Pokemon No: The latest dumb thing in a long line of dumb things

So let me get this straight, a bunch of people are now obsessed with a game wherein they venture into the real world in order to catch ‘virtual’ Pokemon. People are leaving their houses to catch virtual Pokemon. Kind of like a fruitless Easter egg hunt. This is straight up foolishness.


Besides the sheer amount of data that the creators will collect (where’s Snowden when we need him? /s), this game not only seems stupid but depressingly pointless. Throw in the fact that people have died and fallen off cliffs in the name of catching nothing at all, this has to be the dumbest shit that’s infected the planet in the last month.

It’s not like we needed to increase the amount of potential muggers, sketchy characters, trespassers and idiots too busy glaring at smartphones while walking in the streets. And we definitely don’t need it to dominate the news. ‘People play video game!!!’ isn’t exactly newsworthy.

Brain cells are wasting away and there’s nobody to catch ’em all. Pity.



  1. Lol, I have to admit that when I first heard about this I thought, “What? I thought that Pokemon craze from the late 90s had died out long ago & was officially dead and buried.” But yeah, this…. this whole thing is just so ridiculous. If you ask me I think it’s helping weed out the Darwin Award contenders (such as the guys who fell off the cliff). It is pretty sad.

    And even sadder? I saw a few SPN fans talking on social media saying that they want to get a Supernatural Go game started. facepalm


    1. SPN Go? snort LMAO, yeah fucking right. What would they be trying to find? Virtual strands of Sam’s hair? Or maybe some decent plot. Smh.

      Yeah, Pokemon was cool back in the day. I even enjoyed the TV show once upon a time but there’s nothing remarkable about it. Walking around looking for pictures is just downright dumb. LOL @ weeding out Darwin Award contenders…I completely agree. I heard that one dude drove into a pond while playing the game! I fear for humanity sometimes, I really do.


  2. In the interest of full disclosure I recently had what some may call a mid-20s crisis and I briefly started buying Pokemon cards. I never bought them as a kid, I was too poor, but friends would pass off doubles and whatnot. So for a few months I would spend between $1-$6 every other week or so on cards off Amazon. I recently convinced myself “stop buying this shit”. And yes, I have a few Pokemon gameboy cartridges with save files older than twitter. That being said, this Pokemon Go thing sounds so dumb and borderline schizophrenic, I can’t believe so many people have nothing better to do. A Holocaust museum had to put up a fucking sign asking people not to play there. There are ways to spend REAL LIFE MONEY in this stupid game. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on an ice cream cone, a new pair of sandals, something to make the summer more bearable? Want to interact with strange creatures? Well in Baltimore you can just talk to the locals but elsewhere you could always GO TO A FUCKING ZOO. GO TO AN ANIMAL SHELTER. GO FOR A WALK IN THE WOODS. GO TO AN AQUARIUM. At least when you’re engaging in those activities you’re potentially LEARNING SOMETHING or CONTRIBUTING TO SOMETHING REAL. Christ, I don’t mean to sound judgemental and preachy, I know kids are having fun with this but anyone older than maybe 12 spending hours a day on this needs counseling. And fuck the media for giving this so much attention. We have innocent people being mass-murdered by various assholes worldwide but what’s the top news story? “A guy saw a Pikachu at a Taco Bell and made a spectacle of himself trying to catch it, here’s the video his buddy filmed it. Yay news! Now let’s talk about sports that aren’t even in season”. None of our supposed world leaders want to do anything about these mass murdering terrorists bastards but they’ll comment on shit like this and the Ghostbusters remake. It’s like a Twilight Zone episode, everyone has lost their fucking minds and the rest of us are left to cope with being outnumbered by insane, childish shit-heads.


    1. Aw! See, I think things like buying cards is okay as a kind of nostalgic throwback. Bringing the entire game back…oi. I mean, not only was Digimon better but in this day and age I think the risks outweigh the positives. I did read an article from people claiming that the game is helping them with depression and getting them to leave the house so good for them I guess. Though that implication is dangerous. What the hell can you buy in the game?? Food? That’s the only thing I’d ever use $ for in an app. People are wasteful with their money these days.

      Yeah, I actually suspect that the media are blowing it out of proportion at the creators behest. Past one or two articles, this shouldn’t be news. And it is just masking real, serious news. I saw some people arguing that people should stop being snobs because there’s so much scary shit happening in the world and the want to have fun running around with their adult friends…someone needs to be reattached to reality.

      Oh gosh, the Ghostbusters shit is so dumb. World leaders were commenting on it? Smh. Most of these leaders appear to be as useful as puppets on a string. It’s the same with the large majorities of the world’s population who are too busy wondering what piece of fabric Kim Kardashian is going to squeeze herself into next. It’s too bad.


  3. I admit I did play Pokémon Go this summer. At first I thought it was pretty cool to encounter Pokémon in real life on the streets, but the annoying part of the game is constantly having to catch multiples of the same Pokémon and transfer them to the professor just to get enough candy in order to evolve the same Pokémon with the best stats. And each Pokémon transferred only gets one candy. I remember magikarp needed like 100 candy to evolve. shudder I got to level 28-ish and then I deleted the game.

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    1. You have to catch ’em all over and over? That explains why people were going so nuts over it. Seems pointless but of course it keeps people playing and the money rolling in. Lol, having a phone that could barely send an email let alone download an app meant that I avoided it. I wasn’t against the game as such, just the hype. And the dumb things it made people do. There’s a notice at the train station I go to that pretty much tells people playing the game to keep off the effing tracks -.- I fear for humanity sometimes. And then there was the ‘this game cured my depression/anxiety’ crowd…eh. All in all, I’m glad that the hype died down.

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      1. Whoops, I made a mistake in my initial comment. It’s actually 400 candy needed to evolve Magikarp, not 100. That makes things even worse, lol! I’m glad I quit the game. At the time I played it, it was pretty buggy and I often had to close the app and restart it if the screen froze.

        Yeah, I did hear some riffraff about the game improving mental health by having people actually get exercise instead of being cooped up at home, but I’m sure that’s not true for everyone.


        1. I hate it when you need to collect a certain number of in game points but they make it hard to get it. No, thanks.

          I remember one person angrily calling out the naysayers because the game was helping her with her agoraphobia (or something like that). But like you say, what’s true for one person isn’t true for all so to make wild claims is misleading. Not that the makers of the game mind…they must have made bank. I need to create a pointless fad app one of these days :p

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          1. Yep, I have since given up on games where I need to constantly level up characters in order to make progress in the game. It starts to feel like a chore instead of being fun. Now I just settle for matching games like Farm Heroes, which I play sometimes, but at the end of the day, it’s just a game and nothing worth obsessing about if I can’t beat a level.

            I agree. Lots of people are making money with apps now. It’s kinda ridiculous. I thought I was seeing things when Kim K had that strange makeup/dress up game, but now even Oprah has a game app. Wtf?? To each his/her own, I guess lol.



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