Find the sane people and talk about the actual show more than anything. It’s simple.

    But you’re right, for a community so supposedly focused on mental health there is a DISTURBING amount of people suffering some unrealization and overconnection to characters that turns into some bizarre psychological projection that not liking character X means there’s some wild attack on their person. I really do consider it the duty of “TPTB” to make some sort of statement about this eventually but with as rocky as the show ratings have been the last year and them trying to launch a new show, that’s probably something they’ll shut the fuck up on for a while.

    Jensen at least has gotten offered major contracts. In example, he turned down Captain America and continues side contracts with Marvel, DC, game companies and more. You may not be a fan of his, but he’s extended and increased his acting skills beyond being a reflexive pretty face in the first seasons. Jared, however, has been made weirdly codependent on Jensen because that same branch of fans just makes him part of “J2”, and put some sort of ownership stamp on who can talk about him how. As a result, especially since his failed Friday the 13th move, all he’s kinda got is throwbacks to his old previous bitwork. Blame it on whatever part of his acting or whatever, but frankly, I’m 99% sure it has to do with the fact that nobody CAN talk about him in this giant wank-fest and that anyone that does is one raging douchebag PR bomb that nobody wants to touch with a ten foot pole.

    Collins for the /most/ part avoids PR bombs. He’s also got a longer acting tenure and in general, he’s going to do fine. But Jared’s own fans are about to nuke his entire career with this bullshit jerk fest if his own “open mouth insert foot” doesn’t stop. I don’t think he honestly intended that maliciously, but it’s one of those… actors needing to be aware of their audience kinda deals? Bad time, bad audience.

    TLDR. This fandom is full of wank, god help it.

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    1. Nice try.
      Everyone knows that J2 has nothing going for them outside Supernatural and the convention circuit. Once it’s over, they’ll be lucky to get guest spots or a dad role on a future CW show. They’re two aging pretty boys. Jared and Misha are PR nightmares. No PR bombs? Explain all the gross jokes Misha has never apologized for. Explain all his harrassment. I guarantee if he were the star of the show, he’d be way worse than Jared. Misha even attacked the show/his fanbase, citing them as the reason he can’t get roles. He doesn’t even think he has to audition. They all tried for a Hollywood career and failed. They also shot themselves in the foot by encouraging their psychotic fanbase. The actors don’t even care anymore. They know the show is shit. That’s why they don’t bother to put any effort into their characters anymore. They just sleepwalk through them, waiting for the next check.
      Jared knew exactly what he was doing. His overacting proved it. He’s a bully. He just didn’t care. When he gets caught, he either throws a pity party or deflects blame. He’s extremely manipulative.

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      1. Lol totally agree.

        I just watched some YouTube clips from the latest season (with J2 & Jack). Jared’s acting consisted of looking even more constipated than usual (quite a feat) & Jensen’s effort was outright painful to watch. I know Jensen’s never been good but…oh boy. These guys aren’t even putting in the minimal amt of effort.

        I heard Misha’s recent scene, where he comes back from being dead dead (lol), is excruciating to watch. He’s always been terrible, so if he’s also not even making an effort now, he’s got to be entirely unwatchable.

        I need to bleach what I just saw from my memory so it doesn’t mar my fondness for those first few seasons.

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        1. Why would you subject yourself to such horror? I haven’t seen anything past the halfway point of season 10.

          Jensen has been truly terrible from around ~season 6. He is still the better actor out of the three, but that’s not difficult. Jared peaked during season 4, had a late revival during season 6 before he went back to being mediocre. His Gadreel acting still offends me to this day. I have no idea what the fuck that was but I felt like he was putting effort in and it was still terrible.

          It’s probably for the best that they don’t try. There’s a reason why they’re milking the show so hard. Not even SyFy would grant them cameo status at this point.


          1. Haha I dunno, I must have been feeling particularly masochistic. I read about how great the character Jack (Alexander Calvert) was, so was taking a look. Tip – he’s not. He’s only slightly more bearable than J2. It’d be hard to give an Oscar winning performance though when everyone else is sleepwalking through their parts.

            Agree with all that. Jensen & Jared were decent back in the day. Jared started off pretty crap then improved quite a lot & is now back to just reading lines. Jensen was better. From what I just saw though, I think Jensen is now out-bad-acting Jared. Err, admittedly, I only saw about 10mins worth total, so I can’t really judge (i.e. ignore me :).

            Agree also with everything else you’ve said – that rape joke, JFC. Just no. And re the (above) Misha-apologists downplaying MC’s behaviour, incl. that previous gross roofie joke, also no. If SPN ever actually ends, it’d be nice if J2M (& all the scriptwriters) could find alternative careers & spare other shows. And yep, ugh, Mark Pellegrino needs to go away.

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    2. I agree with some of what you’ve written. I joined fandom way back in ’07 after two years of skirting around it. Social media made things even crazier.

      Anyway, I can’t reply to every thing, but yes fandom is certifiable and yes, it is mostly down to shippers. However, I have no sympathy for anyone in the fandom. I have friends who would swear that they’ve never seen the nasty side of it and use that as justification of why fandom is awesome! Good luck to them.

      Yup, you have willingly ignorant fans, a network that enables this behaviour for $ and ratings. Actors who ignore this shit. Until someone is seriously hurt and they can actually prove it’s related to the SPN fandom, no one will do shit. They even have that crisis hotline running now. It’s beyond a joke.

      Yeah…I don’t think Jensen was ever offered Captain America. He auditioned for it, but he never got the role. Supposedly he auditioned for GOTG too. Considering that Supernatural is produced by WB, I find it unrealistic that they would let him do one single MCU movie anyway. At least not while he’s on the show. However, if they rated him, they would have offered him a role in the DC Universe which they haven’t. Same goes for Jared who was supposedly up for Thor and Ant-Man. It’s all bs.

      Also, what side contracts? He does voice work for games and some directing for the show, but that’s about it. He has regressed the most out of all three actors, mainly because he actually had real potential at one point. The first two seasons of the show were standout points for him. Source material can be blamed for the slide (one single tear and man pain isn’t good acting), but at some point, he went from being able to develop and elevate a shitty script to making it painfully obvious that everyone involved with the show is mediocre at what they do.

      Unfortunately, The CW is and will remain Jensen’s level. I think the fact that Misha and Jared are worse/not as good looking and most of the other actors are bang average makes him seem like he’s a better actor, but…no. Low effort, lack of interest. He’s only in it for the money and it’s obvious.

      Jared effectively killed his career by remaining on SPN for so long. He’s only ever had two regular roles and one major picture. His acting is hit or miss. He is probably a better character actor (demon!Sam, Soulless Sam) but there was a long period of time wherein he virtually did nothing on the show. I used to joke that he was wallpaper on his own show. In hindsight, maybe that was down to his personal issues. However, If I’m casting a movie, his name wouldn’t be on any shortlist. There are rumours about his behaviour on set as well (lateness, holding up production by messing around, throwing strops about screen time). I don’t think fans are a major reason (definitely minor) why he won’t get work, because execs don’t care about the calibre of people they’re taking money from. It’s down to his own shitty behaviour.

      Both of them had any major Hollywood career flushed down the toilet after their movies bombed. They also would rather do con circuits than shoot movies during the off season. Birds of the same feather. They’re not doing the show because they’re loyal to fans. Nobody is checking for them.

      LOL. Misha has only ever gotten one role that I know of since he joined Supernatural and it was on another CW show and he was terrible. He’s stealing a living. He’s also very problematic. People have short memories but I still remember him and Jared attempting to bully Justin Bieber fans by inciting some kind of fandom war. He’s just as pathetic as the other two.

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