He Ate The Best Chocolates

Hello snarklings!

Trump’s big boy trip threw up some more chance encounters. I think I read an article on USA Today that claimed that he had shown discipline on the trip and that the real drama would start as soon as he has access to FOX News again. Discipline? That’s like saying Tom is disciplined when he’s not chasing Jerry. But I admire their optimism. 

We have:

Multiple hand slaps

Melania wasn’t even playing on this trip. She came across as being so cold that they probably didn’t need an ice machine wherever they went. I’m sure she just blinked at water and voilà. Ice.


Trump is like that one person who’s just arrived at the bus stop but is determined to get on first. I love how he straightens his jacket afterward, like he’s done something really majestic.

Macron handshakes

Macron was pre-warned about the handshake, and he was READY. LOOK AT TRUMP TRYING TO PULL AWAY, LOL.

Tone deaf speech on Nato

Apparently, trade with Germany is very bad, but trade with the EU is good. Too bad that the US doesn’t trade with Germany individually because…they’re part of the EU. He also repeated his claims about members not paying their fair share. Hmm, the irony.

The Pope looking like he’d rather be anywhere else

Can we blame him?

when your prom date turns out to be an egotistical douchebag

Melania looking like she’s five minutes away from bailing at all times

I know I’ve mentioned her anyway, but I saw some signs about jokingly saving her. Why would we do that?


The Belgian daily Le Soir reported that while eating “a lot” of “the best” chocolates, Trump revealed to prime minister Charles Michel that his frequent criticisms of the EU were due largely to his personal experiences trying to set up businesses there.
“Every time we talked about a country, he remembered the things he had done,” one source told the paper. “Scotland? He said he had opened a club. Ireland? He said it took him two-and-a-half years to get a licence and that did not give him a very good image of the EU.”

….I don’t even have anything to add. It’s just a farce.

Meanwhile in the UK, obviously this week there was a horrible terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert. Twenty two people dead, with the youngest being only 8 years old. Many more were injured and it was just awful overall. My heart goes out to anyone affected by what happened. ❤

As you may know, the UK is in the middle of election campaigns but all parties paused their campaigns for a few days this week out of respect.

Now, you’d think that they’d all reflect on what happened and try and come up with at least the beginning of a solution but nope.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, gave a speech in which he said:

Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries, such as Libya, and terrorism here at home.

That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. Those terrorists will forever be reviled and implacably held to account for their actions.

But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people, that fights rather than fuels terrorism.

Protecting this country requires us to be both strong against terrorism and strong against the causes of terrorism. The blame is with the terrorists, but if we are to protect our people we must be honest about what threatens our security.

That sounds pretty reasonable to me and I’m not a huge fan of Corbyn.

In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil, Mr Corbyn repeated his claim that terrorism was partly caused by “the consequences of our interventions in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya”.

Is he wrong? Perhaps the timing is off but when is the best time to address terrorism? You sort of have to address it constantly. It’s not like there’s a cooling off period. It might not win Corbyn any supporters, but it’s a lot better than Theresa May’s empty rhetoric about not being divided, blah, blah etc.

Now, instead of May to take the high road and either not comment or agree, she had this to say:

“I’m going to be very clear about what has been said today.

“What has happened is I have been here at the G7 working with other international leaders to fight terrorism.

“At the same time, Jeremy Corbyn has said that terror attacks in Britain are our own fault – and he has chosen to do that just a few days after one of the worst terrorist atrocities we have experienced in the United Kingdom.

“I want to make one thing very clear to Jeremy Corbyn, and it is that there can never be an excuse for terrorism, there can be no excuse for what happened in Manchester.

“The choice that people face at the general election has just become starker. It’s a choice between me, working constantly to protect the national interest and to protect our security – and Jeremy Corbyn, who frankly isn’t up to the job.”

I love that last part. How is jumping off what Corbyn said and using it to promote herself any better?

If that wasn’t bad enough, the entire Conservative Party rushed to condemn Corbyn…without realising that they’ve more or less been saying the same thing for years.

My favourite part was when the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was baited into disagreeing with a comment made by Boris Johnson (idiotic Foreign Minister) after the the 7/7 bombings.

Presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy read out a quote to Mr Fallon: “Isn’t it possible that things like the Iraq war did not create the problem of murderous Islamic fundamentalists, though the war has unquestionably sharpened the resentments felt by such people in this country and given them a new pretext?”

Mr Fallon thought this was a comment from Mr Corbyn’s speech and went on the attack: “Well they are not entitled to excuses.”

But he was left dumbfounded when he found out they were actually words from an article by Boris a week after the 7/7 bombings in 2005.

Mr Guru-Murthy said: “Those are actually the words of Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary.

What a bunch of hypocrites.




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