stupid and senseless: dean cain

So, there I was.

I was wondering what Dean Cain was up to. I discovered that he’s done a shit ton of Christmas movies and that…he was one of those ‘celebrities’ that voted for Trump. TRUMP!

His reasoning:

“I voted for Trump. He has my support. I wanted to change the system. I was not a fan of Hillary Clinton’s. I didn’t like her cadre of people around her, and I don’t like career politicians.”

Sounds legit.

He also tried to brush Trump’s ties with white supremacists aside.

“I’m sure that the neo-Nazi group or the white supremacist group that we’re talking about, which I’m not really aware of, but if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean [Trump] supports them at all. I do think it’s way overblown. I don’t think there’s this mass anarchy that’s going to happen.

The New Adventures of Lois Lane and Superman was my shit back in the day. For real. Dean Cain was my first TV husband.

This was kind of devastating for about thirty seconds.

However, given that he’s barely ever been given thought in my mind (both now and over the past fifteen years), I’m over it.

I still think he’s a bit loco (he knows that he’s not white enough for Trump’s buddies, right? Dean, boo, you’re still brown!).

Still, at least he’s honest. Although, it’s not like he has much of a career to lose at this point. As one commenter put it, he’s gone from “Superman to Stupidman”, but the people that produce Hallmark Christmas movies are not picky.

Hollywood is supposedly awash with Liberals but it’s difficult to believe that some aren’t faking it. We all know damn well they probably care more about ticket sales and how they look to their adoring fans.

My favourite case of political faking was when Jared Padalecki carefully stage managed the debut of his wife’s Twitter account. He gleefully tweeted the brand new, shiny account. It had maybe one or two tweets on it and quite randomly, either a retweeted tweet from Obama or someone praising Obama as the first tweet.

And fair enough, she could just be that patriotic or..maybe it was a direct response to the fact that she allegedly donated 5k to Romney’s campaign. I thought it was hilarious. The fandom private investigators dug even deeper and realized the account was about a year old. Old enough to delete everything and start anew as an Obama supporter? Who even cares. If she was Beyonce, I could understand but damn. It was like if Trump suddenly had an epiphany, quit the Presidency and got Melania to tweet ‘Black Lives Matter‘. You’d have to be naive or wilfully ignorant to believe that it’s genuine. It was just funny to me because their (Jared and his wife) target audience could care less who they vote for. They would bash their keyboards and excuse everything away like they always do.

Luckily for them, they seem to have improved their deception skills, but lies and deceit are the main staple of your average celebrity.

So, in that case, perhaps Dean Cain isn’t stupid and senseless but…Trump… really?

Boy, bye. 

Sort of a response to this. Loosely. Lol.

17 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: dean cain

  1. Is that a recent picture? Holy shit! He used to be such a hottie! This is sad.

    I kind of LOL @ Dean Cain’s views. Not just for their stupidity but because he tries to be so white. I used to think he was. That group of people doesn’t seem to care for anyone not white. Self hatred?
    As for JarPad, I always got the vibe his wife was his puppet. More like an object than a person. I don’t know too much about her but from what I’ve seen, she seems rather subservient to him. I do roll my eyes when they go on about their great family life/marriage. It’s full of LULZ. I wonder how Jensen’s marriage is in comparison. I won’t even touch the hot mess that is Misha. LOL.

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    1. Lol, I have no idea. I think I read that he’s lost some weight now. Time is cruel to all us. Some more than others lol.

      You’re right there. Sounds like he was not close to his father for various reasons but still. Self-hatred is rampant in HW. Or Not Quite HW. Just look at the mess that is Stacey Dash. You’d think that she was as white as a snowflake if you didn’t know what she looked like.

      Oh gosh, yes. There is something hilariously off about both of them. Their date night tweets always crack me up. It would be sad if they didn’t keep trying to sell everyone their dysfunction. He treats her like she’s one of his precious watches. She doesn’t appear to have retained her personality, which is a shame. Jensen’s initially had less of that creepy possession feel until he up and moved his wife to Austin, supposedly against her wishes. And since there, she now looks like a completely different person and appears to have given up on her fledgling career all together. The things I’ve heard don’t make me envy her at all. I love how fans RT the staged photos and then coo over them… What’s cute about turning two independent women into lifeless Texan Housewives….Ick. Mind you, a good portion of the fans pretend to like these women while talking shit in private messages 😂.

