The Girl That Hates Everything | intro

So, it has come to my attention that not liking things that other people like means that I hate everything. Or that talking about what I don’t like means that I hate everything. I know that I don’t hate everything and I actually don’t like being known as the person that hates everything. I’m quirky and weird, dammit. I listen to 90s music. That is a sure sign that I love everything.

Well…maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.

Anyway, I’ve decided that the best way to figure this shit out is to interview myself, so here goes nothing. 

1. Do you hate everything?

Well. No. Technically I don’t hate everything. I don’t even hate anything. Except for loud chewing. People who yell instead of talking. Loud noises. Wet. Yes I hate wet anything. I hate rain. Jeremy Renner. Wait. That’s irrational dislike. –looks at blog– Jared Padalecki? Too much one sided history for me to hate him. Supernatural? Please. I hate Glee, tho. Fuck Glee. Just kidding.

2. But you’re always talking about not liking things – why is that?

I just find it easier to talk about things I don’t like. If I like a song – fine. I like it. I will listen to it and that’s it. When you don’t like something people ask why. I can always tell them why. Is that wrong? Should I not know why I don’t like things? I’m confused. Help me. Am I not allowed to dislike anything or is it the talking about it part that I’m doing wrong? HELP ME.

3. Why don’t you just avoid things that you don’t like?

…how will I know if I like it or not? And if I don’t, why can’t I then say that I don’t? Since when was criticism this thing that people can’t do anymore. Critical thinking is an important part of life. This fear of criticism is why you see some funky ass buildings sometimes. Nobody told Mr Big Shot Architect that his building looks like an ugly lump of metal. That being said, fine, I can maybe be over critical at times. Not in the case of Supernatural, though. Sorry.

4. Okay, but on that note, you have an entire blog dedicated to bitching about a show. Explain.

Pfft. Seriously. Go back to 2012. I was such a weird bubbly ‘hater’. I posted gifs of jarpad. I used to flail over his hair. I was clearly a fan. I just wasn’t feeling the show. Had I named the blog something else, I suspect I wouldn’t get this question a lot but well, sadly, I cannot see into the future. If I could I’d being blogging as snarkizzle. Anyway, I had fun recapping and when it wasn’t fun, I stopped. Again, I see how people just come on here and don’t see the latest posts and just assume. I see y’all, you be assuming. And I won’t stop you. I’m nice that way. Sometimes.

5. Fine, okay, but still, why not blog about things that you like?

Hey, I have! I have an entire page dedicated to Tom Hardy (who I sort of used to really like). I might have to check out Taboo just for his face. Additionally, I have made many posts about the Backstreet Boys. Just recently I posted a Big Time Rush song that I liked. The thing is that when I like something, I just do. I don’t need the validation or to talk about it endlessly. Why? Well, I have an obsessive personality. Some people like that kind of thing but I don’t. It was cute at 16 but I’m an adult now (cries) and I got my rude awakening twice before I decided to do something about it. That means not raving about what I like more than I need to. So. There you have it. That’s why I hate everything!

6. Fair enough.

Yeah, exactly!

4 thoughts on “The Girl That Hates Everything | intro

  1. Don’t feel bad, I’ve been accused of the same thing.

    Supernatural has been renewed for another season. Dear God, why? The only entertaining thing will be the anguished cries of the Ackles Army wailing about him ‘wasting his vast talent on such an undeserving show’, and even that pleasure has palled.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I don’t care really. Got enough problems without worrying about people being upset because I don’t like the same stuff as them 😂

      Lol, Ackles Army need to get a grip. And a clue. Their Overlord sold out a long time ago. Jensen’s all about the Benjamins now, acting integrity be damned.


    1. Hey, I’ll have you know that he was a three time Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series nominee while playing Eric Brady (Lord knows why). If that doesn’t scream artistic integrity I don’t know what does. 😂😂



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