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The Girl That Hates Everything | Official Lyric Videos

I know that this seems petty but is nothing sacred anymore? There was a place for lyric videos. That place was YouTube and the creators were people like you and me. People that had a fondness for a basic black background and Comic Sans font. Or occasionally, backgrounds and fonts that clashed violently. Still, that’s what was so fun about lyric videos. Someone sitting down to take the time to put it all together simply because they enjoyed the song. Now the only thing people enjoy to do is post long forty minutes responses to viral vidoes, reality shows and other people’s videos. And talk about themselves. And troll comments. Or let you know that they’re watching in [insert calendar year here]. I always get the feeling that if aliens came down to Earth, they’d take one look at YouTube and never come back. 

Speaking of YouTube, it used to be so cool back in the day. There was an actual community and you could have proper conversations. That’s always the case before monetisation comes along and brings the fairweather crowd with it. Anyway, I digress.

Lyric videos used to be so simple (unless you encountered an enthusiastic video maker). There was nothing to gain from it and occasionally, artists and record labels would block them, but they served a purpose.

And then they found a way to make even more money from them.

Official Lyric Videos.

It even sounds stupid. It’s like me having an official diary. Well. Actually, that’s already a thing, but whatever.

I remember the first time I saw one. I was so confused. I was wondering if this was the actual music video? Some of these lyrics videos are so intricate that it’s hard to keep up with the lyrics. They’re never simple. They’re usually brightly coloured, with heavy graphics and rotated text and it just makes me feel like my brain is overloading. What is the purpose of the video if not to be able to hear the song and visualise the lyrics at the same time?

Plus, now they’re appearing on music channels. There’s no getting away from them.

Of course, there’s a reason why they’re so polished. They’re spending a lot of money on them. And the end result is an overprocessed glossy video that makes me yearn for Comic Sans.

Anything that makes anyone yearn for Comic Sans is not okay.

Not even a little bit.


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