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Where has Thor’s hair gone? I saw this earlier and I was close to being as distraught as one can be over a fictional character’s hair. 

I saw Chris H saying some nonsense about being glad he didn’t have to spend as much time in the make up chair. Whaaaat. No. The hair was practically as powerful as the hammer. I think. 

Even if it takes five hours to style, the hair is Thor! 


I guess I’ll get over it eventually.


Moving on…. 

Happy Belated International Woman’s Day! 

We kick ass everyday, but hey, I’m all for a day of recognition! And I realise that I’m making us look bad with this slightly superficial post about hair. I’m sorry! 



  1. It’s the equivalent of if Kevin Sorbo had chopped off all his hair back in the Hercules days. Some hair you just don’t mess with. He doesn’t even look like Thor. I also think Hela/Hel looks bland. I hope this movie isn’t half-assed.

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    1. Yes! The hair maketh the man. Or something. He just looks like Chris Hemsworth cosplaying as Thor. So sad.

      I don’t think either of the movies have been that good. The first was…Not great. The second was marginally better but still mostly just okay. I only really watched for the hair (seriously). Now, I might just have to shed a single tear and half-watch it while doing something else, lol!



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