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I can’t work out if it’s That or Who. Where’s a pedant when I need one?!

K, first of all – I have nothing against makeup — I love my matte lipstick. I love my silver eyeliner. I love my lipgloss, my mascara, my eyeshadows and well, you get the drill.

But sometimes I kind of hate it — and I guess I do have something against it. Whatever. My first line was an alternative fact, okay?

Most of time that I wear makeup it’s because I feel like I need to and that sucks. There’s nothing worse than getting ready on time (a major feat for me) and then I look into a mirror and go, ‘OH, HELL NO!’. My eyes look to puffy. The skin underneath them is too dark, the blemishes are too obvious – suddenly the flaws become too visible to ignore and I’m rubbing concealer on my face. And then concealer isn’t enough and then I have to apply foundation and then I have to tackle my non-existent eyebrows. Oh, no, no, no. This just isn’t on.

I first started wearing mascara at thirteen (I’d actually sneakily apply it on the bus or at school before I realised that my parents didn’t even notice!). I usually just stuck to mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipgloss and after a while I didn’t even bother anymore. I had really bad acne when I was younger (like really, really bad) so there are few residual scars. Generally, I don’t notice them but I think a few years ago I just felt like I looked extremely terrible so I would cake my face in foundation every day.

And then I’d spend the whole day blotting it or worrying about my face being shiny (if I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked someone if my face is shiny – I’d be too rich to care about this!) and it didn’t make for a pleasant experience. I did that for about a year before I realised that I didn’t really want to wake up half an hour early just to apply make-up or — reach my destination half an hour early so I could apply it in the bathroom. It just got too much and I realised that it wasn’t making me feel good about myself but worse. I also noticed that I wasn’t asked for ID when wearing makeup and I was like, what because I need my ‘you look young!’’ validation so badly. LOL.

So I ditched the make-up and only wear the full on foundation if I feel completely hideous. I used to make do with concealer but I can barely be bothered these days. I feel like I spend way too much time worrying about my makeup melting off than I do about my normal shitty face. I might as well just worry about my normal shitty face.

That being said sometimes there are days when I just need to look in the mirror and not see my shitty face staring back at me.

I have a feeling that I’m in the middle of a vicious cycle.

In terms of makeup on other people….well, first of all, I don’t want to judge anyone but I think there are some people out there who LITERALLY can’t go anywhere without make-up for whatever reason and that’s kind of sad in a way. I obviously understand that feeling but luckily laziness cured me of it. Still, I think so many people actually look better without makeup (or with less of it). Some people go a little overboard (okay so maybe I’m judging now). There are a lot of current trends that I don’t get. Contouring and all of that. Blusher is something that I will never get. I’m dark and I technically can’t blush, so…? I have worn blusher before but I felt like I looked like a clown almost. I just want to hide blemishes not completely re-shape my face or look like another person entirely.

I suspect that I just completely fail at this whole makeup thing anyway, so yeah, I’m happy to wear my lost cause hat for this one.


I actually need this hat



  1. ‘Who’ is more correct I think, b/c you’re referring to yourself (as opposed to a thing), but you can definitely get away with using ‘that’. They’re both technically correct. So you’re good. But ‘who’ is more correct if you wanted to get pedantic about it. Signed the Grammar Nazi.

    N.b. I’m as bad as Jared Padalecki when it comes to grammar nitpicking. Except I don’t take photos when people mess up & tweet them to a couple of million people. I just gnash my teeth & bitch about it to my boyfriend & friends, who nod politely & don’t care.

    And like Jared, I mess up my grammar all the time & am a ginormous hypocrite (he uses the word ‘myself’ incorrectly, a lot, in sentences. I’d love to tell him off for it).

    I use very little make up also – allergic reactions & yeah, I hate it when it melts off your face. Yick. I’m not a fan of it on me anyway. I get my eyelashes tinted & use lipstick, which I always immediately lick off.

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    1. Lol, you know I realised after that I basically corrected myself during the second ‘hates everything’ post. My laziness in changing the picture keeps throwing me off. 😂 Oh well.

      Yeah, grammar pedants tend to either make the same mistakes they’re quick to point out or drive themselves so crazy over thinking it that they miss a lot of obvious ones. I say this as a former know-it-all/pedant myself, lol! These days I just don’t care. Too lazy. It pisses too many people off and it’s just not very nice? Jared has way too much time on his hands. I’m not on a TV show or a parent but I still don’t have the time to be tweeting about random errors much less calling people out.

