Some observations from the 2nd US Presidential debate

Once again, I watched for the entertainment factor and once again, I was left more horrified than amused or entertained. I think most people’s general feeling when it ended was this:


Some observations:


2) Presidential candidates are allowed to create new words. I will be adding ‘unproud to my vernacular because the world is obviously coming to an end. Fuck grammar.

3) Inner cities is Trump-speak for ‘dem areas where the black people reside’.


God forbid that he acknowledge that they also live in the outer cities or the suburbs. That would be awful.

4) Trump’s knowledge on foreign policies seem to have come straight out of Call of Duty. He was talking and saying lots of words but all I heard was ‘KABOOM, POW, POW!! LEVEL OVER!!’

5) Presumably, Mike Pence was refused entry back into the real world and now has to remain on Trump Express.


6) Stats don’t matter…unless they prove whatever ignorance someone is trying to peddle. Case in point: Trump claimed that crime rates had gone up when in fact they have gone down. I’m not even American but unlike Trump I remember the fact checking from the first debate.

7) ‘Locker room talk’ is now an acceptable excuse for degrading comments. Has Trump even been inside a locker room? Wouldn’t the steam from the showers make his spray tan run? Oh, and apparently what he said was okay because Bill Clinton has done far worse and Hillary supposedly laughed at a rape victim.

I think Trump’s next book should be called Deflections, Sniffles and (P)Lies.


8) Using women to attempt to cover up the fact that he uses women and bragged about using women is quite possibly the dumbest and, quite frankly, distasteful way to ‘defend’ yourself and divert scrutiny onto Hillary, who has done nothing to those women.


9) Republicans are dropping Trump now that he might actually threaten their hold on Congress! Oh. Wait. Apparently they care about women too!

10) All of this is just insane. All jokes aside, what the actual fuck? Are we living in an alternate reality right now? I’m not even voting but it takes all of five minutes to look up Trump’s history and ‘policies’ and deduce that he would be a completely nonsensical choice of President.


this is basically happening right now




  1. If Trump somehow wins, I’m building myself a bomb shelter until I can make arrangements to safely escape the country. He has no understanding of how democracy works, continues to spew lies that have been repeatedly disproven and clearly has NO respect for different genders, ethnicities or religions. Basically, he doesn’t stand for anything “American.” I’m ready to ship him into space…

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins. After everything he’s done and said, he still has a lot of people supporting to him. And there’s that entire section of people who plan to write in (lol @ those writing in Mike Pence) a candidate. I’m not surprised he has so many supporters….he sounds just like them. Ignorant, stupid and unaware of how the real world works. Crazy appeals to crazy.

      It’s just bullshit that people are so bitter and twisted that they’re willing to put the fate of the country in the hands of a man who is irresponsible and deficient in the areas where it counts.

      That should be NASA’s next mission tbh. Trump for Space!!



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