This is probably the best synopsis for SPN that I’ve read in recent times…


Especially the “picking fights” part.

It truly captures the pointlessness of the show effortlessly. Those of us with clear heads have long determined that the show is currently about two masochistic siblings who willingly walk into situations and then have emo fits about how hard their life choices are. Lest we forget that they were regularly committing credit card scams and killing meatsuits all while lecturing each other about being decent people and morals. I guess that was just them being smart. #TrumpLogic

If there was justice in TV world, Dean would quit hunting to become a male stripper and Sam would retire to the Berkshires and start a self-motivational podcast. #JustSayin

In other news, a friend sent me a link to this video of a bunch of celebrities reading Edgar Allen Poe’s work and the delightful Jared and Jensen feature in it.

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t automatically cringe so hard that I almost pulled a muscle like I normally do when I encounter Jared Padalecki. I thought his reading was…inspired…by Jared Padalecki as Tahmoh Penikett as Gadreel. So, in a sense he was recycling and recycling is always good. Well. Maybe not on a TV show, but Jared probably doesn’t care too much about that. I will give him an A for Semi-Enthusiastic Facial Expressions and B for being able to do it beanie-free!

In the case of the extra delightful Jensen Ackles (and yes, that is sarcasm that you’re detecting), one thing I noted was that his facial expression mirrored my own when I’m trying to force myself to sit through an episode of Supernatural. I’m kind of happy that he seemingly felt the same torture, if only for a few seconds. However, his enthusiasm (or lack thereof) is on par with his current efforts (uh, or lack thereof – again) on Supernatural, so…

…it’s time for me to see myself out.

A topical post at last! And I might watch the season 11 episode ‘Baby’ at some point, so…there may be a recap soon.



  1. If there was justice in TV world, Dean would quit hunting to become a male stripper and Sam would retire to the Berkshires and start a self-motivational podcast.

    Bwahahahahaha, so much love for this comment. Seriously. 😀

    Baby ….actually isn’t too bad. Too bad by late season SPN standards, anyway. I mean, yeah, there were some pretty stupid parts but they actually had some of the classic rock music back, and, um… yeah.

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    1. Haha, thanks 😀 I think a show where Dean was a stripper and Sam lived in the Berkshires would still be more entertaining than present-day Supernatural!

      Yeah, that’s the only reason why I am contemplating it, although, chances are that I will despise it anyway, LOL. I think the only thing post s7/8/9/10/11 (FFS) that would potentially attract my semi-approval is a Backstreet Boys themed episode. I said that to Jim Michaels once and he pretty much laughed at the mere thought. My internal reaction was ‘Uh, have you seen the show lately?’…


      1. Eh, I don’t know about the stripper part. 10 years ago maybe, but I wouldn’t fork over my hard earned cash to see Dean’s dadbod and bowlegs up close and personal.

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        1. Well, as I discovered from a particularly disturbing episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, stripping has no age limit. There are people paying to watch pensioners strip! Maybe Dean can be the headline act at one of those places?


          1. Has Jensen’s body really fallen that low? Lol. I know I haven’t looked at either of J2 in a million years. But DAMN! Misha is aging like bad milk left out in the sun though. :/

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            1. I haven’t looked either. But probably not given that his main job is to look presentable for the fangirls who wish he was theirs LMAO. 🙈😂😂 I have never really thought Misha was attractive so he just looks the same to me. Jared looks a bit funny now as well. They need to leave Not-Quite Hollywood and ask Hollywood to refer them to good dermatologists. Or lay off the booze (but we all know they will never do that).


  2. English is my second language, so dont beat me, please 🙂
    That E.A. Poe thing. Omg, Padalecki was like an actor from amateur theater(what a surprise!) but Ackles(I think he is a good actor when he has a good material to play)… Watch again and you will see it. That disinterest and apathy…. I think this is his face and voice when he sees and reads new episode script for the first time. Like “o-m-g, this is crap…ok, daddy needs money, here we go…aaah, kill me now”

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    1. Your English is fine! And your comment is on point – amateur theatre is a fair assessment of Jared’s reading, LOL. Totally agree about Jensen. Lol @ ‘daddy needs money’! At this point, I wonder what it would take to get some enthusiasm from him. Probably a billion dollars. Or a pet unicorn (hey, no one said it had to be positive enthusiasm!) 😛

      Thanks for commenting!



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