Rapunzelecki is basically the Donald Trump of ‘Social Media Family’.


Not gonna mention any specific actor names but y’all know what I’m talking about. And also there’s a giant picture anyway which is making me question point of the lack of names, but whatever.

Many moons ago, I did my first snarkvestigation post. I concluded that some kind of mind control was at work in a certain fandom. This was further reinforced by the headache inducing comments I saw on a certain someone’s Facebook this past week. I think I’ve finally discovered a place worse than any YouTube comment section.

It was downright scary.

Some time after that, I was watching a bunch of John Oliver clips on YouTube and a little bit of the Daily Show too. With some The Nightly Show thrown in (and it’s such a shame this show was cancelled!). It’s one thing to hear about whatever inane thing Trump has said, and another to truly witness it onscreen. It’s real and you can’t make this stuff up. I was cackling away at the sheer hilarity of it all when I remembered that…there are people who hear Trump say NOTHING of worth and actually agree with it. There are people that hear him say nonsense and agree with it. Now, I won’t call these people stupid. They might be racist, ignorant, xenophobic, sexist, common sense-phobic etc but they’re not stupid. No, they’re standing up for what is right. They want to make America great again! Or something. I can’t recall hearing any legitimate policy coming from Trump. Or whenever it comes, it’s then overshadowed by whatever dumb offensive shit he chooses to say next.

It reminds of those mock elections you have in school. They promise you stuff you know will never come to fruition, like say, an appearance by an award winning boyband, but you vote anyway because your friend is running for Fake President. That is honestly my assessment of Trump. He is running for Fake President. Clearly, watching Air Force One* repeatedly is something that he does in his spare time. He’s probably called Harrison Ford for some tips.

Anyway, there was something else that got me thinking. The absolute blind devotion of his supporters was depressingly familiar. And wasn’t it just recently that Trump not-so-subtly called for ‘2nd amendment people’ to exercise their rights in regards to Hillary Clinton, who is supposedly plotting to banish them. Oh, and didn’t he basically implore his supporters to ‘sock people in the face’ — which led to a supporter of his punching a black man for no good reason and FUCKING SMILING about it afterward. Much like how a certain someone not-so subtly directed his fans to ruin someone’s life by sending death threats, abusive messages etc. Hmm?

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Hillary Clinton (girl, make sure your emails are on lock, please), Trump has inspired bullying in schools and other places. Much like how a certain someone inspired bullying in their comment section, and the bullying of someone else.

Hang on, though. I’ve got it all wrong.

Apparently, Trump is standing up to the bullies!! This article states that:

most, if not all, of the folks supporting Trump don’t care who he offends, as long as he’s standing up for them. They feel like they’ve been bullied for years. For them Trump is like the savior kid in the schoolyard who takes on the bully by popping him right in the eye. The kids who have been ridiculed or roughed up suddenly have a champion.


Side note: I have no idea what website that is but that entire article is hilarious. Yes, everyone is bullying American people and oh gosh, anti-white bias is SO AWFUL!!! Please.

Trump claims to be standing up for ‘forgotten America’ while a certain someone claims to be standing up for people that can’t do it themselves!! Every negative thing said about Trump is a lie! Every negative thing said about a certain someone is not okay because he’s a human just like you! Oh, and Trump has sacrificed a lot, right. Much like how a certain someone has been through a lot to get where he is today! I’m not knocking their achievements but it still does not give them the right to say and do certain things just because they can. And especially not because they’re in a position where a lot of people will hear it. If you amplified a fart, it would still sound like a fart.

Whenever anyone dares to criticize Trump, he fights back and denigrates them. For example – the parents of the deceased Muslim soldier who spoke at the DNC convention. Much like a certain someone who didn’t like being told that their actions were highly problematic. And lest we forget that RP has said some outrageous things himself.

Still, there’s always a way out of that — the inevitable Not-Quite Backtrack.

