Throwback Thursday – Justin Timberlake’s initial ‘mirror, mirror’ moment

I see that Justin Timberlake was in the news this week for getting into a ‘twitter feud’ and not seeing the problem with his attitude to certain things. I think the real conundrum is that anyone thinks he’s intelligent and self-aware enough to see anything that he does wrong.

He laid it all out for us back during his Nsync days!

I recently heard this song for the first time in what has to be well over 10 years and it’s so fucking ridiculous. NGL, it is still one of my fave Nsync jams but the amount of arrogance in this song…


Let’s just examine the lyrics briefly.


If I wasn’t a celebrity
Would you be so nice to me, if I didn’t have cheese like everyday? [Edit: JT was culturally appropriating even back then. Cheese = money, but when your audience is/was teenage girls…hood lyrics are probably unnecessary, but y’know. JT is a G.]
Would you still wanna be with me, if I couldn’t buy you diamond rings?
And all those other expensive things
Would you be so into me, if I wasn’t a celebrity? [Edit: Nope!]
I’ve been doing a little thinking [Edit: Never a good sign]
‘Bout the things
That satisfy you
It’s making me wonder
‘Bout the things that
You see in me
I hate the way
You like to say your
Man’s a celebrity
Baby what’s the deal?
I thought you wanted me for me 

You gotta say what you mean
You gotta mean what you say
’cause you keep pushing me away
’cause I ain’t got
No time to play
So I say


Celebrity, celebrity
Celebrity, celebrity
Celebrity, celebrity
Celebrity, celebrity

[Edit: Yeah, repeating that you’re a celebrity is really getting the point across]

I’m glad you’re having a good time
Living the life that
I laid out for me [Edit: This seems like a well-balanced relationship]
Constantly splurging
Spending my money
On everything you see
It would be different
If you had something,
Maybe like a
You need to
Get your thing together, yeah

[Edit: J-O-B! The shade of it all]
You gotta stop running games
It ain’t about my fame [Edit: Well, you’re kind of making it about your fame, but okay]
’cause you know if things weren’t this way
You’d be gone a long time ago, so I say[Chorus]

If you really loved me
You’d try and show me
That it ain’t even about my name
But you tried to use me
And lied to fool me
So it can never be the same
So now, I’m, leaving you behind [Edit: Gee, you’re leaving her high and dry. Must have been true love.]
I’ve found somebody
Who can love me for me [Edit: GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!]
And that’s all I need, yeah, oh

Celebrity, celebrity
Celebrity, celebrity
Celebrity, celebrity
Celebrity, celebrity

[Chorus x2]

This song seriously just cracks me up. And it probably isn’t the worst Nsync related buffoonery. Nope, that goes to their video for ‘I Drive Myself Crazy’

–obligatory warning for ramen noodle hair and Joey Fatone–


The video basically speaks for itself.

I guess that making fun of mental illness was less of a big deal in the early 00s? Welp.


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