stupid and senseless: don’t pizza lecki off

It’s the General Election Day in the UK! Apparently the Conservatives are on course to win…

…and if they do I will probably join the circus. It was nice knowing you all!
It’s also Comey Testifies Day in the US! And World’s Oceans Day. And… World’s Brain Tumour Day (I didn’t know that!)

It’s also I need a break from politics and shitty life day.

So, I’m going to revisit my favourite person who I have neglected of late due to apathy and having better things to do.

Here’s a post about Jared Padalecki being stupid.

Now I want pizza

Long story short: Jared ordered food using Favor. It didn’t turn up. He got pissed, huffed and puffed and took his complaints to Twitter.

I have no idea what happened past that his food didn’t show up, and he was annoyed.

Somehow he got talking to customer service and this tweet happened:

Dearest @ Favor “Kobe” at customer support needs to be fired. I’m sure he’d land happily with @united.

First of all dearest? What is this a greeting card? A letter to a long list friend? How courtship began in the 1950s? How do you waste seven out of one hundred and forty characters on dearest? His Twitter game is all the way off. Personally, I would have gone for a succinct ‘Yo’ or ‘Oi’. There’s passive aggressiveness and then there’s concision. The latter is more important.

Also, why – why – is he posting this person’s name on Twitter? Hasn’t he learnt? Oh, that’s right. Dude doesn’t give a fuck.

The tweet was posted (and deleted) in April. I didn’t see it back then, although, I did hear about it. I didn’t realise he straight up said the dude needed to be fired. For something that’s probably not his fault. And the ‘land happily with @united‘. I can’t work out what that was.

He wants Kobe to be violently mishandled off or onto a plane or just in general?

Or he thinks Kobe will land a job at United due to his poor customer service skills?

Or he’s just an idiot who really didn’t need to bring up United at all?

Correct answer wins a prize.

I saw the Pada Defense Warrior League hard at work. They insisted that Jared would never wish violence on anyone and that he felt horrible about what happened to the man on that United plane. And that he was within his rights to complain, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Something tells me that Jared felt more vindicated than horrible* when he saw that video. He was probably thinking, “THIS IS HOW TERRIBLY THEY TREAT ME MINUS THE VIOLENCE AND STUFF!!!!!!!!!”.
Everyone on his contact list probably got that video plus an essay about his unfair treatment.

Dearest Friends, if you haven’t yet had an opportunity to see this disgraceful act, here you go. Much of this justifies my complaints over the years!!!!!! I mean, weather delays, being forced to check a bag and every other petty thing imaginable almost equals the severity of this video when you add them all up and take into account my pain and suffering!….

Jim Beaver was also going at it with some fan, claiming that Jared has a right to complain. People were surprised, but Jim Beaver is never the voice of reason. Ever. That dude has no sense. I know I should respect my elders but people like him make it hard

I’m sure Kobe is just fine, but I am truly disturbed (yet not surprised) that Jared has no problem belittling people in this way. I’m disturbed that so many people think this is okay.

He talks about treating people fairly and kindly but doesn’t do the same to people he deems unworthy. No one who works in customer service is paid enough to deal with the bullshit. Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing they can do, and customers getting pushy won’t change that.

On the flip side, yes customer support workers can be flippant and they shouldn’t be, but I probably would be too. You’re basically listening to people complain all day long. Sometimes as a human being (who breathes oxygen), you have to consider that the other person is just doing their job and that job doesn’t involve kissing your ass.

Like I’ve said before, the common denominator in Jared’s bad customer service experiences is him.

Anyway, if it’s alright for Jared to do it, I’m going to tweet the CW** and demand that they fire Jared because he’s annoying.

Hopefully he lands happily @ somewhere far away from any television screen.

*I’m joking, wildly speculating, opinion, didn’t happen, please don’t sue, or leave abusive messages etc etc. 

**Not actually going to do this. See above. 

13 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: don’t pizza lecki off

  1. Of course it’s dearest! How else can he show off his dramatic flair and love for the literary?! He’s our most intelligent and sensitive Saint Jared! The pope awaits.
    I don’t know why people keep saying the tweets were deleted. I found them easily enough. Scroll back to April 17. He also sincerely appreciates Favor’s apology. This was after he dramatically tweeted about uninstalling Favor from his phone. Screencap and all. Well, at least he didn’t post the guy’s pic/identifying information. Maybe he did learn something (Probably not). Lol
    There was also a fan screencap on google images saying Jared has been dragging multiple companies lately. Are they referring to the stuff posted here or has he pulled other stuff we missed?
    I don’t think customer service is his only issue. I’ve heard he was like this in school and on set. Who knows what his home/social life is like. Apart from Jensen, everyone looks worn out around him. I know fangirls love to use the defense of how when they met him, he was super nice/down to earth. They use a similar excuse for Jensen.
    I wonder where Jensen was in all this. Or what the kids thought. I wonder if the wives were there. Jared strikes me as the type to rant to family/friends for hours. My friends LOL@ how Jared is Dean (Gilmore Girls) in real life. It makes it hard to rewatch. I now picture Jared acting like that on a daily basis.
    Also, since that Ross-Faer works in customer service, I hope she screws up serving Jared one day. Let’s see her defend her idol then. Why is it no one is allowed to dislike Sam/Jared? Especially on tumblr? I had fangirls attacking me back in the day for disliking Sam. It was like I had no choice but to love him. Lol. Also, it’s getting childish? As in his lack of maturity is a new development? LMAO
    I always struggle to remember Jared is older than me, a husband and father.
    Also, WTH?! Jared and his wife attended an event to crack down on cyber bullying? LMAO!!!!
    Maybe one day you can have the best of both worlds snark. Jared could always run for office. 🙂


    1. Scroll back two months? Ain’t nobody got time for that. I just used Google. The tweet came up as deleted for me at least, but Twitter is odd like that. Saw the screencap tweet back in April, rolled my eyes and moved on.

