He’s not finished, fake news 💩

I think everyone has heard the news about the Unite The Right rally that got out of hand in Charlottesville, Virginia. I was appalled but not surprised. It was only a matter of time. I can’t count the number of people who’ve pointed out that you see an increase incendiary views when someone in the highest position of power enables them. 

Trump ran a campaign that went after minorities, religion, anything not white and he won. 

That shit is like a Duracell battery to white supremacists. It’s validation. It’s proof that their bigoted views matter. 

It’s also bullshit. 

I watched a video on the Washington Post site, wherein the white ‘nationalists’ argued against removing the statue honoring Robert E. Lee because it was about their heritage, white people’s culture was being stripped away and tossed in the garbage, blah, blah, blah. One guy said he was for ‘killing all Jews’. What have Jews ever done to them? What does that have to do with white supremacy – oh, I forgot! They’re all Christians, worried that the world is trying to get rid of them. 

It’s all nonsense. If you ask one of these people about slavery, I’m betting they’ll either applaud it or say they can’t be held responsible for what their ancestors did. Yet, they cling onto these monuments with everything that they have. They wave their Confederate flag with pride. Fuck that. 

Now, before I continue, I think that the counter protestors had the right intentions, but ultimately, violence solves nothing. There’s two sides and both looked pretty damn ugly in the footage. However all of this alt-left vs alt-right talk is silly. You can’t expect people to stand back and listen to such nastiness being spread on the streets and do nothing. The blame is not equal. 

As for the young man that drove his car into people….twenty years old and already filled with so much hate. I was so baffled when his mother was casually giving statements to whoever contacted her (AP, I think). I was particularly curious that she said Trump isn’t a white supremacist. I personally don’t think that he is (yes, he’s racist, bigoted and stupid, but Trump goes where the money and power is, he’s a master human and not merely part of the master race). However, it was 100% inappropriate. One suspects she knows exactly what kind of son she’s raised. 

If anyone I knew did something so appalling, I would be too ashamed to do anything but express condolences to the family of the woman he killed and the people he injured.

That shit is on Trump and all of the people he’s enabled over the past two years. It’s on Bannon. It’s on anyone who’s perpetuated this myth white people are being washed out. 

To see these people say this shit with a straight face is incredible. You’ve got them ranting against Jews who were literally the targets of religion based genocide less than one hundred years ago. Black people, who endured suffering for centuries and are still unfairly targeted today, other religions that are clearly the MINORITY in the country. 

White people haven’t gone anywhere, and I’m not sure why some of them want to be oppressed so badly. It’s not fun, and no one is buying it because we have eyes and brains! Your shit stinks too, you’re no better than anyone else. Wrap yourselves in your flags and shut up. 

This isn’t just ignorance, it’s stupidity, passed down from generation to generation. Something’s being wiped out alright, but it isn’t white people. Maybe something in the gene pool? I don’t know. I don’t really want to know. 

If these white supremacists hate people like me, I don’t care. Let them. You can’t reason with such hatred. There’s not enough time in the world. We can’t fix stupid. 

However, that doesn’t mean that they should lay hands on anyone. Violence is never the answer. Driving a car into a crowd of people is never the answer. 

Trump being Trump, refused to condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis after the incident, only grudgingly reading a pre-written statement some two days after. Online commentary says that it’s ‘too late’, but that’s the point. The point is that it looks like a response to the criticism and not these inflammatory groups. We all know that Trump isn’t about to turn on his most ardent supporters. I would argue that it’s the people who knew that these groups were drawn to Trump and still voted for him that should really be looking at themselves. 

What a mess.

ETA: I just read about his press conference. What the actual fuck is wrong with this man? You know, I take it back. Maybe he really is a white supremacist after all. It does sound like he’s been ‘fed’ these statements (he probably thought Alt-Left was some kind of laxative before this week) or someone has whispered into his ear, but we all know that his ties with these groups predate his ties to politics. He didn’t know David Duke was there? Really. Oh and he wanted to see the facts (since when have facts ever bothered Trump?). Was Fox News not broadcasting that day? Pretty sure all of the swastikas and white supremacist insignia were visible there too. 

When will this nightmare end?

I’m not finished, fake news.

