Alternative New Year Resolutions

January is always accompanied by a bunch of new years resolutions that nobody keeps up with. Gym CEOs sit behind large desks and rub their hands with glee because ‘lose weight‘ is usually number one on the list. And fair enough, that’s a reasonable resolution. Or y’know, a personal goal people probably had before January 1st. Let’s be honest, a lot of resolutions are things that people should and probably will be doing anyway. And in light of 2016, nobody who wanted to be a better person last year was truly successful.
So here’s my alternative list of suggestions for people.

**Be Less Of An Asshole**

This one goes out to the deplorables, liberals, brexiteers, remainers, bigots, racist, general assholes. Just try to turn it down a notch and *listen* to other people. Even if you don’t like what they’re saying, acting like a bunch of school girls won’t help anybody. Being a bully doesn’t help anybody.

**Use social media less**

Do I need to go into this one? If half of the shit you read on Facebook is fake, what’s the point? And weed is almost legal, so all of you guys that feel the need to post about it incessantly – please stop. It doesn’t make you interesting or hip, just irritating.

This one also goes out to the soon to be President of the United States of America. He has a serious case of Twitter fingers and it is embarrassing.

**Stop living vicariously through celebrities**

Most of what they post on Instagram is carefully stage managed by their teams. No matter what awkward angle you take your selfie in, you won’t look as good as they do. Unless you’re an expert at Photoshop. And also, stop #relationshipgoals-ing every five minute relationship showcased on Insta, you’ll probably be 1% happier as a result.

**Watch less television**

I might be biased on this topic given the nature of my blog but there is way too much crap on TV at the moment, be it outdated RH franchises (when the Australian version is more entertaining, it’s time to make some changes) or VH1 spinoffs. Or shows with too many shit seasons under their belts. Critics will tell you that we’re currently spoilt for choice but remember that old saying….quality over quantity? That applies here.

I’m also over people crying over twenty different shows per week or actually just bawling over the same episode of The Walking Dead multiple times per week.

Maybe watch the news more? It might be depressing but at least it’s real.

**Educate yourselves**

Britain voted to leave the EU. The US voted in that tiny handed orange thing. Wait sorry, be less of an asshole was number one and I should follow my own advice. So, the US voted in Donald Trump. I’m not sure who the real winners are but the true loser is basic intelligence.

People need to put down the iPads and laptops and actually inform themselves on important matters.

That’s pretty much all I have.



  1. So true!! But so hard to do these days. Don’t think I can give up half of what you wrote, perhaps if I moved to a third world country with no sats or internet, I might make it…Even read a book or two, while fending off the savages that want to kill my lily white ass.

    Have a good one and I hope you can keep your resolutions!

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    1. You can do it!! Lol, but yes, it might be an overly ambitious list. I’m good on the less TV and less social media – studying for a million exams last year seemed to be the answer 😛 The rest…eh…well, trying is what matters, right? 🙂

      You too! Here’s hoping that 2017 is at least marginally better than last year. Although, something tells me that’s wishful thinking.


  2. People find the strangest things to argue about on Facebook posts that have nothing to do with what they’re actually arguing about. That’s why I don’t read the comments section anymore on Facebook.

    I can’t even remember the last time I watched live television for a new show episode. I just Netflix stuff now, but the downside to that is binging is I feel like a loser because I have no one to binge with.

    I’m definitely really bad at following real news. I still don’t get the maze of politics and I’m not sure I ever will.

    Yeah, I don’t understand celebs on instagram. Especially the really staged ones where it’s a selfie and everything in the photo looks perfect and has more than a million likes. That kind of perfection is manufactured and not real at all. It’s creepy.


    1. I barely use my Facebook. Luckily I got off it just as it got crazy popular. All that family beefing and arguing over nonsense 24/7? No, thanks!

      Same here re: binging. But watching on your own has its upsides – you can just move onto the next episode and be done with it after the series. I usually try to find at least one other person watching the show and we will trade a few remarks about it here and there. Or even just looking up online reviews (particularly when I hate the show lol).

      Politics is such a mess that the politicians are clueless half the time. But I think we have to be at least partially aware of what’s happening so that we can call out the relevant people. That being said the news is depressing as hell. I usually read it everyday but sometimes I just avoid it so that I can function for the rest of the day.

      Creepy is the right word. If I can practically see the Photoshop layers then they’re doing too much. And I love it when they add some bs inspirational quote as the caption like ‘be true to yourself’…yeah, ’cause they’re leading by example…

      Thanks for the comment 😆

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