The R Word

I’m not going to spend a long time talking about this, but I ventured into the #racism tag on here and surprisingly, it was full of all kinds of crazy opinions. 

The hot topic seemed to be comments said by a Cambridge University student on Friday/Saturday, during a ‘riot’ that took place in East London. 

The Cambridge University student who praised rioters who threw petrol bombs at police and claimed “all white people are racist” has defended his comments.

Jason Okundaye, 20, head of the Black and Minority Ethnic society at the university, came under fire on Saturday after posting a string of posts on Twitter.

His remarks followed violent protests in Hackney, east London, on Friday night (July 28) over the death of Rashan Charles following a struggle with police.But commenting on his social media posts, Okundaye said: “My tweet about all white people being racist was pulled out of context and separate to my tweets in support of the Dalston protests.

“My tweets on white racism had been said before, in response to people acting as if racism is exclusive to working class people.

“I stated that regardless of sexuality, class, gender or age, all white people are racist i.e. not just one type of white person.”

And the reference to ‘geddit’ refers to my previous tweets on how all demographics of whiteness can and should be called out for their racism and how it specifically manifests in their groups e.g. white middle-class people refusing to hire Black people killed, or white gay men stating ‘no blacks, no asians’ on dating apps such as Grindr.

So basically, this student called all white people racist. 

Apparently that’s racist. 

He also said that all white people could ‘geddit’. 

Apparently that’s inciting violence. 

Unfortunately there are some people who think black people are afforded special treatment these days. They think equal opportunity is some sort of ploy to steal everything they have. It isn’t. Some of them even think that they’re a minority now. They’re not. They’re really not. 
What really pisses me off is the people that hear the word ‘racist’ and instead of taking a breath and calming down, they proceed to show you just how racist they truly are. Some of y’all would make shitty lawyers.

In my opinion, what this student said wasn’t racist. I don’t know how calling white people racist is racist. I can’t follow that logic. Either it’s true or false. What is racist is the people on Twitter calling black people ‘sub human’ and ‘ferals’. Or the people who say we should go back to Africa.

The difference is that I see that nonsense everyday, be it on comment sections, Twitter, wherever and it’s disgusting, but I can’t really do anything about it. I reported those tweets, but that won’t stop anything. 

Here, we have one admittedly inflammatory comment and now everyone is up in arms. Now they care about racism (but only so they can tell us how NOT racist they are, while being racist). 

They’re talking about expelling this student and prosecuting him for ‘inciting racial hatred’. That’s bullshit. I’ll admit that when I first read the news, my reaction was dude, what are you doing?? You can’t say that. Especially as a Cambridge student. Didn’t your parents tell you when to shut up! Also, hello, Cambridge!

When you’re black, you know that there will always be people ready to help you fail. You know that there are certain things you have to be careful about saying, especially around certain people. Forget context, you have to be mindful at all times. Perhaps Jason forgot himself and was so frustrated that he tweeted what he did. Maybe he was just fed up. We’ve all been at that point. I don’t think he deserves to lose his education over that. 

I find it highly ironic that an MP had this to say:

Just a few weeks ago, I was being told that a term used by one of his colleagues – ‘nigger in the woodpile’  – was just from back in the day and that outrage over the word was political correctness gone mad. 

Now… an opinion is ‘racial hatred’. Y’all need to make your mind up.

Or is it that certain people can say what they want and to hell with the rest of us? 

Let me know.


11 thoughts on “The R Word

  1. I would argue that calling all “white people” racist is virtually the definition of racist. The skin complexion of the person uttering it doesn’t matter.

    You are lumping an entire category of humanity whose sole commonality is their skin color into one “race” and universally condemning them with a vile epithet, one that is clearly untrue.

    A racist is any person who puts color of skin above content of character.


    1. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone because I can’t comprehend that logic at all. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

      The term ‘racist’ is not an epithet. It’s not necessarily meant to be used as a degrading term, but a way of describing someone with a particular belief. Nor is there any evidence that it’s clearly untrue. Racism is a belief. There’s no way of knowing if someone is racist until they do or say something. I just read a story about someone being called the n word by their neighbour of 10 years. I’d say that’s racist, but that person had no idea for ten years.
      That’s a really vague and incorrect way of describing a racist. IMO, a racist is someone who thinks that they are superior to other races and they use abusive/oppressive language and or behaviour in relation to any race they see as inferior. There’s a difference between prejudice and racism. What this student said is prejudice. At no point does he imply that he believes he is superior in any way, nor does he want to oppress white people.
      Calling a group of people racist is not racist. The term ‘racist’ isn’t racist. It doesn’t seek to demean anyone based on their race. Racists don’t have a ‘race’.

      I get the sense that the main issue here is the definition of racism and whatever understanding one has of it. If someone was to say that black people are racist, I’d have to ask for the context, but that’s not a racist statement.

      I once watched this Tom Hardy documentary where he went to Africa, was told that the people in that village weren’t really fans of white people and he [Tom] said that was racist. Now his statement was misinformed, somewhat rude and inappropriate but it [what he said] wasn’t racist.

