We’re waiting for a train

…and it just won’t come.

Even though we all knew it would happen, season 13 is officially a go. WOOOOOOO!!!!! And many more charity campaigns will be on the way too, I’m sure. Congratulation$, fandom.

I’ve lost interest in drumming up any outrage over this show, so I’ll leave any willing takers to do so on my behalf.

Or not.

At this point, we all have better things to be doing!

7 thoughts on “We’re waiting for a train

  1. Yes, more begging for money to charities that we have no clue as to where the money goes. We can only hope they stop when they hit the 300th episode and let the poor show die the death that it deserves..as it’s been going downhill at a rapid pace since Season 5. Even the poor old fans have calcified, it’s been on that long.

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    1. The guys are all about being 0% transparent, that’s for sure. At this point, I’ve given up hope. They’re going to beat this dead horse until it has no physical carcass left. Everything after season 5 has steadily increased in garbage levels.

      LOL at the fans being calcified 😂 it’s sad but true.


  2. I caught a season one episode the other day. It really was a decent little show way back when. Frankly, they should have just kept the original premise and never brought in all the Angel politics crap.


    1. Season 1 was great. I can’t bring myself to watch it now, though. I saw my DVD the other day and I packed it back up. Totally agree. The way Kripke went from insisting that there would never be angels on the show to introducing them a season later is still irritating. But also proof that most showrunners talk out of their asses more often than not.


  3. I only remember bits and pieces after season 5. Anything after season 7 is a total blur. I can’t remember a thing. I have yet to even watch season 10. My dvds sit collecting dust.
    I once read an interview where these fools said they’d be willing to go up to season 19. WTF DO THEY THINK THIS SHOW IS?! I wish J2 would hurry up and get old/their fat dad bodies/lose their hair so this could go off the air. I can only guess they’re still on the air because of their pretty. They obviously get their scripts from fanfiction.net. Doesn’t the length of this show totally contradict their “hunters die young” claim? They’re hardly young as it is….Then again, I heard they struck out in Hollywood (Or was that just Jared?) so this is probably all they have. I don’t even know anyone who knows who they are unless I refer to them as their characters. :/

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