Maybe it’s time to let white people say the ‘N-word’*

This was in the news here yesterday. 

Conservative MP Anne Marie Morris has been suspended from the Conservative party after she was taped using the phrase “n****** in a woodpile” in a discussion about Brexit.

These days whenever I hear that [insert white person with some kind of public role] has said the word nigger (at this point, why bother using asterisks?), I always chuckle to myself. 

Not because it’s funny but because we [black people] know that white people say it behind closed doors. We know that white people won’t be happy until they can say the word whenever they want without any repercussions. Slavery wasn’t enough. The Jim Crow era wasn’t enough. They want to take the word back. 

You guys can have it. Seriously. Say it all you want, and if there’s some blow back, know that you knew what you were signing up for. Maybe we can brand the letter R on the hands of all the white people who want to say it. 

People are saying that nigger in a woodpile is an old fashioned term and that it’s inoffensive. Yeah, now (and that’s HIGHLY debatable). Back then it obviously had a wider connotation. Either way, it’s still a phrase that needs to be left behind. However, if you’d like to say it, I have my R brand ready for you. 

Anyway, my tongue in cheek suggestion aside, there’s been the usual response. 

  • Why are these people so offended?

Excuse me? Who are these people that you’re referring to. Black people? Why are black people offended at the use of a historical term that was used to denigrate them? And that aside, I personally wasn’t. I can’t think that too many of us are. Unsurprised, that’s for sure. 

  • These people have come and taken our jobs. We should send them back to where they came from. 

LOL. Lazy response. Do better. 

  • Black people often use the ‘N’ word about themselves

    What’s your point? It’s been explained to the death why it is that some black people use the word. I used to take the Oprah stance on the word before I realised that black people have earned the right to take back the word if they please. I don’t look down on anyone that says it. Unless you’re not black. If you’re white you can’t say it. Simple. There’s no magic sparkle that happens when you say it. I promise you. 

    • PC in this country has gone so far we have disappeared up our own arse.

      This is always the default response people have when they’re told off for being offensive idiots. It’s not PC gone mad, it’s just that you’re still a dick. Deal with it. 

      • They call us names too

      Really…how many of ‘them’? And do they have the same historical connotation and racist background? No? I didn’t think so. 

      I can’t think of anything more tiring than debating whether or not white people can say nigger when the answer is glaringly obvious. 

      Stick to saying it behind closed doors. 

      Or maybe don’t say it all. 

      (*just to clarify – I’m being facetious.)

      25 thoughts on “Maybe it’s time to let white people say the ‘N-word’*

      1. great post. When I heard this oh so interesting piece of news yesterday…my mouth fell open like a cod fish. I mean…whaaat? The BBC did not spend that much time on it but Channel 4 did…of course they did. I then wondered if this had happened back home…what would have been the ramifications for this politician? Of course, they would be suspended WITH pay. Good grief.

        Knowledge is power….but this particular MP does not have any clue whatsoever of any knowledge as far as I can see. How sad that her memory does not serve her or that she does not know history…I mean…slavery, Jim Crow, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr….I could go on, but I think you get the point.

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      2. It is a word that offends me deeply. I don’t think that there is a shortage of epithets in the world, but I don’t see the need for it, either. I get that there is power in taking back a hateful word and making it your own (gays owning Queer, for instance). But when people use any of these words —without the power of owning it— it is only meant to be hurtful.

        My parents (both lawyers! Gawd help me!) gave me a lot of instruction with vocabulary and manners. I remember being told at some point that the words you choose define who and what you are.

        Bigots gotta be bigoted.



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        1. I agree with all that you’ve said. In an ideal world, I’d say that we should outlaw its use completely but for that to happen, both sides have to be in agreement. Considering that black people aren’t even seen as equal to certain people, that won’t happen any time soon.

          Yes, for all of the excuses about why they say the word, they never seem to be able to accept that it’s not and will never be meant in a nice way. Especially the ‘if they say it, why can’t we!’ crowd. They want free license to insult people.

          Your parents gave you very good advice! There are ways to talk to people without using certain phrases, but some people just don’t care.

          Thx for the comment!

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          1. It saddens me how some people behave. At first I thought, I can’t re-blog as a 50 something year old white woman, what do I know? And then I thought oh but I have to re-blog. This message needs to be heard. Silence is acceptance and I can’t accept this. You are gifted Snark my friend. Keep telling it like it is!

