Common Law (USA, 2012)

I just rewatched Common Law and I couldn’t find anything I’d written about it. Wait. Let me Google it before I speak on it. Nope. There’s diddly squat. I’m sure I did. I’ll look again after I post this.


TV has had its share of odd couples through the years, and odd couple is the best way to describe LAPD detectives Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell. Marks is a former juvenile delinquent and a maverick ladies man while Mitchell is a former lawyer who sacrificed his marriage to become a cop. The pair has a seven-year track record as two of the finest detectives in the department’s Robbery-Homicide Division, but the two have a problem — each other. When their bickering starts to have an impact on their work, their new-age captain sends them to couples’ therapy in an attempt to reignite the flame in their “work marriage.” Enter Dr. Ryan, a tough-as-nails therapist tasked with helping Marks and Mitchell understand and resolve their conflicts in order to enhance their ability to continue solving crimes.

Basically buddy-cop with a twist.

The buddy cop genre has been around for a while. There’s Rush Hour. Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours, Bad Boys (Bad Boys, what you gonna do!), 21 Jump Street.

Tango and Cash.

I haven’t seen that in years.

TV-wise, you have a few here and there. Like the Lethal Weapon show. I want to watch that but after Rush Hour, I need it to be on season 2 first.

Anyway, back onto Common Law. 

I don’t think they thought this tagline through.

I’m not even here to snark. I absolutely LOVED this show. It’s basically a cop procedural, but with the therapy sessions added in. That sounds kind of weird but it actually worked pretty well.
I think my favourite episode is the one where they have joint custody over a police dog. It was hilarious. They’re all hilarious. Even the episode where they play Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ was hilarious.

The only issue I have with the show is the last episode and that’s mostly because it’s the last episode (and it was exposition heavy but that’s okay, I’ll let them have it).

Anyway, they initially end up in therapy because Wes pulls his gun on Travis. We finally find out why in the last episode and this is all I ask from any show or story. I need to be able to read chapter one and the last chapter and see some kind of connection, otherwise, what’s the point? You don’t begin the alphabet with A and end it on some random letter. It should end with Z.

I can’t stand those shows where they drag out plots for multiple seasons when they don’t have the ratings to back it up and can be cancelled at any time. Or cliffhangers when renewal is unlikely. Keep your ridiculous ending to yourself and give us closure please! I’m an entitled fan and I DEMAND CLOSURE! I’m kidding but yeah, some writers have me screaming.

Verdict: 10/10. With only 12 episodes, it’s easily watched and I thoroughly recommend it!

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