This is the only Days Of Our Lives storyline that I will ever remember.

The possession story line will always be hilariously delightful.

Marlena goes to Louisiana in search of John but is captured by a criminal mastermind, Stefano DiMera. He forces her to call her husband, Roman Brady, and tell him that she is with John Black. This is the final end to Roman and Marlena’s marriage. John and Marlena escape, but Stefano also returns to Salem. He begins giving Marlena mind-altering drugs. Marlena completely switches personalities, and it is soon revealed that she has been possessed by the devil. John Black, who was a priest at the time, is forced to perform an emergency exorcism

I kind of wish that I had the patience to find the episodes and watch the full storyline but until then, YouTube clips will have to suffice. 😀

2 thoughts on “This is the only Days Of Our Lives storyline that I will ever remember.

  1. LOLFOREVER! I’ve never watched that show before, but now I finally understand where the writers for Passions got their utterly stupid and lulzy ideas from. That clip was both totally cringeworthy and hilarious! Wondering what they were smoking/snorting to come up with that shit?

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    1. I think I read that the guy who came up with the possession storyline also worked on Passions, LOL! It is truly amazing. My theory is that questionable writing is always preceded by the writers smoking socks. Although, in this case, possession wasn’t even the most bizarre thing to happen to this character! She was also

      mind-controlled to believe she was a serial killer

      Lmao! Mind you, most of these soap characters are so over the top that some kind of demonic possession is the only logical explanation. DOOL were just the only ones ready to really go there. nods 😉



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