Can You Feel Something Without Touching? 

No, Mazda, you can’t. And why is this woman in her car with her eyes closed? How does this make someone want to go out buy the car? Why would you want to drive with your eyes closed? Why would you make a car commercial where the driver appears to be driving with her eye closed?! 

So many questions. 



  1. I hate those Mazda ads. All of them are beyond dumb. The voiceover drives me nuts and once I found out it was the guy from Breaking Bad doing the voiceover that made it worse. No one talks like that! Who made this decision? Why is the US dead set on trying to sell every one a car every 45 seconds?

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    1. Hey you!

      The voiceovers are so cringey… ick. Lol most car adverts are so silly. I suspect they know that people will buy them regardless so they just make dumb ads.

      Ha, because the car industry makes a ton of $$. From insurance, to gas, to road tax (not sure if you pay that over there). It all adds up… sigh.



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