      Misha and his wife, well… Whatever floats their boat, LOL.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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      1. I used to marvel at Dean Cain’s youthfulness. It was like he didn’t age. He looked the same as he did on Lois & Clark for the longest time. Then I learned he was part Japanese (I went into shock/denial/disbelief for the longest time) and it all made sense. Lol
        It’s sad how minorities have all this self-hatred and kiss the asses of a bunch of racist white people. Don’t even get me started on all the whitewashing in the media.
        I did hear fandom likes to tear apart the women of Supernatural like wild dogs. I heard the wives really got rough treatment. Jared’s wife even said that was his thing. I was like WTF? B**CH, you played a vital character!
        I wonder what happens if a hot woman ever attends a convention. LOL
        I once read a study about relationships and social media. It was something about how the louder you show off, the worse it is. It’s always hilarious and annoying how fangirls eat that shit up. The way they defend them, it’s like their life depends on said relationship. You would think they were married to them. I keep waiting for news of affairs on the Jensen/Jared front. I heard they were both cheaters back in the day.
        People seem to think Jensen is Jared’s better but I wonder about him. Birds of a feather, ya know? 🙂

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        1. How old is he now, 50? Seems like he had a few health issues that might have contributed to the rapid aging but yes he did look the same for the longest time!

          As a minority myself, it is very sad to read it and see it. Like we don’t feel inferior enough! Whitewashing in the media is one of those things I hear a lot about but see no action taken. And stuff like #OscarsSoBlack don’t even resonate with me. How about some diversity on the stuff that has a hundred episodes?!

          Yeah, there’s a lot of gross misogyny in fandom. Lol, Genevieve learned the hard way that she is not to have an opinion on the show. Back when she had some backbone she basically said fans were too stupid to understand her portrayal as Ruby. In hindsight, it was a dumb thing to say but I would rather someone be opinionated than to exist just to say nice things about their husband to appease the screaming fangirls.

          Hot women are leered at by the cast. Some disgusting shit happens at these cons.

          Lol, right? How many couples with constant social media pics end up breaking up and then deleting everything mere weeks after being blissfully in love. It’s just bs. You know the fangirls wish they were tapping the D. Hence the OTT defense.

          Yeah, I’ve heard the past mumblings about cheating. Heck, theyre Texan males who like to reassert their masculinity at all times. They’re probably still doing it. I’ve heard some things about them present day. And also it’s suspect that they’re married to SAHMs they have made zero attempt to at least live with regularly while the kids are young. They are probably having their cake and eating it too. And then come convention time, they come up with cutesy stories that sometimes make little sense.

          I can’t stand Jensen. I have very little time for him because he irks me. From what I hear (and believe because I’m a snarky bish who can read people lmao) he’s a complete dickbag. He’s just smarter at not being detected. I also think that you are the company that you keep. He’s surrounded by douchebags, so he probably is one. 😂

