Which one of you Googled this?

How dare you? He’s not mean! In fact, I am assured by his totally not biased fans that he is the nicest guy ever who happens to be mean occasionally. There’s a difference.

Note: This cracked me the eff up for some reason. I needed the laugh that day, so thank you random Google searcher. People search for the most random things.

Other noticeable terms are:

  • dean cain fuck you (because of this)
  • stephen amell shit actor (because it’s true)
  • I hate jensen ackles (uh…no comment)
  • LOTS of variations of ‘jared padalecki asshole’ (see stupid and senseless)
  • movie about a dog that becomes a killer* (hahaha)

Surprisingly, there are some that search for me by name. I’m known, y’all. I’ve made it in life. There’s a lot for ‘supernatural season 12 sucks‘ even though I’ve never posted about season 12. How’s it been? Crappy as usual?

I need to start being nice about people! People only end up here when they look up d-bags. I want some positive search terms like, why is X a good guy? Or X saves kittens from trees!

… meh, who am I kidding? Lol.

[*Why do people have SO MANY questions about Night Of The Wild? I barely remember the movie, let alone if the dog died. Plus, if there was ever a movie to leave you with no questions that you need an actual answer for besides ‘WHY?’ it’s this one. It’s hilarious, though.]

3 thoughts on “Which one of you Googled this?

    1. Twop reminds me of reddit. They always had once stance that they refused to budge from. I mean, Jensen can act (good emotional actor, subpar at character acting & it’s the reverse for Jared), but to hear them tell it, he’s the next Daniel Day Lewis. I don’t think so.


      1. I like to think it was Jensen.

        Just to be the jerky witch I can, I just googled Jared Padalecki mean asshole. I got you and a couple reddit posts.

        “Terrible actor and a terrible person, yet somehow still famous.”

        “Every anecdote I’ve ever heard of Jared has him being a complete cunt”

        “He is trash.”

        “The guy is a human being, he’s allowed to fuck up every now and again, its really not that big of a deal and it definitely doesn’t define the person he is. The same way you’re “short comings” and momentary lapses in judgement don’t define who you are.”

        I LOL’d and then rolled my eyes. There was also some mentions of Jensen being creepy with women. I don’t know if it’s cause twilight scarred me but it almost implied Edward Cullen behavior. Probably BS. If anyone were to pull that, it’d be Jared. Lol. Apparently Misha is really the angel who turned J2 from DBags to good guys. He’s like Jesus.
        Oh, any asshole things Jared does just shows what a flawed human being he is! It’s no big deal, you guys. This post and that reddit have convinced me! He’s here to save is!
        You’re known? Jared is onto you. But what’s a little doxxing between strangers. You’ll be in his phone soon.
        I wonder when he’ll be stupid and senseless again.



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