Donald Trump Winning Wasn’t A Bigly Surprise


So….to recap, the next President of the United States is someone who:
– was recently on a reality TV show — he was literally lying for a living.
– bragged about sexual assault and grabbing women by the pussy.
– is being charged for the rape of a 13 year old girl
– once recorded losses of over $900m
– doesn’t pay tax because he’s smart
– uses charity donations to pay legal bills and buy gifts
– doesn’t give a shit to charity

You done fucked up, America. You’ve fucked up real good. You know it’s messed up when BBC News have some kind of help form on their site.


Watching the election as an outsider has been interesting. It’s not too long ago that voting for the black guy was considered the protest vote. People were angry with Bush, angry with the Republicans. People are always angry at something. If we could monetize anger, no one would need Trump. We would all be billionaires. Anyway, many times during the process I found myself wishing that Donald Trump would win. If only so that four years down the line, these same people are crying and blaming Trump for every miserable aspect of their lives. It’s kind of like how everyone turned on Nickelback (like they didn’t at least catch themselves singing along to ‘Rockstar’ once).

Anyway, I’m sorry for my American friends and anyone hurt by what happened yesterday, No doubt Brexit had some kind of knock on effect. Similarly to Brexit, I already have one moron on Twitter accusing me of leftist bias because I called white people racist. Yes, I said it. Some white people are racist. Raaaacist. Their one black friend doesn’t count. Some openly admit it, the rest ask you to provide proof of their racism. Uh, the fact that you’re arguing instead of considering the point is all the proof. If you voted Trump because you want your country back and for all immigrants to quietly disappear- you’re probably racist. It isn’t your country to take back. Once upon a time, you or your ancestors were the one seeking refuge, opportunities, employment. Now look at you. Selfishness and misplaced pride seems to shine brightly in you instead. I have come across the foulest, meanest, most horrible people in the midst of this election. I hope they remain miserable until the end of time.

Truer words have never been spoken

Now, I’m just a commoner and no expert on these matters, but I can see why Trump won. In fact, the Beyonce and Jay Z Hillary concert was probably the point at which I knew that shit was going to go down. Those white people love Jay and Bey in a music sense, but they sure as hell don’t love their success. I’m just saying. Anyway, obviously, once everything has settled down, one of the main talking points will be the FBI director’s bizarre letter about the emails. I honestly was amazed when I read it. And then conveniently, they find nothing and declared the matter closed AFTER it’s had an impact. It’s utter madness. It was deliberate, in my opinion. The truth will out at some point. I would argue that it cost Hillary the election.

Secondly, the media. Look. I get it, the news is essentially owned by corporations that have their own agenda. They will back whoever they choose as the anointed one. That being said, one thing Trump fans love to talk about is leftist media fear mongering and spreading lies. They accuse the media of bias and unfortunately, they’re not wrong. However, while there’s no denying that they’re fucking stupid, the point is that the people voting Trump were more convinced than those voting Hillary. They didn’t need newspapers or talk shows, just their own bias. Ergo, the media’s main role was to bring some objectivity to the proceedings. Wishful thinking…

Thirdly, the third person voters. I have a somewhat controversial view on this. Namely… Why? Why would you gamble like that? I saw people excited that Johnson and Stein had 2/3% of the vote. And what are they going to do with it? Nothing!! You might as well just throw your vote away. The Senate and Congress are now mostly Republican. This wasn’t the time to counteract protest votes with more protest votes. Sigh. Good luck getting shit done.


Fourth, can someone explain to me how Hillary won more votes overall but still lost? The electoral college system is so fucking stupid. I don’t even understand it very well, but I know enough to determine that it needs to be reformed as soon as possible.

Well…that’s just my initial two cents. I worked nine hours before writing this, so excuse any typos or inconsistencies. Thankfully, Trump isn’t the rest of the world’s headache. He’s just that kid in class that always interrupts the teacher. Annoying at first, but then you learn to block them out. I just really hope that this doesn’t lead to a rise of racist and bigoted attacks. Seriously, Trump supporters should be too busy building walls and making America great again. You’ve won, so do the decent thing and leave innocent people alone. That includes Twitter too. That idiot I was arguing with tried to tell me that I wasn’t making an argument in response to me telling them to do their own research on whether or not certain white people are racist. I was just like, YES BECAUSE I’M NOT WASTING MY TIME! Ay dios mio.


Either way, Hillary will live the rest of her life in very a comfortable financial position. She will be hurt and embarrassed, but she will get over it. She’s going to be good. Trump will remain an egocentric, narcissistic billionaire with limited political experience. Those that voted Trump will remain in exactly the same position they are now. The angry, “forgotten” working class won’t get rich overnight or suddenly get better houses or jobs. Things will get worse before they get better. In four years time, they will ask themselves who the real winner was in all of this.

It sure as hell won’t be them.


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