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            1. Reblog away, my dear. It means something to me at least! I don’t think any black person is asking for white people to constantly be apologizing or walking on eggshells. In my case, so long as you listen and try to understand, that’s cool. One of my oldest friends told me last year that she didn’t understand racism and that she didn’t really have the time to learn about something that would never affect her…so she stays away from such topics. Now maybe I could understand that, but that was part of an apology for something else that she said. I’ve spoken to her twice since then. I don’t have time for someone who doesn’t care. Anyway, that’s a long winded way of saying thank you so much for the reblog, lol! 💜

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              1. You keep writing and I’ll keep sharing! All we have is time. Take the damn time to learn. Lots of folks walking around in a bubble out there. Part of me wants to take a pin and pop it 😂

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      3. Reblogged this on Anna Cottage and commented:

        I am reblogging, because we are all far too sensitive these days. One wrong word and one is called Racist. What the MP in the House of Commons said was a saying and I just waited for all those here in the UK, when I heard the report to jump on their damn PC Wagon, and they did.

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        1. One ‘wrong’ word? ‘Sensitive’. Okay. I’ll get to that in my reply to your actual comment. And who called her racist? I didn’t. Although, if someone is using such an archaic term, one has to wonder what else they’re capable of saying.

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        2. One wrong word? Yikes. This is not my post…therefore not my place to comment. But…whatever. here I go…

          One wrong word? Far too sensitive? PC wagon? Kindly cast your mind back…to history. Thanks. In Washington DC ( and yes, I know this is UK) Jim Crow laws affected us- and not that long ago, mate. Black and White people drank from separate water fountains, sat in different parts of the bus…know much about Jim Crow? I invite you to educate yourself. Maybe see a documentary…or perhaps read a history book. When you manage to do this…and I hope you do…we can then talk about racism, PC, wrong words et al. But for now…let’s not chat. I have no time for ignorance. Like the character said in the movie Friday: ‘Bye Felicia’.

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      4. I cringed a little. I don’t want it. ALL cultural and racial epithets should be banished from all languages. I cringe when I hear those who feel “entitled” to use them, like a badge of honor or a joke or something, and I cringe even more when I hear those who shouldn’t ever feel superior enough or humorous enough to be entitled to use them. They are used to show derision, hatred toward others, arrogance, or historical ignorance, and they’re never funny. But that’s just one man’s opinion. ~DM

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      5. Having heard the comment, I waited for all those here in the UK to jump on the band wagon and shout Racist, as they did. I am in my 60s so look back on a different time, to a time when people like my Father and Mother did not start protesting when they were told PADDIES GO HOME, or my lovely “Auntie” next door who was German was referred to as a Nazi by some, she no doubt put up with it, or Mr Miller across the Road was referred no doubt on the Docks where he worked as, do I say the word or just put what all want the N word, he also took abuse as well did his Wife for being a Mixed Marriage. The point I am making is, we are all too obsessed with PC. Do we Whites start shouting Racist when we are called White Bastards, Honkies etc. For heavens sake what is wrong with people, watching what one says. Yesterday’s comment was a comment and the MP should not have been put out of the House. Tolerance works BOTH WAYS not One. I am sick to death of all the do gooders all those with their PC watchdogs.

        Its not a case of saying the right or wrong word, its a case of getting along together. In this Country, we have been far too tolerant, people have come in they refuse to obey the Laws of the Land, if we went to their Country we Would Have To Obey The Laws. People come here are not prepared to live amongst their neighbours, they drive people out buy up the properties and then you have a situation like many Towns in the North etc. People don’t like the truth, they soon shout Racist. I Voted Brexit to come out of Europe and have been called a Racist. The Town I live in has been called Brexit Land, pathetic. The suggestion being all are White and all hated all those that are Black or Brown – dear dear I have said Black, now that will be the wrong thing to say!! People have become pathetic.

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        1. You are correct in many of the things you say here. There is no shortage of evil words tossed around. My wife is Jewish and she could tell you few. I am of German ancestry and there was a time when that would have drawn nasty names.

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          1. I grew up in England in the 1950s. I had an “Aunty” next door she was a German Lady and the most beautiful woman to date that I have ever seen. Because she Married a British Officer and came to England, as a Child I still recall the feelings of hatred for her, mainly the Women who were jealous of her Blond Hair Blue eyes and I realized later her fabulous figure. Even my own Mother had a few things to say, but my Father thought she was “Grand” and loved her for what she was a lovely generous person. She obviously took a lot of abuse but never answered back she had decorum. Shame we don’t have that today. Across the road from us lived Mr and Mrs Miller, Mr Miller was Black and his Wife, yes she was White and I am sure they went through hell but to me he was just lovely Mr Miller.


        2. First of all that’s part of the problem. You are in your sixties looking back to a different time. That was then and this is now. Back then, people didn’t speak up because they didn’t want trouble. Back then being black was seen as problematic and black people were not afforded the respect that they deserved. With all due respect, ‘Paddies go home’ and being called a Nazi are very different to being called a nigger. I think you know that, though, so I’ll continue.

