10 ‘Our Lady Peace’ songs that everyone should listen to!

So, a friend and I were reminiscing about Our Lady Peace and given that I actually know where my old iPod is for once, I had their songs at hand and as I was scrolling through it I realised that these songs will always be classic (well to me at least). Teenage me used to bump OLP on a daily basis. I still listen to Innocent regularly because it’s one of my favourite songs of all time. FSOAT (I don’t think that’s going to catch on).

Here are the ten songs! I added lyrics just to pad the post, but whatever, OLP know how to break it down for everyone. Their lyrics are practically poetic.

I’m too lazy to link to anywhere… but OLP are on the usual places. YouTube, Spotify… and so forth.

1. Innocent

Oh, Tina’s losing faith in what she knows
Hates her music, hates all of her clothes
Thinks of surgery and a new nose
Every calorie is a war

2. Made of Steel

You wanted a hero tonight
Well I’m not made of steel
I’m not made of steel
But your secret’s safe with me

3. A Story About A Girl

Baby girl, stand up and fight
This is not some paradise
It’s just where we live
Finally you think you’re alright
Then it eats you up alive
You better get used to it

4. Not Enough

There’s nothing you can say
Nothing you can do
There’s nothing in between
You know the truth

5. Somewhere Out There

You’re falling back to me
You’re a star that I can see, yeah
I know you’re out there
Somewhere out there
You’re falling out of reach
Defying gravity, yeah
I know you’re out there
Somewhere out there

6. Angels/Losing/Sleep

It’s like the calm before the storm
You better swim
Just like it’s cold before it’s warm

7. Life

How many times have you been pushed around
Is anybody there, does anybody care
And how many times have your friends let you down
Is anybody there, did anybody stare
And how many times have your friends let you down
Just open up your heart
Just open up your mind

8. Sorry

Today’s a reason for living
Today’s the blood from a stone
Today’s the light from a candle
Helping us to find our way home
Today we carry each other
Today the past is a freak
Today is the time for forgiveness

9. Are You Sad?

Are you sad?
Are you holding yourself?
Are you locked in your room?
You shouldn’t be

10. Clumsy

And maybe you should sleep
And maybe you just need, a friend
As clumsy as you’ve been

Special mentions:

  • Do You Like It
  • One Man Army
  • Where Are You
  • Never Get Over You
  • Love And Trust

You know what? Do You Like It is too good for a special mention. It’s number 11.

11. Do You Like It

It’s too little too late
Well I can’t escape
So beggin’ you please
I changed all the things that you told me to change

Thank you and goodnight.


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