      Well… twas over the phone so a name was all he got lol. He hasn’t learnt anything.

      Oh, Jared is always bitching about companies. It’s a regular occurrence. I don’t look at his tweets anymore, but I’m sure that hasn’t changed.

      I don’t really care what his issue is, I have little tolerance for rudeness. Jared is nice when you pay for his services. When it’s his dime, fuck being polite.

      Lol, I think the kids are probably too young to give a shit. I don’t know why he brought them up at all.

      Jared wouldn’t even make it past a preliminary round of any voting process. They’d just pull out a long list of his shitty tweets and it would be over. Unless he ran as a Republican.


      1. If it’s any consolation, I suffered greatly. I had to see his weird hairy face (What’s up with that anyway? He looks sickly/pasty and like his hairline is receding. It’s almost like his giant head is deflating or caving in). I had to watch him kiss ass fans and boast about his stupid charities. He wants an emmy. I don’t get how anyone follows him TBH.
        Maybe he wants to look like Daddy of the year. I hear they keep pimping out their new babies. LOL, all the bitches at SPN Gossip are especially bitter about the new arrivals.
        I’ve heard Jared’s liberal views are a front. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be conservative. Actors on these type of shows usually are. Alot of actors fake it to stay employed in Hollywood.
        Also, if a WWE star can get into office, anyone can. He’s already rubbing elbows with the Texan Senate.
        I wish this fanbase and the so called actors would tackle real problems with their platform/charities. You know, like world hunger, terrorism and the like. Instead they hypocritically focus on “bullying” and other stupid shit.


  2. Well Snarkie! You really should tweet the cw and demand he be fired. After all, he’s said at Cons he really wished the show would end. So you would be doing him a really BIG favor and he could go be with the Goddess Genevieve and the kiddos. You know how much he misses her. That why he out at bars in Austin at all hours of the night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They tried that with Misha. He’s still working there though. Unfortunately.
      He really said that at cons? LOL
      I wonder how the fangirls dealt with that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he talks passive-agressive about fans to their face. Especially since Supernatural spits in their face with those fan-centric episodes. I also heard he snidely referred to the CW as the pretty boy network. Talk about biting the hand that feeds. Doesn’t he realize his looks are the only reason he ever had a job? If Sam/Dean were fat and ugly (or looked like actual drifters), this show would be long gone/wouldn’t have such crazy shipping. There wouldn’t be any destiel or tinrats. There wouldn’t be any girls thirsting after J2’s dicks to psychotic levels.
      You’ve got to love the perfect family-fairytale romance narrative. Especially when they barely spend any time with them. If a man is really into you, he spends time with you. In fact, he won’t leave you alone (personal experience). It shows. He/you don’t have to broadcast it. Given Jared’s personality, I bet he’s a regular Edward Cullen. All they accomplish is tinrats/fangirls using this as hardcore proof of J2’s “homosexuality”.
      All this time I thought he got his drunk on in Vancouver. Lol. I’m surprised fangirls don’t stake out Austin bars. I bet the locals have stories.


      1. Funny story, I was reading an old JP interview days from his F13 days recently (found it in an email) and he more or less said that the CW is the Pretty Boy network etc. It’s not like they’re wrong, lol.

        Plus I don’t think they hired Misha for his looks tbh.


    2. Hey now, Jared’s just doing research for the bar that he co-owns/rents/small business owns/the wine he said he was making/whatever else. How dare you besmirch his name, AA! Shame on you LOL.


      1. Once Supernatural ends, that’s where you’ll find him. I can see him pestering patrons about the good old days when he was a BIG STAR! Lol
        I wonder if fangirls have found this place yet. I remember seeing some fangirls bitching about J2’s wives. There were talking about how their wives’ families were mooching off J2 and using their money to start up side businesses. Poor J2. What would they do without fangirls looking out for them?
        I shudder to think how this lot would run a business. None of them seem particularly bright. If bar/restaurant/whatever fails, they could always pitch it to Kitchen Nightmares. What an episode. Lol


          1. Maybe we can get Gordon to come back and do a special. The best part of that show was watching him yell at the clueless owners. Even if it was all staged, it was just so cathartic to watch. LOL.


  3. This makes my day. Since you’re really not going to tweet the CW then maybe I should.?!?? Of course I would have to learn how to tweet first 😂 Another good one Snark!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Are they up to Cumberbatch or Hiddleston levels yet?
        I wouldn’t be surprised if they have everything mapped out. Online and offline.



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