          Now, you seem to long for a time when people seemingly didn’t get offended but what you don’t know is that black people have been enabling white people for far too long. We don’t say anything because we know that our jobs are on the line. Our money, our lives. So Mr Miller was just taking it on the chin, he was just smart enough not to say anything. That doesn’t make it right. You don’t get to say the word just because you feel like it and we don’t have to take it anymore. You don’t like being told you’re racist, but how about being treated like shit by society because your skin is dark? Would you prefer that?

          I am not obsessed with PC. I’m obsessed with common sense. If you call me a nigger, I’m not going to smile at you and give you a high five. Nor should I. Political correctness is basically having enough manners and common sense to avoid hurting anyone – intentionally or unintentionally. It’s not stifling your free speech in any way. You are not free to say any kind of insult or racial epithet without any rebuttal. No, ma’am. No black person that I know has ever called white people Honkies (I’ve never heard of this until this week) or White Bastards. No one. It’s not a competition where racism is equal on both sides. Your assertion is disingenuous at best. Tolerance works both ways? So, black people should tolerate hearing a word that demeans them in order for white people to tolerate them? Don’t need that kind of tolerance, thanks.

          You’re sick of being rightfully called out for your deep rooted prejudice. The sooner you realise that, the better.

          Oh dear. Your last paragraph would actually offend me if it wasn’t right out of the Lazy Racist Stereotypes handbook. How many black or POC do you actually know? Do you have any as friends? Or as you just basing that on whatever you’ve read? Where’s your evidence to back up your claims?

          My parents moved here and they have obeyed the law. They’ve never been to prison. They worked hard to provide for my family. Same with other family members. Now, if your issue is that POC don’t seem to want to mix with you – read your last paragraph. That’s why you feel like that.

          You think that ‘these people’ should obey the law (more so than British people it seems) and immediately befriend all white people, stay hidden in a corner somewhere, never buy their own houses and be at the mercy of white people? Are you under the impression that people come here solely for fun? They come here to have a better life. Often, they will be the sole provider for their families back home. They work hard to get jobs – often low paid jobs, and they study hard to make something of themselves. So, sorry, but they don’t come here to integrate with you. Especially when they will be sneered at and accused of being spongers and/or taking all of the jobs.

          Many of the black people in the UK have family members who fought in the army, or who came here because the Government freely encouraged it. Now because people like you need someone to blame for the growing social/class divide, they have to feel like this is no longer their home. I’d say belittling other people out of some kind of misguided anger is what’s pathetic.

          I’ll also tell you a story about when I lived in a place that actually voted for Brexit. Very nice area. Mostly white population. Very uncomfortable experience. Not only was I stared at in the street, I was ignored by locals, people would give me strange looks like I was about to rob them through osmosis. People there were also fond of yelling abuse at Muslims. Why would any POC want to live amongst that? If you want people to live amongst you, you have to be open to it and you have to be a decent person. Apparently, that’s easier said than done.

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      6. Without the footnote, who knows how many people would have taken you seriously?

        Who knows how many people have taken you seriously, despite the footnote?

        Wish we could all just get along without using nasty catch-all terms whose only possible purpose is to insult! Whatever word you use (and they do change over time) insulting a person’s heritage is just a shortcut to hate.

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        1. Well, given that certain people think that they can say the word whenever they want, the answer is quite a few.

          I completely agree. Insults are bad enough, but the second you bring up race, it’s becomes something else entirely. I just resent this growing trend of ‘PC gone mad’ because it means that there are people who happily insult other people just because they feel they have the right to. It’s shameful.

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      7. I find that word disgusting. Though, I am not opposed to hearing it from my friends or in some of my music. Black people have beyond earned the right to use whichever colloquialisms they wish. Black history is an embarrassing blight on America and anywhere else in the world in which they were marginalized, colonized, or denigrated and used as slaves.

        Words / terms do matter. Whether we are just repeating a phrase someone else said or not. We had the same stupid argument here in the States last year during our election year. It was just as disgusting to see the sheeples and the talking heads try to justify themselves. Embarrassing.

        I loved this article. ❥

        P.S. You’re black? I had no idea! Heh. Remember when I thought you were a white guy? lolz, oh the joy of the internet.

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        1. It’s interesting to hear differing opinions on whether or not black people should say it. I’m with you in that they’ve earned the right. Plus, if they stopped saying the word, there’s nothing to say that non-black people would do the same.

          One of the most surreal things to me in recent years was the CNN debate on which word was worse ‘cracker or n word’ during the Trayvon case. If you have censor one word, that’s your answer! One thing I’ve learned is that there are certain people out there who think that their privilege in life means that they can do and say whatever they want. It’s sad.

          Thank you for reading! My apologies for the late reply! 💜

          Lol, yes, I am! Haha, I remember! Two more people have mistaken me for a guy since then! I still find it hilarious 😂😂😂



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