      I think that Jared thinks the fact that his mom is an English teacher means he’s some sort of expert on grammar but…No. Not even a little bit. Bless him, though. Pedantry is perfect for him.

      Boo to allergic reactions. I’m lucky in that I’m mostly not allergic to make up. The melting is the worst. I hate that super shiny look it gives you. Ick. Lipstick is awesome! Anything lip related is usually easy and quick to put on and reapply – which is good for me!


      1. Lol I’m so sorry. They’re both totally fine, you’re not even close to being in danger of humiliation by Padalecki tweet :p

        Yeah, apart from a couple of specific grammatical faux pas (that I won’t bore you with) that drive me nuts b/c they happen all the time, I don’t generally care. I do actually have too much time on my hands, as well as a perfectionist disorder, so I’ll blame that. And yep, it’s incredibly impolite & annoying. And hypocrisy is thy second name.

        Agree, pedantry suits Jared, the insufferable twat, perfectly.

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        1. LOL. You’re too kind. My blog is littered with errors. The worst kind to make. Who’s/whose and your/you’re etc but I just call it a side effect of having to perfect all of that in the RL when I was turning in papers and so forth. When you don’t edit or look over stuff, it happens 😎.

          I totally get that. I have my moments, like say when I’m reading something and take 20 mins to correct the grammar in my head until I realise that I’m just exhausting myself. Well, I mean, some people can do it nicely. But they make up a minute percentage of pedants. 😛

          It does. I imagine that he finds a newspaper or article and then wastes hours correcting them. Sigh. He needs to just chill out, lol.


  2. You should try facials. Applying plain yogurt, honey, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and coconut oil are a few products that work wonders for problematic skin (You have to see which treatments work for you. Everyone is different). I see so many girls with awful skin (and hair). They would rather hide the problem under pounds of makeup/product instead of fixing the problem. They also wear too much makeup. Social media has made it even worse. I was raised thinking that the trick was to look natural.
    Seriously, Jared attacks grammar now? Does he even have room to talk? Or was he losing an argument (Being a grammar nazi is typical when you have no comeback)? It’s as funny as when he tries to convince people he’s a well-read intellectual. Such a bookworm. Lol

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    1. I will! I use coconut oil, rose water and glycerin at the moment. The problem for me is that I get a PMS related breakout every few weeks so it’s a never-ending cycle!

      I agree that people hide behind makeup instead of fixing the issue. Although, sometimes the solutions are expensive and require time they may not have. Social media is… Insane. That normal girls doctor their pictures and then go through such lengths to look a certain way is so bad. Especially for younger people. Natural is the way to go, but apparently looking like a Barbie doll is all the range now…Sigh…

      Jared has always attacked grammar. He’s done it to fans, on Twitter, at cons etc. He has no room whatsoever! He stays making mistakes and jumbling his words. If he put as much effort as he does in being fake deep and well-read into his acting, perhaps he’d have made the jump from The CW to…whatever network ranks higher than the CW (but is lower than the others)…I guess we’ll never know what could have been, LOL.


      1. Natural remedies seem to work much better and are a fraction of the cost when you consider all the money people waste on expensive products. I swear honey is a miracle when it comes to acne. Just apply some on problem areas before bed and cover it overnight with a bandage. You’ll be so surprised by morning. Since this is a supernatural blog, now I wonder how bad the cast’s skin is. Especially J2. I know Misha is aging horribly. Fangirls can’t see through makeup and photoshop. Don’t get me started on Jared’s hair. Lol
        Everytime I think of Jared’s so-called acting and books, I remember his reading of Poe. Poor Poe. It’s obvious he leads a rather bored and empty life. I can’t buy into any of his crap. Whenever he talks, it just rings so hollow. I don’t know what his damage is but DAMN. It’s funny how he calls out grammar when his fanbase is basically illiterate and stupid. Just imagine a conversation with him. The few things on YouTube I’ve seen with him were nothing but awkwardness/cringey/stupid and I felt I was losing brain cells. And he always seems confused/scatterbrained. Yet something else Jensen should coach him in. I don’t get why fangirls talk about them like they’re twins.



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