stupid and senseless: curated by Jared and Jensen

Let me just start off by saying that my language is colourful in this post. I could edit it out but I want everyone to see just how ridiculous I found this when I saw it.

So, I accidentally clicked onto my Twitter timeline and I saw this:

I clicked onto her tweet and LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF.


Value: Priceless

I was really tickled pink.

That was before I saw what the unlucky (and stupid) fan will be paying for:

Is this a joke?

Swag, memorabilia and….Personal Polaroid pictures taken from set (why the addition of the word personal? Are they sending dick pics?).

You might as well save your $4k. 

Not even a set visit? Fucking FaceTime? What if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad? That’s a serious question. So I have to find someone and borrow their device because I’ve paid four thousand dollars for a video call that’s usually free. Lol. Fuck outta here.

Although, anyone silly enough to drop four grand on this foolishness would probably buy an iPhone if they don’t have one already.

The sheer brazenness of these people is disgusting.

What’s a fan got to do to get some real face time, though? Donate a kidney (+ transportation and their own medical costs?)

The replies are full of people saying they can’t afford it because they’re:

  • Broke
  • Not rich
  • Paying for cons already

The last point had me rolling my eyes. None of these people have any common sense. They will be crying about con tickets while paying exorbitant prices. It was quite funny but sad at the same time.


How can you complain when you have shown these people that you have bottomless pockets. Some of you will borrow money from people to spend one minute in the presence of these people and listen to them talk about their lives for two hours. Some of you will work multiple jobs to afford this shit. Some of you will complain after attending these things only to go again the next year. 

One strategically tweeted #SPNFamily and everyone is rushing forward with open wallets.

All Jared and Jensen see is dollar signs. So excuse me for not having any sympathy.

What is wrong with you people?

Why are you entertaining this madness? You have been donating money to these people on a monthly basis for years now. Years. They will not stop taking your money until you stop giving them your money. Meanwhile, their money (mostly) isn’t going anywhere but the bank. The bank. Please have some respect for yourselves.

Like my friend put it:

Fools and their money. The guys probably came up with this scheme to pay for half of a teeth bleaching session.

Someone will have to tell me what the final bid was but $4k is probably what Genevieve spends on one ugly blouse per shopping session. Why would you donate money in the name of people who don’t value money in the first place. For all of the money fandom has collectively donated, how much have the guys and the wives donated? Have any of you demanded receipts?

Do any of you have at least one functioning brain cell?

If you do – please use it. I don’t really care, I just hate being exposed to such stupidity. Just seeing it makes my head hurt. If that makes me a hater, feel free to let me know. I will wear my title with pride.

Note to Jared and Jensen: 

Please curate Supernatural’s cancellation charity raffle (at this point you might as well bleed fandom dry). Haven’t we all suffered enough? Let the show die a peaceful death already. Please. 

To conclude: UGH.

10 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: curated by Jared and Jensen

  1. J & J clearly believe their own press, probably it is all they actually read. It’s funny though: people who live in a bubble should avoid pricks, and instead they became one.



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    1. Yup. I think it’s the fan worship that lives inside the bubble that helps the process along. They most definitely believe their own press. The sad thing is that ten years ago they were normal people who at least presented themselves as decent guys. For two people who have only ever skirted the edge of fame, the trajectory of their increased egos is hard to understand. I hope karma does its magic on these two and look forward to their failed reality TV shows.


      1. Jensen already listens to Taylor Swift. Maybe he should add some Hannah Montana to that playlist. I found the fact he named his kid Zeppelin suspect. Especially since Jared’s music taste is closer to Dean’s than Jensen (Doesn’t he mostly listen to country?). I wouldn’t be surprised if J2 use their kids in future money making schemes or are they already?
        You make me wonder how much of what they present to the public is an act. I doubt they were ever normal people. They’ve both have been modelling/acting since a young age. I think Jensen has gotten more grumpy/bored/impatient with age. In early interviews, he seemed more shy and reserved but still pleasant. He seems absolutely miserable in those con vids but fangurls are too blind to see it. Jared seems crazy and fragile to me. I don’t think those cons are good for him. I can’t tell about the wives. Either they’re doormats or encourage this behavior. I’m surprised J2 have such swelled heads since this is how far their acting career has taken them. And their movies flopped.
        What’s this about reality tv?


      1. First off, I hope these are sexy photos with those prices (Are they still sexy?). Secondly, curate?! LMAO
        They make it sound like they’re organizing a collection for the Louvre. For all their talk of grammar and supposed book reading, they sure don’t know how to use words properly. Then again, this lot probably is that self absorbed. Fangirls already think they’re Hollywood-bound saints that reside in Stepford.
        Those repeat fangirls aren’t always rich though. You’d be surprised how many fans throw away all their earnings/savings and borrow money for these things. It’s an addiction for some of them. Fandom crackheads. For some reason, fangirls think they’ll be remembered/liked more/seduce cast members if they go to enough of these things. It’s the same reason they White Knight for them online. :/


  2. I love all the ‘Jensen and Jared are so generous! They raised over $100,000 for charity!’. Um, their combined net worth is in the tens of millions. If they feel so strongly about the charity, why don’t they fork over some of their fortunes? A rich person raising money from poor people to give to charity never sits right with me.

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    1. It’s crazy. We had that on a bigger scale with JJ Watt, who could be a nice guy, suddenly being labeled a hero because he set up a page. Not his fault – for too long people have bought into the ‘donates to charity so they must be a good person!’ mantra. Even when these so called good people are as thirsty as Jared and Jensen. I agree with you, it all snacks of robbing Peter to pay Paul and even then, Paul might not see a dime.

      Fans need to use their common sense.


  3. verb (used with object), curated, curating.
    to take charge of (a museum) or organize (an art exhibit):
    to curate a photography show.

    so, are they saying the stuff you get should be in a museum? Or that they should be in a museum? and I’m a little bit worried about those polaroids. polaroids of what? the set? the car? each other? And just what is this swag? old plaid t shirts? a cup that jensen or jared might have drank out of? the back of page 24 in a season 12 script that was thrown out? a kleenex? and just what, pray tell, is a season 13 crew gift? copy of paystub? a two by four that was used to build a set? a polaroid of the two by four that was used to build a set? and this face time call. will it be one like the live stream on face book complete with the shaky camera work, or will the phone be steady?

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