bad captions 

Bad Captions 

‘Cause I like to complain about everything. And I’m bored.

Not THIS kind of caption. Trump’s bad caption would be #TIFU #Covfefe #FakeNews.

I’m talking about social media captions. I’m not the best caption writer, but some people go overboard.

We’ve got:

the random quote

…. Thank you? Half of the time, the quote is completely unrelated to the picture posted. I don’t see what your face has to do with people finding themselves. Do the respectable thing and post a stock photo. Or your own quote. Or none of the above.

Self-written quotes

Look, if they were genuine and well thought out I would have no problem. But they’re always things like, ‘enjoy life’s beauty, daffodils, green, spring, flower, life is good!’ or something like that. Just a bunch of words that don’t make any sense.

Inside jokes 

I do this. Uh. Well, look, at least tag the person you’re joking with otherwise it just looks stupid. (coughs)

Random song lyrics

It hard to hold you when you movin vulgar/ Peace sign on your eyes like John Travolta/ My Pulp ain’t Fiction, it’s an addiction

terrible puns

I love BAD puns, but under relevant pictures. Okay fine, I might cringe but I’ll accept the bad puns.

trying too hard 

I’m guilty of this. Most of the time I delete the nonsense but occasionally, I slip up, as do other people. Usually they’ll either try to come across as witty and fail miserably or just write illogical words that don’t even make sense.


Why bother at all?

(ETA: Actually I saw one today that was kind of cute. The only problem is that I had to squint at it and slowly decipher what it meant emoji by emoji. And then I imagined the person taking the time to find each emoji, cringed, and wondered why they didn’t just write it out with words? Words don’t bite, son. They hug. I think.)

fifty fucking hashtags

#what #are #you #doing? One is enough, three is acceptable, any more than five and just. No. Evaluate yourself.

self promotion

Well, at least it’s honest.



  1. I’m probably guilty of some of these… but some of them also totally irritate me. Trying to hard… that one makes me cringe. I may even do that but I don’t know I’m doing it… so I’m allowed to be annoyed by it. Right? Right!

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