The Real World: Trump Administration, Week 1.

So, to sum up the first week of this reality shit show:

There’s a National America Done Fucked Up Day

Lies by Trump’s surrogates will no longer be known as lies but as ALTERNATIVE FACTS

now with wiki page lmao

…otherwise known as delusions.

Legitimate news is hereby known as fake news.

The Wall™ is happening. Yes, billions of tax dollars will be spent on a wall as opposed to spending them on the people who pay the majority of that tax (hint: this group does not include Trump because he’s ‘smart’ and his friends are equally as smart. And rich.)
The Muslim Ban™* isn’t a Muslim ban, but you know, the priority will be Christian refugees.

People – including refugees – were being detained at airports simply because of where they’re from. But that’s fine because you know, ‘fuck them.

Green cards now mean fuck all if you’re from the seven lucky countries.

However, the courts are currently shutting Trump’s nastiness down so, you know, some Muslims are still permitted to walk on US soil. Gosh, the horror.

Trump’s response to his behind the scenes scheming: It’s working out very nicely. You see it at the airports, you see it all over, its working out very nicely, and we’re going to have a very strict ban, and we’re going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years

We…We see it at airports? I saw people being detained for no good reason. I saw protests. I must have missed the flashing neon sign that read: YAY WE’VE ERADICATED TERRORISM IN ONE DAY!

He then told his scriptwriters that they were fired because no-one has written any lines for him that don’t automatically reveal his ineptitude.

The producers (as played by Germany) had to let Trump know that the Geneva Convention is a real thing that he has to abide by.

The UK showed up and decided that they were Trump’s bro.

Theresa May claimed she’d be frank about his conduct with woman but ended up holding hands with Trump awkwardly.

Job done? I reckon so. The job was to kiss his ass and she kindly obliged. Thanks, Tee-Tee. You saved an entire nation from being nuked.

But waaaaaait, the cogs have turned and apparently the hand holding was due to Trump’s fear of stairs. Fear of stairs. This must be an alternative fact.

However, there was a further cruel plot twist.

After realising that everyone was turning against Trump, Theresa May received a temporary backbone transplant (I expect more fawning from her in the near future) and finally condemned this latest act of idiocy and cruelty.

Phew. Recap over.

I also expect more drama next week y’all.

1. This post contains sarcasm.

2.**On a serious note, deciding to ban people from entering the US because of where they are from is one of the most disgusting things that Trump has done yet. We all rolled our eyes and said he wouldn’t do it, but we didn’t count on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and whoever else bending over and asking Trump how hard he’d like to fuck over the country. Trump might have won the election but being the leader means that you have to compromise. Half of the country did not ask for this. This means that he doesn’t represent them. And based on this week, I am sure they don’t want him to. The blatant disregard of human rights and common decency shouldn’t be so surprising, but somehow it is. That the USA has stooped this low is horrific.

When Iran manages to be the voice of reason, you know that you’ve fucked up.

Most world leaders rallied round to condemn Trump. The PM of my country was too busy jumping into bed with Turkey (that’s another story) to say anything that wasn’t nothing. Fuck her. Fuck Trump and his Pumpkin coloured face.

Fuck Pence. Fuck anyone that thinks any of this is okay.

3. Image header found here

12 thoughts on “The Real World: Trump Administration, Week 1.

  1. “Week 1” lol. Sh** :(. Well put recap, very chilling.

    God that’s gross – Trump holding Theresa May’s hand scrubs eyes. According to Trump’s spokesman, (alternative fact #2) he was being chivalrous & helping her balance lol. Because women aren’t good with the whole walking thing. Do you think he grabbed her somewhere else & she was redirecting his hand? Or maybe it was pre-emptive move, keeping his tiny, wandering hand where she could see it.

    N.b. Australia’s PM is worse than yours. Not only has he not called Trump on locking those people out, but our foreign minister essentially stated that our Govt supports it. Seriously. They have this deal they’re desperate for Trump to honour. Namely, we’re trying to dodge our own refugee responsibilities & palm a few off on the US, under a deal signed before the election. This is not a proud time to be an Australian.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m compiling stuff for week two and it’s equally as headache inducing.

      Lol @ being chivalrous 😂 I doubt he knows the meaning of the word. I think I’ll go with the preemptive move. It’s the one that saddens me the least.

      I heard about Australia…that doesn’t surprise me. Don’t they basically keep a lot of their asylum seekers in a detention centre outside of the country?

      It’s sad that all of these Western governments are targeting the defenseless few as opposed to sorting themselves out first. They’re all morally corrupt. It’s gross. They will all lie and call themselves progressive but all I see is hard regression.

      It’s not a good time to be British or American either. Or even part of humanity (what’s left of it!). Sigh…

      Thanks for the comment 😉


      1. Oh yeah, refugees who come here by boat get locked up for indefinite periods offshore. It isn’t pretty.

        Re humanity, it feels like the world’s slipping back into the dark ages. I was already a misanthrope, now I want an official divorce from my species.

        Week 2 groan. Only, 206 to go. F##kin’ hell 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s awful. I read up on it and the stuff happening in these centres is absolutely unacceptable. That no one wants to at least help the refugees is the saddest part of all.

          I second the divorce from the human species.

          206?! Oh god. That’s a horrible thought. I only hope that these crooks are removed from the government before that.


      1. Lol I know. Trump also leaked other details of their private convo. He’s the master of diplomacy lol.

        Trump supporters are of course bleating that Australia is trying to palm them off b/c we rejected them on safety grounds, which isn’t true. They’re confirmed, genuine refugees. Australia has a blanket policy of not allowing boat people to settle here b/c they say it encourages more boats & the boats aren’t safe vessels (there have been sinkings/deaths). I feel especially sorry for them if they do get settled in there now. Out of the frying pan, into another frying pan, into the fire :'(.

        We haven’t been told what Australia agreed to do in exchange for the US taking them. There has to be a quid pro quo. I heard a rumour that we agreed to take Cuban prisoners (are there still US prisoners in Cuba?).

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Trump supporters go in the direction of the wind coming out of his ass. They eat up lies as a sport.

          That policy makes no sense because they will come regardless. These people are willing to die trying and they know that. They just don’t want the burden. Yeah, that’s true. They’re going from one bad situation into another. They’re already in limbo as it stands. It’s freaking sad.

          I read that Obama agreed to take in refugees from the Australian offshore detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru. Of course Trump and co are quiet about that fact.


    1. So, you think the Muslim Ban is just something the left media has made up even though one of his surrogates has pretty much confirmed that it was their intention? I am not sure what you believe but these videos…well, I obviously don’t agree with either and I think this guy is spreading the usual right wing bs and trying to ramp up Trump supporters to get views.



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