My Discovery of Hick Hop

First of all, what the ever loving Reba Kid Rock Blake Shelton (all the country artists I know) fuck is Hick Hop?

Country rap is a subgenre of popular music blending country music with hip hop-style rapping, also known as hick-hop or rural rap.




Damn. Even the spelling of Georgia is offensive to me.

Also, this.

This is just wrong on every level.

Somehow, I stumbled upon the worst one of the lot. That video is so bad that I need wet wipes for my eyes.

Uh…I get that there’s a market for this (there must be), but why not listen to rap music as a whole? We all know that your riding horse euphemisms are the same as Drake wanting to do girls like a dream come true (or whatever he raps about). I guess yeehaws and moonshine references are needed in order for hick hop fans to accept rap music?

The YouTube comments are a trip. I think I saw one along the lines of ‘this is what good rap music sounds like’. That person has probably never heard actual rap music in their life.

I don’t have a position on white people rapping, at least not really. So long as they don’t adopt that horrible blaccent that so many of them do, I don’t care, I just won’t listen to it if it’s shit. And hick-hop is shit.

Each to their own, I guess*.

*I lied. If you like this garbage, there’s something very wrong with you.



        1. Lol @ ‘hideous twangy noises’. You know now that I think about it, just thirty seconds of those songs made me feel like I was trapped in an episode of the last season of Sons of Anarchy. I will forever be haunted by them.

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