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          1. The same thing happened with David Boreanaz. Both of them used to be so bae. I keep forgetting they’re old, married men now. The same thing will happen to the Supernatural/Vampire Diaries guys 10-15 years from now (Waits for a balding Jared). So…LOL.
            It’s funny how the Supernatural fanbase is full of misogyny when it’s mostly women. It’s interesting to hear the wives used to have backbone since they appear to be their husband’s puppets now. Jensen’s wife especially seems to have alot of hate. So many used to make her the devil incarnate. Poor defenseless Jensen.
            It seems like only the fangirls think they have the right to an opinion. Writers and actors be damned (Especially in the eyes of the Destihellers). I’ve seen fangirls say writers (books/movies/tv) should have their characters taken away until they learn to respect them. As an aspiring writer, there are no limits to how much that pisses me off. Fandom is so entitled and spoiled these days.
            I’ve heard those conventions are scary places. When I mentioned hot girls, I was more thinking of the fangirls reactions. We all know what mansluts actors can be. Especially on shows like this. I heard stories about Misha. I just LOL@ how fangirls buy that wholesome, PG image crap. Don’t forget we are family y’all. We know the cast personally. Totes BFF’s!
            I remember when fangirls totally lost their shit when J2 got married. Then came the gushing of fairytale romance. Then came the tinhatters with their conspiracy theories. Both marriages are freaking weird in my opinion. I don’t buy their wholesome, happily married shtick for a minute.
            I heard Jensen got assaulted a few times from fangirls. Like damn. Why is it always him? I never hear about fangirls forcing themselves on Jared.
            What kind of stories if you don’t mind me asking? I’m surprised stories haven’t gotten around. I hear fangirls stalk sets/vancouver/conventions. I wouldn’t be surprised if some are staking out TX. xD
            I think Jensen is sneaky. And sly as a fox. I bet he has alot of dirt. He’s definitely smarter than Jared or Misha. I do love when he trolls the fangirls. He loves to play dumb. For some reason, he’s painted as this saint by alot of people. Lol, like he’s some kind of good influence. Unless you count the Destihellers who thinks he’s a total homophobe. I’ve heard he was a douche but no one ever tells me why. You also have people who think Jared’s the saint. And Misha’s some kind of god…apparently…
            I think many blur the line between the actors and the characters they play. Jensen is really a Dean and Jared is really a Sam. I don’t think Dean and Sam would like Jared and Jensen.
            This was longer than I expected. There are so few places to rant about this stuff. 🙂


            1. Lol @ balding Jared. Boo boo will get implants before that happens. We don’t call him Rapunzelecki for nothing.

              Actually, I think a lot of misogyny is probably done by women. We’re more competitive and have to deal with twice as much scrutiny. I think that naturally bubbles over amongst ourselves. That being said, people like the Supernatural fandom take it to a disgusting level. The writers too and the cast themselves.

              Oh the wives. Danneel especially used to go back and forth with fans. Not the best move but I kind of admired her for it. She was hilarious. Now…meh. They are media puppets for their dreamless husbands. She’s “making beer” with Jensen and her brother, lol. And conveniently it’ll all be sold or tasted in ‘Jared’s’ bar. Yawn. Anyway, yeah, they were hard on her. I was saying to someone a while back that I thought it was very wrong that he never kind of said, ‘Uh, can you guys stop’ because it’s not like he was posting her all over the web or getting papped. They just abused her daily for no real reason.

              Fangirls are always right and their needs must be met. Consumerism being what it is they are now customers, so they are allowed a lot of leeway. It’s ridiculous, though. I often wonder how they function in real life.

              Yay on being an aspiring writer – I’m ‘write’ there with you 😉 but yeah…You do get people like that who think they know your characters better than you do. I tend to just placate them while thinking their idiots and you know that a lot of writers must do so. But at the end of the day, they’re the audience, the buyer etc and their opinions matter (unfortunately).

              Oh…Lol, I have no idea. If I was a hot girl I’d probably skip the con and just try my luck at the local club when the con is over LOL. You know they have that whole bs family schtick at cons so I doubt anyone would get any public condemnation for being hot.

              The marriages are weird indeed. That they think they’re selling some kind of fantasy love story is the best part. Jared’s orange juice commercial still cracks me the fuck up. All four of the seem like they’re a bit wonky upstairs. We know for sure that Misha is.

              He’s pretty and within touching distance. It’s not that unusual for celebs to be accosted, but it’s still wrong. Lol Jared encourages such behaviour – or he’s more comfortable with it at least.

              Stories? I can’t see my comment so I’ll reply again when I see it and remember what I meant, lol.

              You know there’s fans in Austin, lol. And also I am pretty sure the guys (or people close to them) leak stuff to.