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      1. Well, IMHO you’re wrong on that. But of course, you are completely free to disagree and I’ll still respect you and be your friend. 🙂

        “Racist” IS an epithet. This is because racism is considered a legitimate moral scourge. (These things change. In the 1950s, “communist” was the worst thing you could call someone. “Racist” would barely have raised an eyebrow.)

        During almost any discussion of racial affairs over here, it quickly degenerates into one side screaming “racist” at the other. It is a very nasty word and more than a few careers have been ended with it The punishment is by public opinion without benefit of trial. If people think you are a racist, (and you’re not in a racist community) people will treat you just one step above a child molester.

        The act of lumping a race (and races are artificial constructs for the purpose of creating “us” and “them”) together rather than dealing them as a diverse set of individuals is the virtual definition of racism. So IMHO, the person who says “All whites are racists.” is him or her-self, racist and a nasty sort. (But I also understand one has the right to be a nasty sort and there is no right not to be offended.)

        Now there are theorists who hold it is impossible for anyone but a white person to be a racist. They think that the long history of oppression of blacks exempts them from this sin. This is, of course, balderdash. But they have taken over the sociology departments of many universities so obeisance to this point of view is usually required or you will be called a racist and ostracized.


        1. I find that viewpoint somewhat offensive. Clearly you haven’t experienced any genuine racism, because you’d know the difference. The fact that some people read the statement ‘all white people are racist’ and jumped straight to ‘that’s racist!’ without caring for the context or why it was said is indicative of the problem. However, I came across some white people who don’t have that viewpoint and that gives me some hope.

          Racist is used to describe behaviour, actions and words. By that logic, sexist is an epithet, misogynist is an epithet and so on. It’s a nasty word to YOU but to many of us, it’s a reality. So if someone called me a ‘black bitch’ and I called them racist, that’s not okay? That’s offensive to them somehow? That logic doesn’t hold any weight. It’s not a word that is supposed to make anyone feel good. That’s the point. However, declaring it to be nasty and an insult is a form of oppression in a way. You can’t just invalidate a viewpoint that paints you in a negative light without examining it first.

          The problem with your argument is that there’s no smoke without fire. If someone is called racist it’s usually because they’ve said or done something. If their career is ruined then maybe that’s what needs to happen for people to realise that saying certain things is not okay. One step above a child molester? You can’t be serious. That’s just hyperbole.

          The virtual definition of racism is simplistic and not complex enough to base an argument on. You can’t just look up racism in the dictionary and use that for every situation. I’m sorry that you think that way, but I don’t need a lecture on the definition of racism. Anyone who does that automatically invalidates what they’re saying because clearly you don’t understand. I can’t expect someone to empathise with something they haven’t experienced. And if you think that ‘all whites are racist’ is racist, you obviously haven’t experienced racism.

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          1. I am so sorry to have offended you. I am an idiot. I should not be blathering about things which I have no experience of. And a yank has no business lecturing the British on ANYTHING.

            You are quite right and I am the lesser person for my off the cuff comments.

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            1. Oh hey fellow YANK..
              Guess what? I lecture Brits all the time…and I live in the UK. Why do I lecture? Because I can. Yup. But like we say back home: opinions are like a**hole*…we all have them.

              You have opinions. Cool. Ditto. Just be a bit more careful when you wield and thrash them about. Ha…now I am not only lecturing you…but am giving you my opinion too. Check it- its not for me to tell you off- this aint my post/ blog…but…I just could not help my self. have a great day.

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  2. However, I believe he has a perfect right to say what he did and not get expelled. Freedom of speech is not needed to protect politeness. He convicts himself and that is enough. I suppose in the UK rights don’t mean what they do here.

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    1. We don’t have the amendments or anything like that. Plus people have been jailed over tweets here (I think) . So it’s awkward. I agree that he has a right to say what he did. In an ideal world, we’d gloss over it and focus on more important things, but someone with an agenda pounced on his tweets and created this situation. That in itself is another story, but one we won’t talk about. The UK doesn’t do self-awareness very well.

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    2. Oh hey…me again. Erm…freedom of speech you say? We dont have amendments here in the UK. Further the UK does not have a written constitution like back home. I mean…neither does Israel or New Zealand. So…no Constitution…no amendments. Freedom of speech is tricky- sure, people can say whatever they want but…they need to ”mind’… that being said the British press is insane- some papers say what they want…then editors find themselves in the High Court. Yup. Recently..a Lord or Baron…not sure which…landed gentry type expresses his opinion via a Tweet…and it went down like a lead balloon…it did not go well. He too found himself at the Magistrates Court…anyway…freedomnif speech is tricky…or can be. Yup.

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  3. Yeah well, I agree with you on that. Racism is such a juicy and politically charged subject here, it NEVER gets glossed over. Might even result in riots, arson, and murder. But then we’ll do that just because the local team has won the championship.

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