Or rather, Fake Ass Bitches. This song is my new fave. I love JoJo. I still have her first album on CD somewhere. I’m glad to see that she’s back making music (not that she ever stopped but she couldn’t release anything officially due to a dispute with her record label).

Anyway, here’s the song! Feel free to send it to any fake ass bitches that you happen to know. 😂

Speaking of music, I fell into a YouTube black hole yesterday. It was basically old songs from the 2000s. It was a good time for R&B music. Even for the one hit wonders. I mean, remember Usher’s Confessions? Classic.

Even the Ja Rule/50 Cent beef remains vastly superior to that mess with Meek Mill and Drake last year (or wheneverbit was). I really don’t listen to new music much anymore. All of it sounds the same. It’s like they just pass around the same producers (looking at you, Mustard) and everything is a copy of the last song. Ed Sheeran also makes me want to stab myself with a disposable fork. He’s everywhere and it’s not okay. I actually liked his first album but he’s literally become a stereotype with a guitar now. Even his sleeve tattoos are tiresome.

I’m not even one of those people who write off entire genres (see: those who hate pop, those who hate R&B and those who hate rock and really want you to know about it), but it seems like all of them are suffering from a huge vacuum of talent. You get the sense that it’s all about hits, creating a brand and making as much money as possible.

So…I think I’ll stick to songs from twenty years ago. And also the Backstreet Boys because they never get old. Except for that terrible country song that they did. That got old after roughly thirty seconds. I’m still team #KTBSPA but their next album needs to be better than the last. They’re my only hope.

My Dumb Moment Of The Week is that I had no idea that Bell Biv Devoe were from New Edition. I was just watching the Poison music video and screaming at myself. To be fair, New Edition were before my time, but I’m a sista, I should know this shit.

Anyway, besides old tunes, I did finally try and listen to something new… ish. It’s an album called Hell’s Kitchen Angel by MAX (of YouTube and How To Rock fame – no shade, I watched all of How To Rock, lol). It’s not my usual bag, but initially, I had heard one of the ballads and it wasn’t bad, so for that reason I gave it a chance. It’s nothing special but it’s a good listen for some downtime or a long bus/train ride. One song that I actually really liked is 10 Victoria’s Secret Models.

Full disclosure – the last song I bought was by Rick Astley (say what you want but he can actually sing!) so yeah…I don’t pretend to have exquisite music taste. I wouldn’t want myself to DJ at a party. We’d go from Lionel Richie to Hasselhoff to Madonna to AC/DC to The Game. And then to the Milk & Cereal song. No joke. 😂



    1. Don’t feel old, feel blessed! Music was sooooo much better back then! I would have loved to have listened to N.E. in their prime 🙂

      So true! It’s amazing how many songs we ‘forget’ but remember instantly.



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