What a typo to be alive

I tend to get a bunch of news alerts while not on my phone, and one I got today was about the horrible terrorist attack in Afghanistan. The numbers I saw were 80 dead and 350 injured. I flicked through my news apps but it was buried under stuff about Trump and climate change, Macron, UK election news etc.

I went on BBC, just to see what else was going on and stumbled onto an article about what ‘covfefe‘ meant.

I was trying to kill time so I saw through it, my frown burrowing as the article got decreasingly funny.

If you haven’t heard about it, Trump sent out a tweet and Melania confiscated his phone halfway through it (look that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it). It ended abruptly on the word ‘covfefe‘ and in true pedantic form, the internet reacted.

It’s hilarious, right?

Not really.

I’m all for mockery but when it’s excessively gleeful for no real reason, it’s gone too far. Plus Trump doesn’t care.

Okay, maybe he does.

When asked about what it meant, Spicer quipped that only the President and a small group of people knew what it meant.

I’m just going to pretend that he was joking, but he’s been so ridiculous that no one knows if he’s joking so they’re pretending to take him seriously.

To go back to the tweet, it was a typo. And not even a particularly funny one.

Definitely not buy a t-shirt with it on funny.

Does anyone else ever have those moments where they realise why it is that the so called Western world has such an image problem? We’re the Kardashians of the world. Only interested in whatever serves us and not really bothered by anyone else.

We’re the selfish member of the band that would leave and never make it big, before gleefully rejoining twenty years later for the reunion tour.

We kind of suck.

And while I’m at it. I love how the media always marvel at the fact that a sitting President tweeting like this is unprecedented. Well, technically, he’s the second President you’ve had since Twitter took off and YOU PROVIDE HIM WITH THE MAXIMUM MEDIA COVERAGE PER TWEET. The same man the media have been calling narcissistic, egotistical, attention-seeking.

I can’t imagine that their coverage has added to any of those attributes…





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