Trump cries sarcasm and media interference despite the fact that he’s so ridiculous that THERE’S NOTHING TO TAKE OUT OF CONTEXT!! However, according to his supporters, his words are deliberately misconstrued. The backtrack then becomes evidence of a non-existent apology. Much like a certain someone, whose fans excuse everything and proceed to offer evidence of invisible apologies. It’s baffling. They will invent facts or simply re-imagine them, leaving you to question your own sanity.

Moving on…yes, Trump does his bit for charity too! Sort of. There are still questions apparently. Senator Trumpatine hasn’t released his tax returns either. BUT HE GIVES TO CHARITY MUCH LIKE A CERTAIN SOMEONE! And all of that is legit and above board.

Obviously, Trump supporters are on another level. They are like Trump Tower in the flesh, whereas RP’s fans are the much smaller mock up used for the planning development. However, given that we can’t go a single day without Trump saying something stupid, one has to wonder what kind of person really supports such nonsense. Hillary’s campaign slogan might as well be ‘vote for sanity’, because the amount of recklessness and ludicrous comments coming from Team Trump are almost inexplicable. His spokesperson claiming that Obama took the US into Afghanistan was both painfully hilarious and sad at the same time. You can’t help wondering if these people are trapped in some kind of alternate reality, where their lives come with a soundtrack of false bullshit. Much like how a certain someone’s fans support whatever bullshit he says. When called out on their behavior, the responses are similar. Trump is a good guy. He’s a self-made billionaire, guys. The epitome of selflessness. The failed businesses, the bankruptcy, other issues – they are presumably someone else’s fault. RP is also a good guy, and all of the Divalecki moments are just…someone else’s fault.

The similarities are just uncanny, really.

*I wrote that Air Force One line before looking it up and apparently Trump loves that movie because Fake President Harrison Ford ‘stood for America’. You really can’t make this shit up. LOL.

**This ended up being a lot more political than I intended it to be. I don’t really keep up with US politics because for the past few years, it’s been a long cycle of ‘What’s Obama to blame for this time?’. However, it’s impossible to ignore it during election season, so I will be watching, listening and trying not to tear my hair out.

***Much like Diagnosis Murder got on just fine without Scott Baio, I’m sure the general public will get on just fine by ignoring him and his hard-on for Trump.


1. I know I’ll probably need one. This maybe 60-40 satire/a genuine opinion. RP does the C-List version of whatever Trump does. Y’know, Social Media Family as opposed to rally.

2. I have no idea what RP’s political affiliations are. I don’t really care.

3. No, he hasn’t advocated violence and I’m not saying that he has.

4. I don’t think he’s as bad as Donald Trump. At this point, he’s somewhere down there but no…Trump has his own special dunce’s hat!

I owe a special thank you to JM for reading this over 🙂

3 thoughts on “Rapunzelecki is basically the Donald Trump of ‘Social Media Family’.

  1. I fucking LOVE this entire post!
    To be honest, I’m not even from the States and I shudder with fear at the thought of Trump becoming President. And it shocks me that there are people who take him running seriously and would actually vote him in! That is just astounding. I don’t even know how this has been allowed to happen. Politics are such a joke, but a really sick joke at that, because this shit effects countless people.

    Beam me up, Scotty, I want the hell off this planet!


    1. Thank you!!

      I was so dismayed by what I was seeing and reading that it ended up being more serious than intended but yeah, Trump’s entire campaign is messed up. It seems like he and whoever’s backing him have deliberately set out to target people who are terrified by terrorism and having to confront the fact that racial bias exists, knowing fully well that those people don’t give two shits about policy.

      I think the media are partly to blame, as well as the US Government as a whole. And gullible, stupid people – but that’s practically a given.

      I think most countries will be watching with wary eyes. Imagine the uproar if the ‘Free World’ elect a leader that thinks freedom only applies to people who are white. It’s crazy and ridiculous. We have seen something similar here with Brexit and I think it is very much the same – some kind of fuck you to the establishment and people getting tired of political correctness. The US is going backwards and I’m sure they’re not going to be the last. It’s messed up.

      I want off this planet too! Although, if there’s life on any other planets they are wisely remaining hidden away from Planet Sucky Earth.



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