I’m pleased to announce that SPN fans are still pleasant individuals…

Or not, because what I’m announcing is the opposite.


So, I was checking my emails from YouTube the other day – I do so every now and then because I have it filtered on account due to too many annoying notifications. I have a couple of clips from Supernatural uploaded, typically clips from or before season 3 and they tend to get more comments than any of my amazing videos that I took the time to put together for no real reason at all. My most popular video is one set to a Nickelback song with awful audio because I used Audacity to cut the song and screwed up somehow. It’s kind of fitting.

To get to the story, what happened was that I saw that someone had left a comment on one of these videos – something along the lines of, ‘[Name], shut the fuck up’ and I went onto the video page and was confused. I don’t really read the comments because…they’re all the same shit and it’s been, what…eight years? So I replied with a simple ‘??’ – perhaps I could actually asked a question but, ain’t nobody got time for that. They hit me back and told me to shut the fuck up too! I thought it was hilarious. I pointed out that I was genuinely wondering why they had just randomly told someone to shut the fuck up (without responding to them – hence why I even bothered replying) and their response was ‘Oh, I thought you had the same opinion. My bad’?


There are no comments from me on that video. Does ?? = I agree? LOL. I was slightly baffled. It turns out that they were replying to a comment from years ago about how Dean has homophobic tendencies or whatever and about his use of the word ‘pansy’. I mean, who really gives a shit? It was eight seasons ago! The comment even went onto say that the show had shown that Dean had progressed because he’s apparently less homophobic now,  so…I mean, it’s really the kind of comment that’s best ignored unless you’re someone that has the time to really argue about all of that.

I took the high road in the end and just didn’t bother giving this person any more attention. It did get me thinking of one thing fandom has always had in common. Bizarre, knee-jerk reactions. I think the most interesting incident was regarding someone I knew on Twitter. This was years ago, but I just found it so baffling. Back in the day, Clif was Jared and Jensen’s mouthpiece on Twitter – there was the hostage video and the ‘J is sitting right next to me’ tweets and the ducks. The damn ducks. Anyway, it was an interesting time for certain fans. They had to be able to speculate about the guys and also remain on Clif’s good side so that they could psychoanalyze all of his tweets.

hmm nah

Just let that sink in.

There was this one girl who was…really distraught when Clif blocked her as opposed to the appropriate reaction of partying like it’s 99. Somehow I ended up messaging him and asking him why he blocked her (I have no idea why I was involved) and he was like, ‘she was saying bad things about Danneel (Jensen’s wife)’ and I took that back to her and was not happy.

In fact, that was the last day I ever heard from her. *dead* She went completely ghost. A mutual friend of ours was quite concerned about her but she literally didn’t respond to any messages. I think in the end it turned out that she had made a new Twitter and was into Adam Lambert (I did say this was a while ago). LOL. I just thought it was kind of extreme to allow some kind of rogue, wannabe bodyguard chase her from her account.And extreme to leave me hanging wondering where she was, lol.

Obviously not ALL SPN fans are like this. Just 99% of them.

ETA: My blog is somewhat obscure, so I am always really curious when someone shows up and acts like I’m aggressively posting JARED AND JENSEN SUCK all over the SPN policed parts of the internet. Take the delightful Jane for instance, who somehow managed to take offence to a recap I wrote for the second episode of season 8. I don’t even remember that far back, let alone have the energy to drum up outrage over it.


Stop being a whiny little shit. If you hate the show so much, DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT JUST NOT WATCHING IT? Jared and Jensen are nice people who don’t deserve this ridicule. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion but if you are going to be so rude, then keep it to yourself. This show makes a lot of people happy so I would appreciate it if you just shut your fucking mouth for one second.

Just one second?


Like I said. Pleasant bunch of people.



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