How Did I Miss This Irrelevant News…

I was watching the Daily Show when this came up – apparently Rachel Dolezal has changed her name. 

Daily Mail reports that, last October, the 39-year-old has changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, a name so black it she shares it with a police brutality victim. Distancing herself from “Rachel Dolezal” might get her foot in the door with some employers, but it’s hard to forget that plantain-colored face. Phone interviews are probably still her best bet.

Nkechi Amare Diallo.

This woman has really lost her damn mind. You are white, lady. No Igbo (Nigerian) first name will change that. No fake tan will change that. No braided extensions will change that. She could buy stock in cocoa butter tomorrow and her whack ass would STILL be white. 

This is borderline insulting to anyone with a West African name. She honestly irritates the heck out of me. She needs therapy, not a name change. Ugh. Why are we even still giving her airtime? She needs to go and be ‘black’ far away from the public eye. 



  1. What is with all this obsession with race lately? I’m seeing it everywhere. These people have no grip on reality. So many people are saying you can choose your race/ethnicity now. Like WTF? Why can’t you just appreciate a culture? They have to go to the extreme. I notice they do it mainly with black culture (Though I’m seeing an increasing number with asian culture, particularly Korea/Japan). I see alot of pandering in books lately too. You would think we would appreciate people for who they are instead of reducing them to their skin color. It also makes me weep for all the persecuted minorities who don’t get this kind of attention. If she wants to feel persecuted, why doesn’t she read up on the Irish or Scottish? Or women? I know it’s not the same but still. I find it funny how all these non-ethnic people obsessed with race are ignorant and their knowledge doesn’t extend past popular culture. I never hear them talk about Africa, Martin Luther King Jr. or Harriet Tubman


    1. I have two theories. 1. The rise of social media and social justice warriors. With social media, we can see the disparity in how different races are treated and now have physical evidence. SJWs are…doing their bit but their message has spiralled out of control. Everything is now a social construct etc etc. Some white people then react badly and feel like they’re all being judged and suddenly everyone is an expert on race. I actually read the most bizarre article about Black Privilege on CNN recently. Apparently, Black History Month is offensive because white people don’t get a month besides the eleven they already do. Oh, and scholarships for ethnic students are a sign of privilege, as is being able to play the race card. Ridiculous.

      The decline of political correctness. People are now free to say what they want regardless of how it’s perceived and it’s lauded as ‘telling it like it is’. That brings out all of the old bigots who’ve been holding their tongues for years.

      It’s ridiculous really. You can’t choose your race anymore than you can choose your parents. I think it’s a privilege thing tbh. Appreciating the culture isn’t enough, they have to be the culture so they can feel enlightened or whatever. I don’t know. It’s gross that Rachel thinks tanning herself makes her just as black as the next person. She wants to cherry pick the ‘nice’ aspects while using her white privilege to evade the rest. Transracial, my ass.

      It’s a bit of a mixed bag really. I think that black people get this false sensitive label when they complain about appropriation, like they’re supposed to just sit there and think, ‘they want to be just like us, yay racism is over!’. Culture isn’t something that you can just buy, or borrow but people refuse to get that.

      Lol, non-ethnic people are good at sound bite activism. They’ll post quotes and share tweets, links etc, but there’s no real discussion from them. As far as they are concerned, it’s not their problem. The blame doesn’t lie entirely at their feet, though. There’s a lot of whitewashing of history in terms of education. Ethnic groups are always minimised to the background and the lack of respect only grows from there.



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