An Open Letter To Trump Supporters…..

…and other ignorant, rude, racist and and stupid people.


Speaking of Trump, I read that Billy Bush has lawyered up. His lawyer claimed that Bush….

would not be able to challenge the bombastic billionaire during his commentary or he would have been out of a job.


I hear NBC may be gearing up to pay him $10 million dollars. Ridiculous.

In other news, Ben Carson is still a complete and utter shambolic excuse of a man. I have NO idea how he’s achieved what he has, but hey, he wouldn’t be the first smart man to lack basic intelligence. And he’s a pretty good puppet.

More and more women have made accusations of sexual assault against Trump. Trump, in true child-like, sniffing nose fashion, claimed that they’re ‘horrible, horrible liars’. I wonder what would make me more likely to believe them over him….hmm, could it be the video where HE BOASTS ABOUT DOING THESE THINGS BECAUSE HE’S A STAR AND THEY ‘LET HIM’? Oh, sorry. That’s just locker room talk. Disgusting.

In other other news, the UK can’t decide on whether they want a Hard Brexit or a Soft Brexit. This is despite the fact that only one of those is on the menu. Apparently, the EU are being difficult….uhm, no. It’s like someone saying they want to leave your birthday party because they hate you but can they have some cake first! It’s a bizarre stance to take when the UK are the ones with something to lose, but hey, what do I know?

Anyway, I’m just going to refer everyone back to the picture at the start of this post and sign off here.



  1. I am a New Zealander living in the midwest (Of America), I have a little farm and seldom have much to do with anyone but I have to say that it is terrifying down here – they LOVE Trump – they want someone and I quote “who will stir it up,” they do not believe that it was Trump saying those things on that bus, they are saying it is all photoshop and blue screen (hmm) and they all have guns down here (not kidding) – so, much to my shame I am keeping my head down and saying nothing but screaming with horror (or horrified snorting) on the inside. However I also have many young American summer students on the farm with me during the summer and every single one has been appalled by Trump so as long as all these young people get out and vote – they may be saved. Such a shame that all the Democrats could scrounge up was Hillary Clinton. But – ah well. We will see. Have an excellent day! c


    1. I think the growing sentiment is definitely that regardless of whoever wins, the US has a huge problem on its hands. That people have responded so positively to a campaign based on negativity and intolerance is extremely worrying. I’m betting that the most pro-Trump areas have little to no immigration but when there’s a tough economy people will look down on those they believe are beneath them.

      They are trying to stick it to the man, I guess…that they’re putting their stock in a billionaire says it all. Photoshop? Lol! Oh dear…well…I too am hoping that Young Americans can put an end to this madness!

      I think Hillary Clinton is indirectly the root of Trump’s popularity. Especially in light of the emails and the Benghazi situation…this was not the time to have her run. On the other hand, the Republican Party is an even bigger mess. Their candidate isn’t even a politician! I saw a clip of one woman saying she would vote for the Conservative party even if they were being led by an idiot like Trump…the blind seem to be leading the blind….

      My fingers are crossed for Nov 8! Although, I keep hearing about this voter fraud conspiracy. Sigh. Anyway, thank you for the comment! Stay safe and have a good week! 🙂



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