The Girl Who Hates Everything | backtracking 

12. Wait. You hate backtracking or you’re backtracking? 

A little bit of both.

13. Fine. Let’s start with why you hate backtracking. 

I don’t necessarily hate backtracking, I just find it an undesirable quality in certain people. You know, you spend hours trying to say, convince someone to stop using a particular cream that causes a rash. They argue and tell you you’re wrong and then…

Some time later they will inform you that the cream is the worst ever and act like you didn’t even say anything.

It’s basically backhand backtracking.  At least own it! I won’t judge you.

14. Really, you won’t judge?

Well. Maybe a little bit.

15. K. What about your backtracking?

More like BTRACKING.

16. Bish, whut

Uh. Big Time Rush. I wrote about them and the TV show a while ago. I said they were:

Musical rabies

And that it was the kind of show that I wouldn’t show my hypothetical children.

so cold

It was a bit harsh. Especially given the fact that I am now a not so secret fan of the show.


17. Please, don’t tell us more

Look, the show is stupid, but also kind of hilarious and snarky. And the guys are cute and boybandy and I am not opposed to that. Their dancing still makes me want to wrap myself under a yellow macintosh coat and cry but whatever, I can forgive them for the clumsy moves. It’s the choreographer’s fault.
18. So, you like Big Time Rush? 

Yes. Given that people are now apparently publicly open about their bigotry and racism….

…and I’d like to punch them for it

…I figure that I can now proudly express my love for BTR. Like they say, you gotta live it big time!

james living it big time

19. Or maybe you just have big time issues?

Hey, man. Go big or go home, right. When they go small, I go big and drown myself in boybands because the real world kind of sucks right now.

And on that note, I’m out. But here’s a random gif first.

20. Wait! FYI, this all seems incredibly uncool.

I dunno about you, but I am happy with my current level of swag.



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