Never forget

Okay, fine. I never forget, but still, I will always find this shit funny. I almost wish I still had the original pictures. However, they came with an unwanted side order of Clif, so actually, this is much better.

Of course, he’s less about saving the planet from water-related hijinks and more about saving us from being assholes by being a walking, talking, social media posting, ‘How Not To Behave’ guide, but still, he’ll always be a hero.

Speaking of Padaqua Man, while I’m leaving that to Hollywood, I actually sat down and wrote a mock CW supernatural drama script based on ‘OMFG, WE’RE SHADOWS!’ in the post that I linked above.

I should probably get out more.



  1. Bwahahahaha… It is pretty hard to forget, isn’t it?? I remember that series of pics well (and I think I may still have some of the originals somewhere! eep…). I also remember that was the time where he’d pulled out of a few cons, citing (if I remember correctly) that he wanted to be back home with his wife and infant son. Yet he spent how many days after that con doing all that resulting in those pics? Yeah okay.

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    1. LOL, right? That entire trip was like some kind of bizarre, staged one-man performance where he pretends to be Hollywood’s latest young, hot bachelor. LOL. It was strange to me. Like….what are you promoting, Punzelecki….yourself? A non-existent movie?? Your abs?

      The sad thing was that I think he was down to do three European cons? He did one (maybe the UK or German con) and brought Spilo along. Somehow they claimed that he was never signed up to do the others and that it was all a huge misunderstanding (yeah, right) and that the con organizers were using his name and image falsely. And yeah, they said that stuff about him needing to be with his family.

      Less than a week later Mr. Family Man was bike riding, sightseeing, and swimming in Brazil. dead I think he did the con there too, lol. Clearly, he got a better offer. And, IIRC, they all canceled on the France con some time after that and he apologized on Twitter and people were pissed because he didn’t ever acknowledge the others. I remember people whining about how badly he let them down but apparently the Brazil pics made it all go away, cause they were less upset after those dead. Ficklecki. Sigh.

      All I know is that I will NEVER forgive him for that shirtless Clif picture. NEVER.



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