stupid and senseless: focusing on the hard stuff

I was taking a break from compiling my Trump post when I stumbled upon this:

This isn’t particularly stupid or senseless but if felt wrong not including it in the title. 


Noticing the typo is one thing. Most of us would be like, ‘huh’ and move on, but okay. Taking a picture and trying to call CNN out on Twitter (all while having nothing to say about the very serious matter that they’re reporting on) is another thing. One might say that it says a lot about your character, but Jared’s got such a big heart that this was probably his subtle way of raising awareness. 

A couple of people called him out in his mentions, and typically the Pada Warrior Defense League were on hand to do their thing. 


3 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: focusing on the hard stuff

  1. I’ve honestly given up trying to explain away anything Jared does, lol… He’s done stuff like this before with CNN (there was some thing last Spring/Summer that he’d done pointing out some error on the screen) and a few others. IDK trying to figure him out makes my head hurt. And no comment whatsoever on the Pada Warrior Defense League 😉

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    1. Like my mother would say, he’s ‘confused’. That is the only explanation that I have. That and he likes attention and thinking that he’s smarter than everyone else in the room. He’s always trying to call out CNN. Can’t he just watch MSNBC or something else?

      His defense league will always be cray.


      1. This boy wakes up confused.
        Totally agree. Anything Jared does is for attention. He’s so starved. Anyone who thinks he actually gives a crap needs a reality check. Then again, I’ve noticed he has alot of brain-dead fans (with atrocious grammar/spelling). Ironic since their idol and his wife claim to be such INTELLECTUALS. You would think it would encourage them to pick up a few books. Or at least read outside fanfiction. I remember encountering a pack of fangirls. I thought they had to be teens. They turned out to be in their late-20s/early-30s. It was the kind of scary that reminded me of the twimoms. It can’t help having guys like Misha/Jared as role models for maturity. I seriously have a hard time remembering that they’re married men with families. At least Jensen knows to hide his shit. I still think he laughs at their expense though.
        There’s something special about Supernatural fandom. I can’t recall other big fandoms being this cray. Of course, that was before social media. I wonder if it’ll die down after the show gets canned and J2 lives exclusively at conventions.
        Jared should stay away from everything involving brains. Everytime he opens his mouth, all he does is look stupid and embarrasses himself (Full of LULZ since he’s as stupid as Sam is smart). What are the fangirls saying anyway?



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