Throwback Thurfraturday

Well. Thursday is over (or almost over) but whatever. Today was just a Savage Garden kinda day! 

ETA: So, Thursday and Friday kind of passed me by, but still, lol! You could say that I’m Truly, Madly, Deeply Forgetful.

I hope that everyone has a good weekend! I can’t believe that we’re in April already. Damn



              1. Unrelated but guess who was my son’s English teacher in his senior year of high school? Hint we live in San Antonio Texas. Technically China Grove right outside San Antonio.


                  1. Yes! Lol! Very small world. Billy Bob and I had dinner with the kids tonight. Your blog name came up as I was playing Savage Garden songs for them. My daughter in law had their CD and is going to lend it to me. Anyway that when Pony says “his mom almost flunked me remember?” then Billy Bob jumps in and says “yeah we went up to her classroom she said there was a bunch of missing papers the classroom was all chaotic with stacks all over the place we went through and found all of his assignments he had turned a man she was the one that was on organize”. Making a long story short he passed her class with a B.

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                    1. Lmaoooo, that’s hilarious!! How can a teacher lose assignments (well… I suppose it happens. Along with questionable stains on returned work but I digress, lol! 😂). I’m glad that you guys found the papers at least and that he got a B! Lol! And yes yes yes to the Savage Garden CD! I might have a look in some bargain bins to see if I can find some of their albums. 🙂

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