The New Edition Story (BET)

I finally got around to watching this and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. The acting was good, the music was good, the clothes, the authenticity of each time period was well executed, the Let’s Get Married (Remix) by Jagged Edge usage was on point (that song is my jam, I just heard it again for the first time in ages so I was super happy to hear it on the miniseries)!

Bobby Brown’s behaviour and the tension between the group wasn’t sugar coated. I think a bunch of new stuff was unearthed as well, but I was learning about them properly for the first time so it was just a really good biopic to me. I really liked the insight into the music industry that we got. For instance, after their first major tour they still had no money. They were dropped off in the projects and given a check for $1.87. That’s insane.

Watching the evolution of the group was really cool as well, even if they did a clumsy job of ageing them up from when they were in their late teens to their thirties. I also love how they recreated the music video. Ralph Tresvant’s Sensitivity video is hilarious to me, both the original and the recreation. Poison by Bell Biv Devoe was even funnier but still iconic. Speaking of BBD, it was also interesting to see how that came about. I also read that the other three members perform as a group too.

Unintended humour aside, they did a good job for the most part. I think my favourite scene was the recreation of N.E. reuniting for the BET 25th anniversary special. It was on point! Second favourite is the recreation of their awkward Soul Train interview. It’s even better when you see the original. Oh, the tension!

The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish it’d been longer. Three hours wasn’t enough!

Apart from that, it was so crazy hearing the songs. They all sounded familiar! Now I am not sure if it’s because I heard them back in the day (doubtful) or if it’s because they no doubt influenced a generation of artists who came after them. Candy Girl I’ve definitely heard. Telephone Man is my new fave, along with If It Isn’t Love. Obviously, N.E. music is perfect for me.

Apparently they’re reuniting (again) to make an album and tour so…I wish them the best of luck!

If you have a spare three hours – be sure to check this out!



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