              I’ve heard that Jensen is basically a dick, so. I don’t disbelieve it, haha. He definitely plays a role in public. The shy, reserved one who ‘comes out of his shell’. It’s tiresome but a formula that works for him. However, it’s been obvious for a long time that something was off there. Getting people to talk him up was always weird to me, lol. Whether it was him or his people, I don’t know.

              I have a long list of reasons why I think he’s a douche but I am not going to post it here, lest his fangirls find me and make me pay with blood LOL. Drop me a line and I’ll tell you, though.

              I heard something super gross about Misha today. His douchiness knows no bounds. What a twat.

              I think so too. But I think both guys are part of the reason why. Jensen is always saying he’s like Dean, Jared, if pushed, will say the same while mentioning that he loves to play darker characters (he was telling us about himself ALL ALONG! 😂).

              No worries. 😉

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              1. Such an interesting read..both guys are ‘dicks’ and are playing the fan base to no end. However, a few of the fans (now former fans) are seeing the light on J2 and company and all their lies they have told to their adoring fan base.

                And yes, you have to be careful what you say, or the Padapussies and AckieAsses will be all over you in a heartbeat. One drop of criticism about J2 or the wives brings them out with their knives ready to carve you into bitty pieces. You have to be a strong soul to say anything in the SPN fandom/family that is not ‘hearts and roses’ about the guys or the Stepford wives (beards, whatever the hell they are). And don’t even get me started on Misha…lol

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                1. Well -ahem- most of it is stuff I’ve come across the years, so take it with salt (just not too much). I’m glad that people are seeing the light. I know that my desire for everyone to wake up is irrational but it would just make me feel better LOL. I hate fake people. Initially, when I started blogging I was fine with both of them (okay not really, but I didn’t call them out for anything lol) but then when you take yourself out of the whole fandom experience, you see things for what they are.

                  Lol, I’ve taken my fair share of abuse from all of them so at this point I refuse to let it bother me. I removed myself from their toxic spaces and came here and I’m glad that I did. For a bunch of people that are all about family and being open, they sure don’t know how things like opinions and free speech work. Open space….yeah, right.

                  I try not to criticise the wives because I think J2 could maybe handle that better? I know that celebs defending their other halves is basically a huge no-no (like when Charlie Hunnam did it -dead-) but besides Jared’s annoying passive-aggressive ‘don’t be mean to my wife if you want me to love you’ or whatever, they generally let it go, and that just invites even more abuse. And regardless of whether I like them (wifeys) or not, or not if they’re real or not, that’s kind of messed up. They haven’t done anything to anyone and they’re too Stepfordy for me to feel anything other than pity, so my issues are with the guys.

                  That fans seem to see nothing wrong in continuously attacking two women is pretty fucking disturbing. It makes Jared’s depression campaigns, the bullying network – all of it is bullshit. You have fans bullying each other, fans sending your wives threatening messages, fans threatening you and instead of saying ‘you guys need to do better‘, they’re basically making fandom out to be perfect little angels that need saving when really they’re a bunch of people that need to be told to STFU.

                  Of course, maybe that’s the point.


  2. Happy to say Dean Cain blocked me on Twitter because I ‘liked’ a response to him provided by someone else. The response was critical to whatever right wing blather he was going on about, so it wasn’t even from me, but, in true snowflake fashion, he did a mass block.

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  3. Somewhat of an idiotic and petty article… Is the author aware of any real-world problems? Like for instance the President of South Africa’s expropriation of land from white farmers without compensation, and the Zulus murdering whites and raping kids who don’t know the first thing about farming? No, let’s piss and moan about Trump because he’s white and rich.

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  4. I don’t like the thought that we all have to vote like each other. Like, somehow, if somebody doesn’t vote for the right person, you no longer like them, find them interesting, and you try to tell everyone that they’re dumb.

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    1. Fair point. For me, it’s not personal. I can’t understand why anyone would vote for Trump based on the campaign he ran, unless of course, they’re naïve and have bigoted views. However, it’s not like I’ll ever go out of my way to round them all up and tell them how wrong they are. By comparison, I’ve had Trump supporters pop up in my mentions with foul language because I’ve spoken out against him. So, it goes both ways.

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