The Girl Who Hates Everything | oversharing

I’m not even going to interview myself for this one. Some people need to buy a diary, find a pen and let the magic happen. I get it, freedom of expression and whatnot but damn. No one needs a blow by blow of your life and you definitely don’t need to document every single thing that happens. 

Example: I was leaving work one day and I saw a couple engaging in PDA. The girl ran towards the guy and jumped into his arms dramatically. That alone is fine. The third person taking pictures was a bit much. It had Snapchat/Instagram fodder all over it. And yeah, I guess there does need to be someone on hand to take these pictures but if a selfie stick won’t suffice, you’re doing too much. Bringing a third wheel along so they can be on picture duty is just unnecessary.

Obviously PDA is the opposite of being private but uh…I would like to be able to walk around without watching people try to eat each other’s faces off.

Other examples:

What you ate: Congratulations. You can afford food. And several meals. Fantastic. Taking a picture is fine. Posting it is…well it’s a choice that people could make less. Still. That’s just the world we live in. I took a picture of my first bubble tea. Of course, I was too busy drinking it to take a picture so it looked like this:

I was thirsty

Naturally, I didn’t post it. 

Every single outfit that you wear: We don’t need to see your outfit of the day every single day. Buy a scrapbook or open a Flickr account. 

Every thought that pops into your head: Take it from me, a former person who posted almost every damn thought I had, no one is that interesting and there are some things that only make sense to the person thinking it. Two days later it might not even make sense to them. 

A blow-by-blow of whatever episode of TV you’re watching: Just shut up. And I realise the irony given that I used to post blow-by-blow recaps of SPN but there’s that and there’s 30+ tweets about a 40 min show. One is more excessive than the other.

A blow-by-blow of personal crisis: This is just my personal opinion but if you’re going through some shit, go through it. From experience I can tell you that offering a constant account isn’t helpful. And also it makes people wonder how bad it really is when your first thought is to document it on social media. They ask questions. You get defensive. Rinse. Repeat. 

Selfies: We live in the age of narcissism. That’s cool and all but when will people get over the fact that they can take pictures of themselves and post them online?

So, yeah. I definitely hate oversharing. And I also find it ironic that the worst offenders are often talking about privacy. Unfortunately, they can’t have it both ways. 

This doubles as my response to this prompt.



  1. Guilty 😂 The hubs shuns all social media. He hates food pics with a passion. To quote him “those people need to get a life. No one wants to see what they eat”. And I’ll tell him “why I do since it gives me examples for what to cook”. Then we laugh and laugh. Why? he’s the one that does all the cooking.

    I mainly use pics to break up the prose and today I posted two glasses of mint green tea 😂

    While I don’t play by play what I’m watching, I’ll get a quote or two and relate it to something in my life.

    And that every thought that pops in my head, well what can I say … I got to get them out.

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    1. Haha! I don’t even mind some pictures. Like, the kind that looks like legit food. When it looks like you’ve spent more time arranging the plate and trying out 17 filters, it’s a bit much.

      I saw that post with the tea! That was fine. It’s those people that do it everyday, all day long and I’m just like, do you ever just sit down and eat without feeling a burning desire to share it with everyone? Especially nowadays when people are relying on foodbanks and everything. I know that might be a false equivalence but it’s sad to me.

      Quotes and relating are supernaturalsnark approved! That point was mostly an issue back when I watched shows as they aired. I had this girl on Twitter that would just tweet everything happening in everything she watched – even for sitcoms and by the time I watched it myself, it would be ruined. 🙁

      True, people do need to get their thoughts out. Some people just need a time out now and then — including me! When I get to that point where I’m spilling ridiculous stuff I have to sit on my hands! 😂😂

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      1. Agree on the food equivalence. I had not looked it like that before. Thanks for making me think. Now congratulations you can afford to buy food has a whole new perspective.

        I learned my lesson on the play-by-play thing. I have a friend who lives on the west coast and I spoiled a show for him. I’ll never do that again.

        I’ve tried sitting on my hands. It doesn’t work 😂. I muse and I ramble hence my very unoriginal blog name. I do have some restraint though … 16 unpublished blogs that will forever be in my drafts. It helps that my odd ball thoughts are out of my head, even if not shared with the netherworld.

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