Oh, how we wish you were finished, Trump. 

Oh, how we wish. 

15 thoughts on “He’s not finished, fake news 💩

  1. Whew!

    This is all so… Really when would all these end? I’ll ask this. Of all his (Trump) implementations since he came to power, has any actually bettered the life of the citizens?

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    1. Nope. Case in point – his obsession with bringing back coal mining when everyone has moved on to safer, renewable energy sources. I’m waiting for the shoe to drop for all of those angry coal miners.

      The Muslim ban is a mess. Healthcare is a mess. I don’t think he’s actually passed any successful legislation since he became President. Despite all of that, I think he’d score himself a 100/10 lol.


              1. I am very slow, and don’t even know what’s up in my country because I didn’t know he has returned 🙈🙈. I imagine they’re saying he should just go back and treat himself (the nice ones), as you hardly find a Nigerian with something nice to say about Buhari, and one can hardly blame them.

                (Running away to go catch up on news)

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  2. You missed the very important “us”. Trump said what about the alt-right that came charging at ‘us’…before correcting to the alt-right.

    I’m also about 100% certain the majority of people protesting the relocating of the statue couldn’t name 3 facts about Robert E. Lee.

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    1. It’s all deliberate coded messaging – with a 29% approval rating, he’s really gotta show his appreciation for those still on his side. I’m pretty sure the alt-right will turn on their beloved leader sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time.

      They’d probably never heard of him before they decided to move the statue! What a useless set of individuals.


  3. Err sorry, this may turn into a rant but just about whether Trump is, himself, a white nationalist or just pandering to his supporters, WH staff have talked about how he’s a racist in private, see – http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/the-house-is-on-fire-accepting-the-truth-of-the-trump-revolution

    There’s evidence suggesting Trump’s dad, Fred Trump, was a white supremacist. In 1927, Fred was one of 7 people arrested for participating in a KKK rally (the newspaper clippings suggest he may also have been wearing the KKK white robes at the time of the arrest). In 1973, a lawsuit was filed against Fred Trump’s real estate business for denying people rentals based on ‘colour & race’. Fred settled the suit but was later served with another suit for re-offending/ breaching the terms of the settlement. Here – https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/mvke38/all-the-evidence-we-could-find-about-fred-trumps-alleged-involvement-with-the-kkk

    I know that’s his dad but, childhood brainwashing is very powerful. To purge yourself of it, you have to not only get away from the toxic environment & constant hate messages, but also be open minded, able to think for yourself & have empathy/compassion for others. Trump has clear case of narcissistic personality disorder (he’s just like my dad). That disorder is the definition of close mindedness. NPDers are entirely incapable of seeing things from others people’s perspectives (completely self-focused) or of feeling guilt or compassion for (or remorse for their part in) other people’s suffering.

    Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists. One of his first priorities in office was to ban citizens from Muslim countries. He refused to call the Nazi who ran down protesters with his car a terrorist & he said there were ‘very fine people’ amongst that bunch that was chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’. I can’t even, with that press conference he gave.

    He doesn’t just look, swim & quack like a duck, he practically has ‘I’m a duck’ tattooed on his forehead lol. If the guy isn’t a white supremacist, I’ll eat my shirt.

    Sorry for the ramble. I love your political posts/wrap ups btw, they’ve been excellent. The world is a scary place atm 😦


    1. I agree with you. However, I refuse to call him one because as far as I’m concerned it’s only going to encourage his half-witted supporters. His father was definitely a white supremacist and Trump has long been a racist. I remember the case against Central Park Five – wrongfully accused of rape, Trump took out that full page ad in the times etc.

      My main point was that people know all this and voted for him anyway, so we can call him a supremacist, we can call him a bigot, anti-Semitic, everything but unfortunately to millions of people none of that is a bad thing. But yeah, he probably is one or at least has deep-rooted tendancies with that mindset.

      It’s kind of fucked up when even the rest of the GOP are like, ‘Uh no, neo-Nazis are white supremacists are not tolerated here’ and Trump just bulldozes over that and tries to tell us about the nice people in that crowd. His time will come. However, I hope he takes down the entire Republican Party with him.

      We’re at least a couple thousand steps closer to the Apocalypse, that’s for sure.



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